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We’ve had some fab news over here at EMD this month: Home & Decor Singapore magazine has featured my Joo Chiat Duplex project in their September issue, and dubbed lil’ old me ‘Queen of Textiles’, which is extremely fitting {well, the ‘textiles’ bit anyway}.


Head on over to my press page for the full article {here} or grab yourself a copy online {here} or on paper {errr in any shop in Singapore}.

So to celebrate the coronation I’ve decided to share said textiles with one lucky reader, anywhere in the world!  I’m giving away one designer pillow in a vintage ethnic textile, totally for free – take your pick from a Malian mudcloth, a Timorese ikat or a Hmong batik.

Combined with an all-natural linen backing, one of my signature solid brass zips, and a gorgeous chubby overstuffed inner, it’s guaranteed to be the cherry on the cake that is your sofa / bed / armchair / window seat / sectional / terrace furniture / banquette / chaise / errr floor.  Textile deets below.


Decided which is your fave…?  I know I know, it’s tricky…you have to really concentrate.

Got it now?  Brilliant.  Here’s how to win it:

1) Connect with me on Instagram {here} or Facebook {here};

2) Leave a comment on this blog post saying which piece is your pick, and where in your home you’d put your new pillow {and remember to leave your email address please}.

The lucky winner will be picked on September 30, 2016, time to get clicking!

***************************WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!!***************************

Congratulations Helen Tan!  Your white Malian mud cloth textile is on its way to the workshop, will email you with the details.


  1. Izzy Milford says:

    Congratulations on the article! My favourite is the Malian Mudcloth, would look great on my (woefully under-pillowed) chaise longue! Love the blog! ^_^

  2. Bec says:

    I’d have to go for the Hmong Hilltribe molten wax and raw cotton batik one! The colour and style would fit brilliantly with the other cushions on the chaise longue in our living room. It also brings back fond memories of batik experimentation in Art at school… I wish I could say that my attempts had turned out to be as beautiful!

  3. Patriciana Elizabeth says:

    Definitely the Timorese Ikat, being Indonesian and all- am fond of the design that has been imprinted on it.

    The bedroom will be my top choice of place for me to put this pillow. The dominant colours of my room are dark blue, peach and off-white. By having this vibrant red ikat pillow, it will hopefully make the room more livelier and i believe the red colour from the pillow will also make the room much more colourful.

  4. Laura Terry says:

    All hail the Queen of Textiles! Congratulations again – the article looks fantastic and so very well deserved.

    Fab giveaway too! Picking a favourite is tough – they’re all very pretty but I think I’ll go for the Malian mud cloth. It would take pride of place on our sofa and set the Mongolian wool baby off a treat! Fingers crossed…

  5. Laura M says:

    Congratulations Elly! I what a well-deserved accolade! can’t wait to see your tiara/crown! It has to be the batik for me – those beautiful blues would be perfect for my calming bedroom scheme in the pipeline 🙂

  6. laura says:

    Elly! Congratulations on being featured in Home & Decor magazine, that’s amazing!! All of the pillows are beautiful, but I do love the Malain Mudcloth one, which would go perfectly on our new balcony swing chair 🙂

  7. Natasha says:

    Such good news about Home & Decor, you’re a true professional now! I’m rather taken with the Hmong Batik – it would most definitely brighten up my bedroom.

  8. Laura G says:

    Well I’m finding it hard to choose between Timorese Ikat or Hmong Batik! I think Hmong Batik just takes it. I would most definitely throw out my uniform boring ikea cushions and put this one on my sofa, pride of place. It would look great!! Pick me!!

  9. Gemma Rice says:

    Fab read and such a lush page! Following you on Ig ((thetalesofgem) and I’d love the Timorese Ikat if I won please. It may not match my old sofa but who cares. I love it and would love it in my living room ??

  10. Che says:

    HEART EYES! The Hmong Batik would be gorgeous in the new place I’m moving into in October! that aside…have you thought of having little workshops to share your craft? Because I would totally be ultra interested in it!

  11. Kevin Bascle says:

    I love the look of the Hmong Batik, and the thought of creating and working with molten wax must be amazing process to see. I would want to put it on the sofa in the sunroom which gets light all day, but I’m pretty sure my wife would change my mind.

  12. Rachel H says:

    Congratulations again on the article Elly – it looks fab! That was a very well deserved crowning as Queen of Textiles. Well done you!
    This is a tough choice but I’d have to go for the Hmong batik to add interest to my living room. I’ve been looking for cushions for a while and the search is a little more urgent now after a small, sofa-based spillage disaster, so this would be the perfect way to hide it with something beautiful!

  13. Jessie May says:

    The Malian Mudcloth is my favorite! Such beautiful texture and unique lines. This piece would pair beautifully with the softer texture of the sheepskin white rug (artificial, but lovely) in our monochromatic living room. The softness of the rug and texture of the Mudcloth would be a chic contrast. Thank you for the opportunity! Connected on instagram: @jessiemayf

  14. Dil says:

    Dear Queen of Textiles, ever since I was young all I ever wanted was a beautiful deep exotic blue Hmong Batik for my bed, to remind me of Asia. Thank you, Dil. PS – Very proud of the magazine ☺️

  15. Jenny O'Connor says:

    Congratulations Elly on the article and new royal title, ha! Such a big fan of your designs and business.
    I’ve always loved interior design and practiced different schemes around our home but now I am lucky enough to have 2 small children it is far more challenging amidst the mountain of toys we also have! Out bedroom is our little place of peace and serenity so one of your beautiful cushions would be perfect there. I would love the Malian Mudcloth please! x

  16. Najlae B says:

    Love the 3 textiles… my favorite though, would be the Hmong Batik. I would definitely add it’to my pillows collection in my living room and it will go perfectly with the Beni Ourain Rug. You can check out the rugs in my instagram page:


  17. Alessa says:

    I would so love all three but if I have to choose I would go with the ikat please, the colours are beautiful and I love it’s story too.

  18. Lorna Cronnelly says:

    I’m loving them all Elly!!! Agh, can’t decide.. Ok, I think it will have to be the Ikat . It would be fab sitting in this lovely circular wooden chair I have. In the chilling/eating space . So far nothing looks good enough on it!!!

  19. Rex W says:

    I would absolutely adore having the Malian Mudcloth in my new apartment. I’m dying to fill my blank canvas of an apartment with amazing looks like these textiles.

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