{Designer approved} IKEA scores

A very common misconception about interior design services is that they cost big bucks and that only multi-bajillionaires can afford to hire designers.  I would like to squish this idea and set the record straight.  In the past I’ve worked with large budgets and small budgets – I love being able to splurge on beautiful custom furnishings and gorgeous luxe finishes, but I also equally love the challenge of creating amazing style and highly personalised spaces on a smaller budget.

So today let’s talk IKEA budget design scores.  I’ve used at least one IKEA piece in every single project to date – a lot of their designs still leave a little to be desired, either style- or quality-wise, but they also have many many stylish and durable items, that allow you to re-direct budget towards pieces that would otherwise be unaffordable.

So here’s a little round up of my faves, I hope you enjoy.  Ha and if there was ever any doubt in my mind that I’m drawn to natural raw textures and authentic finishes, then this board has blasted it into smithereens – such gorgeous leather, linen, woods, glass, jute, cork, banana leaves, rattan, seagrass, sheepskin and cotton.  There’s not a piece of plastic or synthetic fabric on there, not a sausage {oh, apart from the faux botanicals}.

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1) Love me a bit of interesting upholstery, this armchair in black would do nicely.

2) Couple of fun pillows – black/white {used in my Hong Kong Discovery Bay Villa project – link here} and green.

3) Bought this set of chic vases for my recent magazine shoot.

4) LOVE this all-natural rattan pendant shade – can see a row of them over an organic raw edge wood dining table happening in my life at some point.

5) These simple white porcelain plant pots come in about 5 million sizes, perfect for pretty much any type of greenie without stealing the spotlight.

6) Love a sheepskin, fabulous in nurseries or used to soften dining chairs or sofas {as in my Joo Chiat Duplex project – link here}.

7) Caramel leather?!  Why yes please.

8) This banana fibre stool is so multi-functional, have used it about 18 times already.

9) Ditto this simple off-white throw, love!

10) RIBBA, oh RIBBA I love you – my go-to source for inexpensive frames, used in every single project I think, notably Katong Shophouse {link here} and Pennsylvania Farmhouse {link here}.

11) Heart this hurricane lantern, which comes in black or white – also used in my Hong Kong project {link here}.

12) Stunning acacia wood platter that needs to move into my place immediately.

13) I have one of these candles burning pretty much constantly at home, love this vanilla scent.

14) Fun quirky carafe with cork top!

15) Beaut natural placemats made from woven water hyacinths, used in my recent Skyline Condo project {link here}.

16) Can’t go wrong with the IKEA 365+ series of simple but stylish white porcelain serveware and dinnerware.

17) Gooooorgeous walnut wood salad servers.

18) They are really killing it with the glassware right now – love this chubby fun hand-blown jug.

19) And these shorty glasses are fun, they make me feel like I’m back in Spain for some reason.  Perfect for bubbles I have found!

20) I can’t believe IKEA have got in on seagrass belly baskets!!!!  If anyone needs me this afternoon you can find me in the Tampines store hoarding stacks of these suckers.

21) A Scandi-style {unsurprisingly, ha} two-tone wood mirror, perfect in an entryway.

22) Love this black/brass {not really brass…} office task light, this needs to happen in a project soon methinks.

23) I’m not one for artificial plants personally, but this end of the board was looking a little lifeless.

24) Love a cowhide rug, incorporated one of these babies into my Hong Kong project {link here}.

25) I have been liberally spreading these jute rugs all over the fine country of Singapore willy-nilly, and I refuse to stop…perfect by themselves or as a base layer under a vintage dhurrie or kilim, LOVE.

26) And last but not least {whew this was quite a round up} a very stylish monochrome flatweave rug, which I used in my Telok Blanch HDB project {link here}.


So do tell loves, which is your fave…?  And what have I missed out that should be on the board?

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