We’re in business!

Yikes loves, I’ve been awol for some time.  Well there’s been some changes around here at Caribbean Living HQ.

Where to start…well firstly I guess Caribbean Living HQ actually has a new name now: Elly MacDonald Design – Interiors + Urban Landscapes.  Yeehaw, we are in business.  And by ‘we’ I in actual fact mean ‘I’, for the time being anyway – I’m doing the designing, the project execution, the admin, the marketing, the website design, the graphic design, the photography, the business side of things aaaaand flipping instagram.  I’m a busy busy bee these days, so please forgive my errr year-long absence?  I’ve been sitting exactly in this spot working my bot off:

joo chiat duplex singapore elly macdonald design - office3 (2)

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

Offering full concept interior design services to residential clients here in Singapore, and e-design services to clients in the States and UK, I’ve had projects coming out my ears since launching last year, which is a pretty fab problem to have, I guess.

joo chiat duplex singapore elly macdonald design - dining1

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

Teaser teaser, more to follow soon!

I’ve had a couple of veeeeery stylish e-design clients in the States, and I’ve just taken on an e-design project back in Blighty too.  More info on these in the next few weeks…

penn farmhouse ART FAMILY - Elly MacDonald Design - Singapore interior designer

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

Things are going swimmingly over at Anserai, and we’ve just added a few new items to our Indonesia collection!  The indigo ikat throw and indigo framed ikat have been swiped already but the rest of these authentic artisanal goodies are still available, see here for more info and purchases:

anserai collection2

{credit: Anserai}



So yep it’s been a crazy busy and quite exciting time, and I have high hopes for the rest of 2016.  How are you loves?  I’ve been missing you!  Do tell your news please!


  1. Laura M says:

    Welcome back!! We’ve missed you! So excited to see your newest projects in the pipeline. Hopefully you’ll still be able to squeeze in a certain Surrey-based pad at some point in the future..! 😉 You’re handling the ‘conscious uncoupling’ with typical grace and dignity, and a new chapter is beginning for you. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your latest adventures in your mission to bring stylish living to the world! Big hugs x

  2. Rachel says:

    What a busy bee you are! Love the pic of your gallery wall – I’ll definitely need some advice if I ever get round to doing my own. It’s great to hear more about all your various international jobs… Perhaps another London one will be on the cards soon if you can squeeze me in!
    Here’s to an exciting 2016. Can’t wait to hear what it holds in store!xx

  3. Natasha says:

    Exciting times Miss E! I’m loving the photos and the sneak previews… can’t wait to see more. You possibly also have the most gorgeous and tidy desk of anybody I know!!! Great to have the blog back too so fans can get the latest news as well as updates on Anserai new additions. Here’s to the next chapter of more ikat, Eames, upholstery and re-beginnings 🙂 Please not so long until the next update this time!!! x

  4. Very happy EMD client says:

    Seconded Laura M – I have missed my style fixes from Caribbean Living! Glad you are back 🙂

    I should add, if anyone reading this is thinking of hiring Elly, she has our wholehearted recommendation. We are so delighted with her work in our current Master Suite (pics coming on Elly MacDonald Design) and can’t wait for another upcoming home redevelopment to get her onboard again. Thanks for all your help Elly, despite what must have been a difficult year.

  5. Laura T says:

    I am so happy you’re back – I’ve really missed your updates and beautiful photos to drool over! I still desperately need one of those shell pendants in my life! One of these days…

    Well done on writing what can’t have been the easiest of posts. I am so excited to see what the future holds in store for you but know that you will be fantastic whatever it is. Here’s to exciting times ahead (and plenty of ikat!) x

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