Review: Viceroy Bali

It’s time for the second instalment of Balinese Hotel Goodness today loves.  On my last trip over I was invited to spend a morning at the Viceroy Bali, and was absolutely blown away by the incredible setting and design.

Literally hanging on one side of the Petanu River valley, it’s a seriously gorgeous plot full of thatch bales, infinity pools and sublime views:

1. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

2. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

3. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

I arrived just before dawn on a pretty cloudy day so my pics don’t really do it justice – here are a few from the hotel’s gallery that show it at its best!  I am particularly all over the multiple little relaxation bales all over the place, divine.

4. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

5. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

6. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

7. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

The main restaurant’s on the LHS below here, not a bad spot for brekky, hey?  And they have a gorgeous spa (RHS) that offers treatments combining Western and Balinese techniques:

8. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

9. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

I spent the morning in a Deluxe Terrace Villa – check out their gallery page for other villa types – and really wish I had not been working, there was far too much relaxation that could have been done!  That ceiling!!!  (Again, some of these are from their nice and sunny gallery page).

10. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

Not this one clearly… I wanted to show the bed/pool situation properly though – I think you could literally stand on the bed and dive into the infinity pool (did not try it personally however, no lawsuits please) :

11. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

12. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

Gorgeous gorgeous bathrooms:

13. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

14. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

15. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

And the pièce de résistance, the outdoors terrace with antique-style Balinese carved door and bale hanging over the gorge below:

16. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

17. Viceroy Hotel Ubud

{credits: Viceroy Bali / Elly MacDonald Design} 

I wasn’t there really long enough to comment on the service or food, but all the people I did deal with were lovely.  And they do a killer latte by the by, particularly at 6am…

Go head on over to the gallery and check it out – a big thumbs up from Caribbean Living!


  1. Natalia says:

    So this is what paradise looks like…. Also I am in love with the glass pots – the shapes are so sensual and beautiful, I want to touch them and have a few of my own, on a bathroom shelf. x

  2. Bo says:

    Oh My Godddddd I am sooo jealous of you right now! Bali has always been one of my lifetime destinations and all these pictures are incredibly amazing it’s making me want to buy tickets and go there right at this moment!
    Wow look like an amazing place to be! xxx

  3. Alistair says:

    But where are the pictures of you whilst there Elly, that’s what I want to see! And I know you have some… Looks like a wonderful place!

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