Review: Wapa di Ume Ubud

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Bali lately, for a lil bit of work and a lil bit of play.  Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort & Spa were kind enough to accommodate me on my latest trip and I spent an afternoon enjoying their unbelievably well-designed villas, peaceful grounds and lush paddy field views.

Feast your peepers on these beautiful interiors (this is one of their Family Villas):

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com1

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com2

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com3

You know how I feel about an outdoor shower – big thumbs up!

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com4

And pool views don’t get much more relaxing than this:

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com5

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com6

Everyone I encountered who worked there was absolutely delightful, friendly and could not have been more helpful and attentive.

We actually stayed at this resort for a few nights on our honeymoon a couple of years back now (1 / 2 / 3), and I can confirm that the level of service and accommodations has not dropped in the slightest.

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com8

And the grounds are divine – I did not know so many shades of green existed until I went to Ubud for the first time:

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com9

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com10

I was very spoilt and treated to the chef’s specialty of whole roasted duck at the end of the day in their terrace restaurant (which was unbelievably good, this pic does not do it justice remotely – possibly the best meal I’ve ever had in Bali), and the fresh breakfasts served on the private villa terraces are yum also (pic from our honeymoon stay).

The restaurant also has lovely views out over the paddy fields and is especially gorgeous at dusk as the stars begin to come out.

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com11

And check out these gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS all natural finishes used in the villa design – you know how I feel about getting me an eyeful of all natural finishes.

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com7

{credits: Elly MacDonald Design}


They also have a full spa and lovely meditation room, and a complimentary shuttle into the centre of Ubud town.  If you ever find yourselves in Bali loves, make sure you look these guys up, they are highly highly recommended.


  1. Alistair says:

    I suspect my upcoming weekend in Bali won’t be quite so tranquil and relaxing..! Look forward to our next trip there together.

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