Monday’s Masterpiece – a Windsor recap

So I first discovered the gorgeous interiors created by Windsor Smith back in 2011, but I thought today I would take a little look at what she has been up to since then.  Well I probably don’t need to tell you that she’s been a busy lady.

A couple of these images are repeats but my gawd they’re the bee’s knees.

Starting with an actual decent photo of the insaaaaane farmhouse sink that I’ve been thinking about on and off since posting it back in July last year…  I should have known this was her doing!


Yum. Yum. Yum.  I would so love to pair one of these with matt brass fittings and dark cabinetry, swoony swoony swoon swoon.

A classic example of her skill at mixing old and new…


…and a typical bohemian look, LOVE!


This unusual window treatment is pretty beautiful, kinda like an updated version of the festoon blind:


Double zebra on parquet…what’s not to love?!


And I think this is still my fave of the bunch – it’s all about the elegant indigo curtains, zebra upholstery and Moroccan side table:


Still love this vignette on the LHS after all these years!





This eclectic living space + Serge Mouille light are from the House of Windsor show house back in 2011:


And lastly I’m love love loving these Chippendale chairs, especially paired with the upholstery – hmm, I smell a Design Classic post coming your way:




  1. Sam says:

    I could get past that stunning bohemian inspired room, so gorgeous. I love the more softer shades, theres something really romantic about it. She is so masterful at what she does! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post, thank you!

  2. Denise says:

    I didn’t know about her work, but certainly looooved that sink and the whole look of the kitchen! I liked other styles too (other pictures), but that bohemian look speaks so much to me! That’s “my” style for sure! From now on I will be addicted to Wndsor Smith’s work! Thanks for that, I really didn’t know her. denisesplanet com

  3. I have a crush on you, interior designers! I just can’t believe it, for example, that mixture of colors and prints and shape in the same (bohemian) room and still looks so great! This is art.
    And the vignette, too! That is the best hallway ever, I wish I had one the same, those rubber boots and that picture, sublime, Elly!
    How did you start your week? Busy bee? 😉

  4. Ahhh yes, love this!! It’s elegant but you could just cosy up in any of those rooms with a good book and while away a day, couldn’t you? And I’ll have one of those freaking amazing sinks as well please while we’re at it. Gorgeous swoon worthy loveliness! xx

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