Singapore inspiration: Diwali brights

Morning loves!  How are we doing today?  Week going swimmingly I hope?

Over the weekend we were invited to a lovely lunch at the home of some Indian friends of ours.  It was to celebrate Diwali, so they dressed up in all their gorgeous Indian garb with its beautiful colour and vibrant sparkles.

indian fabrics interior design1

It got me hankering after a) a trip to India and b) because that ain’t possible right now, some online fabric ogling {link to the gorgeous sea green and silver fabric here!}.

indian fabrics interior design2

indian fabrics interior design3


Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

indian fabrics interior design4

indian fabrics interior design5

indian fabrics interior design6

indian fabrics interior design7

indian fabrics interior design8

indian fabrics interior design9

indian fabrics interior design10


I posted about Indian fabrics and design a long long time ago when I was a lil’ blog baby and image formatting a giant mystery to me…see here, here, here and here for more of this [to be frank, pretty shoddily presented] deliciousness.



  1. M.E says:

    We have been going to a lot of Diwali celebrations too in the last few weeks around Singapore! What beautiful inspiration, all these colors are just gorgeous!!

  2. Singapore was the first Asian country I ever visited and I remember being completely in awe with how beautiful the Indian people and their outfits were. I had never seen anything like it and certainly the national dresses from Scandinavia could never compete with the colour and sparkles! I love the picture of the first bedroom with a mix of Western and Indian fabrics. I could try this at home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Sam says:

    Is Diwali over all ready? I had no idea. I love these gorgeously vibrant Indian silks, I’ve always wanted to try wearing sari but I don’t think it would suit me…so this idea of using sari fabric in a home is even better! I am completely inspired by these wonderful ideas, thanks so much for posting them!

  4. Denise says:

    What for a great surprise this lovely post! I am obsessed by everything Indian since I was 13 – fabrics, fashion I do wear lots of Indian stuff and my places are always Indian style decorated), culture, all! A trip to India would be amazing – I am longing for it since I was… 13 🙂 One day, who knows… I hope you go! Sorry I was absent for 6 weeks, now I am back, finally! Hope you are fine! denisesplanet com

  5. So beautiful… They certainly know how to do colour with panache there, don’t they? I often wonder what England would be like if we had bright dollops of colour everywhere as they do there – I see these and feel sad that everything here seems to be so dark and grey. Or perhaps that’s just me feeling a bit miffed that we’re heading towards winter. Definitely brought a little sunshineyness to my day 🙂 xxx

  6. Julie K. says:

    I love images you put into your post. I’ve also enjoyed your older posts that you linked up. Looking through the collection of beds and sofas in Indian style, I totally can imagine having a colourful canopy bed myself. Maybe it is time to do a little makeover of my current bed.

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