She sells sea [turtle] shells – part 1

I’ve been meaning to post up some delectable goodies with turtle/tortoise shells for a while.  I just love the all natural vibe and gorgeous textural interest they give to a scheme.

Now it’s a bad thing I suppose but I have to admit I am no cuddly animal lover.  I come from a long line of farmers in the north of England (since the Vikings according to my Mama, but I’m not sure she has any actual evidence of this…) and, while I can’t abide any form of actual cruelty, I definitely have a very practical attitude towards animals.  It’s in my genes, can’t help it!

So anyway having said this I have to admit that turtles are one (and potentially the only?) type where I have to INSIST on faux /very-extremely-entirely-ethically-sourced (VEEES in the lingo) shells as when we lived in the Caribbean I spent a significant amount of time dancing around underwater with these happy chappies:



There’s nothing like one of these coming at you and almost boinking you on the nose.

So anyhoo, here’s the design that started off this slight obsession back in 2011.  The Tides on South Beach by Kelly Wearstler is seriously seriously gorgeous:

turtle shell interior design1

As are their Bloody Marys:

turtle shell interior design2

See here for more pics of this hotel and our Miamiiiii trip.

And here are ummm a few more pics of shelly goodness:

turtle shell interior design3 turtle shell interior design4 turtle shell interior design5

LOVE the whiteys, think these are my faves actually, and they’re very easy to get faux-style…

turtle shell interior design6 turtle shell interior design7

Gorgeous with a bit of bling too, no?

turtle shell interior design8 turtle shell interior design9

And this coloured lacquered puppy is a fun take on the piece:

interior design turtle shell10 interior design turtle shell11




  1. Alistair says:

    Not a fan of the white ones at all! The beauty is in the natural colour methinks. And I love that pic of you!

  2. I did not even know that there is this turtle form of interior design, Elly, really! And I love it, especially that combination with leopard chair, amazing, I wish I had such a corner in my house. I am not a very sea attached person as I grew up between hills :)))) and got a very bad cold at 5 years old when my parents sent me to a pool in the middle of winter to learn how to swim. So, I learned only a couple of years ago and I am still afraid of swimming under water, but who knows???Maybe one day I’ll move to Miami and become a natural born swimmer in love with turtles :))) (you were to Miami, so great, Elly! green with envy again :D) Have a lovely day :*

  3. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! HAve to admit that I have no idea about this form of decor, is very cool though I prefer faux shells! The images you have found are all perfect, I would like something as the secon pic with the fireplace! Have a great day dear, kisses! xo

  4. Sam says:

    You look so pretty Elly, great picture of you 🙂 I have to say I am not too much of a fan but I can see how it fits in with the decor. Thanks so much dear, I will mail you next week, this week has been beyond crazy!

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