Colour inspo: peach and mint

Apols for being tardy today loves, I’ve been caught in the grips of a new colour combo fixation and have been hunting down the perfect peachy/coral-y fabric to use to add a little zing to our living room.

Said new colour combo fixation is this pinky-coral colour paired with a cool minty/duck egg grey-blue.  I suddenly cannot get enough of it:

peach and mint interior design1

Here are some of my fave moodboard piccies right now – such a luscious combo!!

peach and mint interior design2 peach and mint interior design3 peach and mint interior design4 peach and mint interior design5 peach and mint interior design6

It looks pretty fabulous in event design:

peach and mint interior design7

And also in interiors (in small doses) – I know I know, I’ve blogged this first pic about one bazillion times.

peach and mint interior design8

Errr and this one, ahem.  Best nursery of ALL TIME still though:

peach and mint interior design9


What do you guys think of this pastel-y goodness?


  1. I had a deep and meaningful love affair with this colour combo not so long ago and hoarded a load of pics buried deep in files called “Inspiration” that still sit in my laptop. It still makes me weak in the knees. So so deeply pretty. And yes, that nursery is still freaking amazing. xxx

  2. Elly, reading your post and smiling – we are really on the same wave at the moment! Amazing photography and lots of inspiration for the day – thank you for sharing!

  3. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! Coral pink is one of my fav color as well at the moment, it goes perfect with mint! Loving your moodboard, the images are so fab and inspiring, as well as the decor, you have great eye for it!:) Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  4. Sam says:

    Hi dearest Elly, you have really struck a sweet note here with me, these shades appeal to my girly side. I am truly head over heels about this colour combination. Since its impossible for me to change my room again (or maybe…not, will have to see, winks), I will have to utilize this colour scheme in clothing for now.It was great hearing your trend insight on my last post…Happy End Of The Week!

  5. Yammy light pink and mint, Elly! You know I am crazy all over my head after mint, so it should not come as a surprise that I like everything you posted here, I think it is also the best combination for a wedding, right? Not that I am planning one this year 😉 Kisses

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