Need some inspiration…?

So our little flat in Singapore is coming along nicely now.  The decor’s almost done save for a few minor hiccups such as a shedload of tropical termites living in our dining table (do NOT get me started on this, such a nightmare!) – not something you generally have to deal with in Blighty, ha.

Anyhoo my attention has now turned to our home office.  It’s the only room with built in furniture, which unfortunately happens to be ugly and brown, so I’ve been scheming over ideas to cover the desk and bookshelves in something un-brown.

One of the best ways I can think of though to brighten up the space is to create one giant mutha of an inspiration pinboard, à la:

inspiration board interior design1

Pretty delicioso, no?

Here are some of my current faves out there on t’interweb – let me know what you think!

inspiration board interior design2 inspiration board interior design3 inspiration board interior design4 inspiration board interior design5 inspiration board interior design6 inspiration board interior design7



  1. Sam says:

    Brilliant idea to jazz up and vivify a room. This post has inspired me to create my own inspiration board. How do you go about it Elly? Do do you and chose pictures in a similar colour scheme to make it all blend in?

    • Elly says:

      Hey Sam – so glad you’re feeling inspired! It depends really – some peeps pick one or two colour palettes and work around those but I think most just splat anything and everything that inspires them up on the wall, be it photos, colour swatch combos, fabrics, trims, mottos, ads, I could go on… Let me know how it goes!

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