Monday’s Masterpiece – Parisienne chic

Morning morning darls, how are we today…?  Hope the weekend treated everyone well!  We’re back from Vietnam and thrown back into the thick of things here in Singers, but I’ve taken a longer time than normal over my Monday morning coffee + design oogling sesh as today I have a corker for you.

sarah lavoine1French interior designer Sarah Lavoine, has the kind of style that normally doesn’t ring my bell but for some reason this morning these images pretty much leapt out of my computer screen and grabbed me by the eyeballs.

The perfect mix of understated minimalist chic, interesting quirky lighting and accessories, and dark moody monochrome colours, these spaces are simply fabulous.

sarah lavoine2

Phewee it is a looong post today folks, I just kept finding more and more images to drool over.

In love with these lanterns.  In love!

sarah lavoine3 sarah lavoine4 sarah lavoine5

The best contemporary pendants of all time?  Why I do think so yes:

sarah lavoine6 sarah lavoine7sarah lavoine9

The details and vignettes are so well curated – pretty much a masterclass right here…

sarah lavoine10 sarah lavoine11

Sarah also has a bit of a knack for scrummy kitchens – this Moroccan pendant / copper (?) splash back and countertop action has me all in a tizzy:

sarah lavoine kitchen1

As does this more rustic look – love!

sarah lavoine kitchen5sarah lavoine kitchen3 sarah lavoine kitchen2

Her bedrooms are simple and elegant affairs, with dark soothing palettes and luxurious long drapes:

sarah lavoine bedroom1 sarah lavoine bedroom4 sarah lavoine bedroom3 sarah lavoine bedroom2

And the bathrooms?!  Oh my gawd they’re good:

sarah lavoine bathroom1

Not such a massive fan of this tub design but am loving the built in shelving and accessories:

sarah lavoine bathroom4

I’ve literally never seen a more glam dressing table:

sarah lavoine bathroom3 sarah lavoine bathroom2

And lastly (see, told you it was a killer) a villa in Marrakech which is pretty much the cat’s pyjamas.  Do you see all this carved wood??!

sarah lavoine marrakech1

And the outdoors spaces are just divine:

sarah lavoine marrakech4 sarah lavoine marrakech3 sarah lavoine marrakech2


Swoony swoony swoon swoon.

Here are my picks from Sarah’s delectable collection, I’m loving the mix of quirky organic shapes and unusual materials:

sarah lavoine collection


Thoughts…?  Have you managed to make it to the end of the post??!


  1. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! Hope you had a great time in Vietnam! Today inspiration is just dreamy! Love all the decors you shared, in particular the outdoor spaces, so fab! Happy Monday, kisses! xo

  2. As a self-professed Francophile I can honestly say that every single image here has me swooning. I need Sarah to come decorate my first apartment {once I get one, that is}. Her eye is perfect! 🙂

  3. Loving the elegance of these rooms Elly! Perfect inspiration for creating something minimalist but interesting. Thanks for sharing xx p.s can’t wait to see more pictures from Vietnam

  4. Olivia says:

    I really like these ideas! For a long time, I wanted my lovely penthouse in the middle of New York City (hahah I’m a dreamer) to look like this! Although, now, I would settle for a nice house with horses or something.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  5. I did, I did and I think I found the answer why I like the minimalist in her designs: because it is not the usual contemporary minimalist, the white wall with just one black or grey painting on it and because those dark palettes and long curtains. Now you made me think about my Paris apartment (from my dreams, of course)!

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