Flowers Friday – great first impressions – part 3

So we’ve covered front door styles, colours and accessories, but now let’s move onto the horticultural side of things – let’s talk planters!

I used to live on this goooorgeous street in Parson’s Green when I first moved to London a little while ago now, and I remember being gobsmacked almost every day by how beautiful the architecture was, with loads of different style houses painted in pinks, yellows, blues, whites, some with exposed brickwork etc.  And yet all terraced together, even though they looked totally different – I’m sure there’s an architectural term for being ‘glued together’ but I am ignorant of it.  Aaaaanyhoo, the other gorgeous thing about them was that everyone made a huge effort with their front gardens – it seemed to be a collective ‘let’s make this the most beautiful street in London’ mentality.  All the houses had a pair of smart planters guarding the front door, or dreamy wisteria trailing over it, and some day when I’m all grown up I would like to do the same.

Check out these beaut’s:

So…here’s a round up of the best planters out there that you could get your mittos on – maybe it’ll be sunny where you are this weekend so you can do a spot of garden DIY…

From Restoration Hardware:


Pottery Barn (LOVE these reclaimed wood ones!):

Crate and Barrel:

Or for a more contemporary look, head to Habitat:

Now all you need is some lavender:

And some cute accessories (sorry, could resist – click for the link), and you’re all set!

Alternatively, if you are not so green-fingered or are pushed for time, The Balcony Gardener can deliver a pre-made garden straight to your doorstep!

And last but not least, how about some trailing wisteria?

Have a happy weekend!


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