Playing dress up

We moved house this weekend, away from le beach (sniff) but to a cute little place nearer town with a big ass terrace overlooking the water.  Ali and I both consider the day we first moved in together back in London as the worst day of our lives – two dreadful hangovers + crazy London traffic + too much furniture + 2nd floor flat in old narrow Bayswater house + Ali managing to lock us out with no keys, mobiles, money or anything (I’m not kidding, it was terrible!) = total and utter disaster instead of what should have been a very happy day, haha.  However I am happy to report that this time around things were much easier.  I’m really excited about doing the place up, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of updates in the next few weeks…
When moving house, there’s always one particular facet of my personality that rears its ugly head and shows itself to the world: I am a serial hoarder.  I honestly still have clothes that I’ve owned since the age of 11 ([delete as appropriate]: ‘but I might wear that [multi-coloured tie dye crop top/fluorescent orange fake silk shirt (yep gross)/crazy flared stripey jeans] again one day…maybe for fancy dress!’ is an utterance I come out with quite often) and the process of packing up the contents of my wardrobe proved to be fairly challenging.  So I was rummaging around in the back of it over the weekend when I found myself suddenly thinking of this dressing room I saw a while ago and have not been able to get out of my head since.

Bling bling bliiing!  And it matches that bonkers amazing bath tub from the other day…ok, I’m now actually drooling.
The luxury of having the space in our homes for a dressing room is I guess a faraway fantasy for most of us, but here are a few inspiration pics for anyone lucky enough to have their own little sanctuary (sources: Architectual Digest, Elle Décor, Domino, House and Garden).
For the boys (I’ll get these out of the way first as they’re kinda dull…):

And a few super-chic feminine boudoirs:

The super-classy:

And the not so much… (she apparently owns 1000 pairs of shoes.  1000.)


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