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Monday’s Masterpiece – bold and bright

Hey peeps!  Hope everyone’s doing well today.  I’m being tardy again with le post sorry, another (awesome) kitesurfing lesson is to blame…

So today I thought I’d share a property with you guys that I came across recently on Mountain Living.  It’s the loft apartment of Montana-based interior designer Susie Hoffman and I have to say I’m slightly enamoured with the pops of whimsy she creates with using the hot pinks and blues.  One day I shall own some fuchsia bar stools, you mark my words.

Hope you enjoy!

Mondays Masterpiece – big fat colour pop

So you know how last week I was slightly overexcited about the weather finally turning and summer being over, well it’s now been raining for 6 days straight and I woke up this morning to an enormous thunderstorm booming over our house.  Outside all is grey and the sea is a dark murky blue – all just a smidge depressing really, so I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking at Annie Selke‘s collections filled with colour and whimsy.

Her product lines have actually already graced the pages of this blog a couple of times, when I looked at her Dash & Albert rug wares and collection of furnishings for Vanguard (here and here respectively), but I thought today we’d look at a beach house she designed, as recently featured in House Beautiful.  The property is filled with blues and greens and taupes, reflecting the sea, sky and sand, but is still a serene and calming place to be, and I happen to rather like it!

Love this nailhead trim detail:

And how much fun is this kiddies’ room?!

Now, as for her multiple gorgeous product offerings, first up are some fab bedding options from Pine Cone Hill:

And here’s a recap of her gooorgeous collection for Vanguard – I’m going slightly gaga over this gold bed frame:


Monday’s Masterpiece – cool modernist design

Morning morning!  Apols for the delay posting today – we got back from New Orleans reeeeally late last night and am slightly suffering after 5 consecutive nights of partying…will try my best to achieve coherency (is that an actual word?!) this morning.  Also just realised that we’re getting married 4 months today and have been having a mild panic attack all morning trying to get on top of my Knot.com planning checklist (still 108 things to do…help me somebody please!).  Anyhoo, I digress…

So I thought that for today’s masterpiece I’d take a look at Kelly Wearstler – ever since we visited The Tides in South Beach, I’ve been meaning to check out the rest of her portfolio.  It seems to be an eclectic bunch of contemporary designs that tend to fall into either the classic midcentury modern bucket, or the, erm, slightly crazy bucket.  I like them both!

So anyway, first up is her Malibu beach house, as featured in Elle Decor, a while back.  I love that she’s restricted the palette to muted taupes, greys and creams, but kept the overall effect super-interesting with all the quirky accessories, finishes, textures and furnishings.  They’re all grounded very effectively by the bleached walnut floors throughout the property, which stops the schemes becoming too busy.  Also, I don’t know what the stone is on the right hand side of this image but me want-y.  Ooh, actually I believe it’s marble fyi – what an unusual colour, love it.

The dramatic minimalism of the foyer creates a fab first impression.

LOVE the juxtaposition of the organic lines of the dining chairs set against the structural dining table and artwork here, and that wall treatment is pretty cool also.


Wowsers, just take a look at this marble-clad dressing room.  There are no words in my head to do this justice!


And I am just blown away by this powder room – do you seeeee the gold sink?!

Next up are my picks of her portfolio:

What an insane foyer!

My eyes just popped out of my head:

LOVE this hanging daybed!

And here are some of her many commercial triumphs – these chairs are INCREDIBLE!  And also the ceiling treatment.  And the oversize pillars.  I could go on… 

Yep, just fell in love with that ceiling fixture…

I’m really having an orange moment right now – all shades, from peach to persimmon, are making me very happy and I can’t get enough of this bedroom setting.

The aforementioned Tides in Miami – these images are making my heart a-flutter all over again:

And lastly, the Viceroy Hotel in Anguilla – not too shabby hey?!

Here are my picks of her tabletop and accessories lines:

Love the bling!  Kelly’s also collaborated with some big name interiors brands – here are her pieces for Pickard:

Schumacher (the trellis prints are making me giddy):

And The Rug Company:

Kelly’s also just dipped her toes into the realm of fashion, with a fun autumn 2011 clothing and accessories line – check it out!

Okeydokes, I’m off to find us some wedding flowers that cost less than $1 mill, wish me luck please…

Monday’s Masterpiece – perfect for autumn

Morning morning! 

Just a quickie today as I’m flyng to New Orleans bright and early tomorrow morning and have about 4 squillion jobs to get through.  The latest issue of Rue Magazine featured the new San Francisco apartment of its editor, Crystal Gentilello, and it was such a gorgeous spread I thought I’d share it with you folks this morning.

The mix of cosy dark walls/ceilings in the living rooms, and the bright fresh feminine bedroom is just perfect for the autumn weather I hear is encroaching upon the northern hemisphere, and Crystal incorporates enough quirky accessories and vignettes to make my heart a-flutter.

Feast your peepers and have a fab day!

I am IN LOVE WITH this mirror display!

And this stark industrial chic kitchen is the perfect counterpoint to the glam luxury of the previous rooms:

Black floor + white clawfoot tub = happy Elly:

And I LOVE the blush pink used here with the black accents and textures galore: 

Monday’s Masterpiece – African antics

I made the most fantastic discovery over the weekend: the genius that is John Jacob.  This South African-based designer manages to blend the perfect amount of chic sophistication with a raw rustic vibe, to create more masterpieces than you can shake a stick at – think luxury bathtub paired with African jute baskets, light-filled fresh all-white schemes spiced up with zebra hides and an animal skull or two, traditional chandies and furnishings with on trend contemporary concave mirrors and punchy oversize stripes.

Here are my faves!

This design is perfection, that is all there is to say…

LOVE the bamboo ladder and jute baskets here!

Ditto the quirky straw hats (?) and antlers here:

This series of mini gallery walls is le bee’s knees:

Oooh, and how’s this for an outdoors bathroom??  Love how you can achieve privacy if you want to or alternatively be all outdoors nudey-bums – genius!  If you’re feeling inspired, check out my round up of ourdoors showers here!

This is more neutral than his usual fare, but I guess the master bedroom’s a good place to inject a little more calm.  Love all the tufted detail:

Exquisite vignette!

And this black and white themed property is AMAZING!  I’m not usually a fan of such a monochrome scheme, but the stripes, floor tiles and unexpected black surfaces keep the design interesting.

Do you SEE this cabinetry???!

And I’m really enamoured with this space-saving design – he’s really made the most of a smaller bedroom here.  It also proves that black walls don’t have to be overbearing and dull if you have enough light, and include the right level of white in the scheme.

Oh, to be living in this house, le sigh!

Love me a good vintage clock face or two:

And this vaulted ceiling is to die for – it’s interesting how John’s divided the space into different ‘rooms’ here:

And lastly, yeh I can pretty much see myself hanging out here with a nice glass of vino (or two) – hellllllo blissful pool:

Wowsers, I feel a smidge emotionally drained after all that.

Here are my picks of his products:

I’m slightly obsessing over this butlers tray – anything with crocodile printed leather tends to make me slightly weak at the knees…

Well I don’t know about you guys but I think I’ve found me a new designer crush!

Monday’s Masterpiece – fresh modern design

Take one part pastel shades, one part organic natural accents, add a pinch of zebra and a shake of contemporary chandies, and what do you get?  Some pretty darn inspiring interiors, courtesy of the Jeffers Design Group.

I came across this outfit a few months back, when I saw a property decked out in an incredible Moroccan palette of pinks and oranges, and had another sneaky peek over the weekend.  I love how they tend to use bright-but-not-too-in-your-face colour, and how their interiors always incorporate a quirky element or two, such as a bubble chandie, fun modern wallpaper, interestingly shaped piece of furniture etc. 

Anyhoo, here are my fave pieces from their portfolio, hope you enjoy!

LOVE this tangerine ceiling treatment, especially paired with the fun chandie and zebra skirted console.

This lime green glass splashback is inspired – love the pairing with dark marble, but think I would have chosen a different shade of wood:


This window treatment is le bee’s knees – I need to do something similar in my current project actually, think I may recycle this idea!

I can’t imagine a more soothing and ‘grown up’ bedroom – that fabric on the blinds and curtains is gorgeous.  And I love how they’ve kept the interest factor up with the demi lune bedside tables and sculptural gilt stools.

Do you see this agate-topped side table?!  LOVE it paired with the vintage armchair, my brain is about to explode…

Another quirky take on a classic piece – these assymetrical chairs are incredible paired with the wooden stump table:

Very much enamoured by this contemporary solution to pesky bedroom storage – those pendants are inspired too!

Tick, tick and tick!

Another coloured sheers moment of genius – love the persimmon/canary combo here.

Here’s the original Moroccan-inspired culprit – that ottoman literally makes my knees weak.  In fact, the entire room does – what are those things displayed on the wall I wonder, they’re gorgeous.

Insane detailing:

And this ceiling treatment/amazing four poster/engraved door ensemble has me all in a tizzy:

Erm, hello bonkers amazing bathtub/exotic trellis combo, please move to my house?

Ooh, this is the agate table scheme again – definitely much more masculine than their usual fare, love the layering of greys with the pops of red/orange.

More canary + zebra – love!

And this dining room is just bonkers – the updated take on farmhouse table + dining chairs is inspired, and thse drapes offset the wooden beams to perfection.

This is their studio, as in the place they get to go to work at every day – I DIE!  Seriously, this is my idea of studio-décor-heaven!  Add in a couple of splashes of zebra and some nail head trims, and I would be one happy lady.  Love how the exposed concrete walls and floor are warmed up by the vibrant dramatic drapes and exposed wooden beams.  And the chandies/table lamps/leopard print chairs, I could go on…

Alrighty, well that’s motivation to get my course polished off if ever I’ve seen it – I’m off to ink my day away…

Monday’s Masterpiece – Bonkers in Miami

So I promised last week to do a post on the slightly seemingly-insane-but-also-totally-awesome work of Marcel Wanders, who designed The Mondrian hotel where we stayed the other weekend when we in Miami.

If I’m honest, I don’t really know where to begin in describing this crazy place!  I do love its design but am generally not a big fan of ultra-modern stuff, so don’t really even have the correct vocabulary in my head I suspect.  But here goes, let’s try…

Our room was a cool mix of modern graphic prints and sleek contemporary lines, and more traditional furnishings with ornate flourishes and crystals.

This girl’s face is all over the hotel – I can’t decide if it’s kinda cool or kinda freaky…

Portuguese azulejos-style tile work + elaborate light fixture gives an eclectic feel to the kitchenette.

And yep, this is a crystal light fixture shower head.  Pretty cool if you ask me…

Another of the rooms, complete with crazy-girl-head.

And now downstairs to the lobby, where the design really kicks up a notch.  I became slightly obsessed with the oversize pillars and bell-domed chandies. 

This ornate staircase provides the perfect pop of whimsy against the white background:

LOVE these chandies – they have six of them at the entrance to the hotel also, what a first impression!

And the outdoors pool area is pure fantasy, with large foliage-covered cabana areas:

…bars that look like they’re modelled on a frilly lamp shade:

…ornately decorated sheer-fronted 20 foot tall cabanas:

…and fantastic views over downtown Miami:

(credits: Design Boom)

All in all, one incredible wonderland of modernist hotel design which will be kept locked away in my head for future reference!

Marcel’s portfolio ranges from other high end hotels to private residences and restaurants, stores and office space the world over.  Here are some of my faves:

And here are my picks of his multiple product lines:

Haha, and I’m obviously interested solely in the aesthetic qualities of the chairs in this image…




Feeling inspired to go a little wacky?!

Monday’s Masterpiece – shabby chic oogling

I wrote last week about the British online boutique Pale & Interesting run by hubby and wife team Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote, two hugely successful interior designers/stylists (aka. a pair of freaking geniuses!).  I was captivated by their respective websites for around, oh I’d say…..5 hours(!) and thought I’d take a closer look for today’s Masterpiece.

So first up we have furniture and interiors designer Dave (http://www.davecoote.com/interiors – link function STILL NOT WORKING), who as well as putting together quirky textural design schemes, has more recently turned his hand to renovating/creating rustic cabins (which are also le bee’s knees).  He uses reclaimed materials wherever possible and manages to create the perfect blend of glam + rustic. 

Here are my fave rooms from his portfolio.  I’m DYING over this duck egg blue fireplace paired with the rich browns/reds – and those antlers are perfection!

Quirky gallery of mirrors vignette in the hallway?!  Tick:

 And this is one genius way of dealing with a bricked up fireplace, love it:

Apart from the property above, there seems to be a huge emphasis on shabby chic furnishings, all white décor and, my fave, white distressed painted floorboards, yeeha!

What a dreamy kitchen, seeing this makes me want to up sticks and move to the Cotswolds a-sap!

And here are some images of the cabins Dave has designed:

Love this screen-as-headboard idea! 

 And here are some of Dave’s furniture designs:

Okeydoke, so next up is the other half of this designer team, Atlanta Bartlett (http://www.atlantabartlett.com/portfolio) – she appears to focus more on interiors styling, and has some very impressive credentials to her name.   Atlanta seems to also have a bit of a soft spot for the shabby chic aesthetic, but also adds more bright bold colour to the mix and uses more chandies than you can shake a stick at.

LOVE this simple sleek affair:

And these billowing bold drapes paired with that GORGEOUS chandie are making me go slightly gaga…

Incredible al fresco tablescape:

She also has a range of china for the Big Tomato Company (http://www.bigtomatocompany.com/collections.php?opt=6&start=48&search=), love the whimsical nature designs!

Ok, if anyone needs me today I suspect I’ll mostly be dreaming of shabby chic Cotswolds farmhouses…

Monday’s Masterpiece – colourful whimsy

Apols for the delay posting peeps, I have been suffering internet troubles -slightly infuriating on a Monday morning but we’re just about back to normal now…

So this morning I realised that to date I’ve managed to totally overlook one of the major designers of our world today – the fantastically random and playful Jonathan Adler.  He layers colourful graphic prints against quirky animal-shaped furnishings and  seems to have a large soft spot for mirrored four posters and hanging egg chairs!

So first up here’s a property he designed which was featured in House Beautiful.  It’s a family home full of bright colour, fun prints and more quirky details than you can shake a stick at!

LOVE the multiple colours and prints used in the living room:

Also love these bright lacquered Chippendale chairs paired with the chevron flooring.

What a serene and calming foyer – it’s the white painted floorboards, gets me every time:

Totally obsessed with this fresh crisp green fabric, perfect for use in a kitchen.  The countertops are marble and the cabinets are from IKEA – love the fact he’s not afraid to mix in a low cost element with the higher price points, I think lots of designers would shy away from anything that could be deemed ‘cheap and cheerful’.

And you just can’t go wrong with a Saarinen tulip table.

I love everything about this little nook!  What a fun idea to include an egg chair + shearling throw in the sun room!

And although I personally don’t reeeeally like the grommeted curtain panels, the idea of sticking the curtain rods directly into the ceiling to create a four poster is simply g.e.n.i.u.s!

*Heart* these ikat upholstered armchairs – think the fabric is by Brunswig & Fils.  Quote of the day: ‘I’ve never said no to a wicker elephant’ – couldn’t put it better myself, ha.

And here are a few other gems from his portfolio:

I need to know where these fun ‘palm chairs’ are from – would have thought they were by Jonathan but can’t find them on his website, any ideas…?

This scheme is so different to his other more colourful projects, guess it shows he can pull off a more sedate look too, although those zebras do provide a little bit of whimsy!

Aaah, the peacock mirror and egg chair combo – corker!

This is potentially Jonathan’s most-blogged-room, and I can see why!  The gilt bamboo mirror adds the perfect amount of bling to the zebra print/pink room.

I’ve been getting more and more obsessed with gallery walls recently, think I shall have to channel this into a blog post soon! 

And I think these last two are from his holiday home in Palm Beach:

The suzani throw paired with metallic four poster is making my knees go slightly wobbly…

And here are my picks of his HUGE furnishings range:

Can’t get enough of these Chippendale chairs – would love a set in hot pink or lime!

And his rugs and textiles are to die for!  Love this quirky take on a design classic:

Crikey, went a smidge overboard there sorry…he just has too many cool things.  I never realised previously that I needed a ceramic greyhound statue and a giraffe tablelamp in my life…!

Monday’s Masterpiece – Coastal Crush

A Hamptons beach house designed by Jarlath Mellett was featured in the latest Lonny magazine, and I am now over the moon OBSESSED with his interiors.  He somehow manages to blend the perfect amount of natural and rustic accents into his sleek contemporary interiors to stop them becoming too hard and angular, and provide the ideal amount of beachhouse chic.

Lots of bleached, whitewashed wooden floors, stripped back French furnishings, driftwood furniture, poolhouse chandies and bonkers gorgeous photographic wallpapers make this property ping with a vengeance – love it!

I never knew I needed an antler armchair until this moment…

This tree root coffee table could be quite hard to pull off, think it would easily look a little ‘twee’, but combining it with a neutral palette and the decorative wallpaper works really well here:

As do the addition of the vintage French armchairs and mirror:


I cannot get enough of this accent wall rose wallpaper – so dramatic and all look-at-me!  The lucite table is inspired too, anything more solid could make the whole scheme seem too bitty.

I’m drooling over this French vintage/coastal driftwood dining chair combo, and the teak dining table is the icing on the cupcake:

Again, totally bowled over by the dramatic wallpaper, and the vintage trunks are PERFECTION next to the leather headboard.

Gaaah, I can’t take anymore of this wallpaper!!!!!  This room was totally enveloped by the sea grass scene.

And the outdoors spaces are divine also – I can pretty much see myself hanging out on one of these sunloungers sipping le vino:

And this is honestly the most incredible pool cabana I’ve ever seen!  Vintage chandies, an oversize daybed and quirky colourful throw cushions?!  Yes please. 

Other shots from his portfolio, that I am going slightly gaga over:

I am so having an egg chair / Balinese daybed / driftwood accent table moment right now..

Another oh so dramatic dining room – the chair upholstery is INSANE!

I think this is actually the terrace of the Hamptons beach house featured in Lonny – love LOVE LOOOOOVE!

But these next two images have to win the prize for most quirky gorgeous scheme today – the abundance of all natural accents (the antler chandie, wicker / linen dining chairs, firewood stacks, driftwood floor lamp, I could go on…) combined with the huge open airy space and quirky display objects are just totally rocking my socks.   

Also slightly obsessing over this cute quirky vignette:

And here are my picks of his product lines:

I am seriously tempted to take the rest of the day off and go scouring Cayman’s beaches for driftwood…