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Flowers Friday – the cuteness

Ok, apols for the shorty today but everything seems to have turned insanely busy and I have about 2.5 million things to get done before I can turn into a pirate later.  Ha, that sounds weird, huh?!  It’s Pirates Week here in Cayman starting tonight – yep, an entire week when everyone dresses up like pirates, drinks too much rum and generally ‘aaarrrrrrrrr me mateys’ at innocent passersby.  Only in Cayman…

Anyhoo, so I came across this pic on Style Me Pretty yesterday and thought it was such a cute idea!  What do you think?

Have fab weekends all! AARRRRRRRRRR.

Autumn décor – part 3

Alright alright, I couldn’t resist…  I wasn’t going to do any more fall furnishings but then I remembered The White Company and the fact that I love them more than power vinyasa (that’s a lot).

Layer up and keep cosy with The White Company’s insane range of bedding – the greys, whites and taupes would look incredible set against warm orange walls:

Le Souk has a new crocheted rug which I happen to have my eye on…

And Cococozy stocks some seriously swoonworthy candle goodies:

Now you just need a cosy fireplace or two and you’re all set for winter!

Autumn décor – part 2

Morning morning all!  It is a BEAUTIFUL day here and I’m feeling on top of the world today – just sent off my latest magazine article to Blighty and have a busy busy day ahead of me, but that’s the way I like it!

So anyhoo, let’s jump straight back into my autumn décor round up.  First up are some gorgeous shades of orange – whether you fancy the full on fruity brights or the more subtle subdued shades, there should be one here for you.

Autumn oranges

Autumn oranges by caribbeanliving

Benjamin Moore, Sundance

Benjamin Moore, Soft Pumpkin

California Paints – Pumpkin 16

Ace Paint – Yuma

Benjamin Moore, Citrus Blast

Farrow & Ball – Orangery



Next up are some BANANAS fabrics and wallpapers in these shades.

A contemporary toile from Manuel Canovas:

Katie Ridder has these peachy pachyderms:

A striking imperial trellis courtesy of Schumacher:

And an I-just-stopped-dead-in-my-tracks-and-my-chin’s-on-the-floor hand painted Chinoiserie from Gracie Studio:

Some cute pillows and throws in contrasting hues…

J.A.‘s finest:

Or try Cococozy for a more subtle effect!

And lastly, yep this is more than a smidge random but for a tongue in cheek take on the stag bust, head to Etsy – these made me smile!

Autumn décor – part 1

So it’s just come to my attention that most of the northern hemisphere is creeping into autumn right now.  Back home it was one of my fave times of year, full of pumpkins, bonfires and crisp sunny days spent in Hyde Park.  I have to admit I’m having a mini Pang For Blighty, despite the fact that autumn in Cayman is the shizzle.

So I thought I’d take a look at some autumn décor ideas, specifically the happy chappy colour that is orange.  It’s such a flexible colour, moving from bright persimmons to muted saffrons and pumpkins, but whichever shade you pick it’s guaranteed to inject a warm glow-y feel to your space, whether you splurge it all over the walls or just add it in as an accent.

Here are some of my favourite spaces – yep, you may have seen this first one a few times before…sorry, I love it!

 In a slightly boho context:

Crisp and clean:

I’m totally bowled over by the striped fabric here:

Again, you may have seen this before – how totally romantic and dreamy is this room though?!


And I always have time for a spot of chinoiserie, especially when combined with a ruddy nice bit o’ zebra:

Alternatively opt for a more delicate hue:

Or go crazy and amp up the energy with some navy lacquer!

If you have a spare $2 thou (!), why not invest in an orange Hermes blanket:

LOOOOOOOOVE this image – the bright orange accents against the natural and black stained wood are BANANAS!

More zebra, yeeeeees:

Or for a contemporary colour pop, how about pairing it with a hot pink…

…or a cool aqua:

Checkity check out the orange leopard throw pillow – any ideas where I can get hold of that fabric?!


And how cute is this nursery, with coral accents?!  Love that little gallery on the wall.

(credits: Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Patricia Gray, House of Turquoise, Domino, Apartment Therapy)

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for the how-to!

Monday’s Masterpiece – chic-tastic lodge

Morning all!  Apols for the mega delay posting today – I’ve just had my first ever kitesurfing lesson and it went on waaaay longer than expected!  Was awesome though, I’ll be hitting those jumps in no time (ahem…).

Anyhoo so I came across this amazeballs hotel over le weekend and thought that for today’s masterpiece we’d take a looksee at Le Lodge Park, a stunning chic ski lodge ran by the Sibuet Group of hotels and designed by (I believe, my French ain’t what it used to be) Jocelyne Sibuet.

The huge range of gorgeous natural materials and textures she uses, from leather and sheepskin to wooden logs and antlers, give the property a gorgeous organic vibe while the various more contemporary furnishings and accessories up the ante way high!


And do you see this ceiling treatment??!

Yep, I can pretty much see me hanging out here with a well earned glühwein after a hard day on the slopes!

Oooh, and here too…


If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more images from her chalet portfolio – LOOOOVE the contrast of the crystal chandie here!

Aaaaaand some others from the group’s hotels in Provence – my eyes actually just popped out of my head…

Ah Europe, how I miss thee…

Flowers Friday – dazzling delphinium

It’s that time of the week again folks, flower-oogling-Friday.  Today I thought I’d take a look at the gorgeous delphinium – it looks fantastic solo or combined with roses/peonies, and I think also isn’t too tough on the wallet.  Enjoy the pics!

(credits: Pinterest)

Have a happy weekend!

Workspace wonders – part 2

Morning morning and welcome back to part 2!  I thought today that I’d put together a few collections of gorgeous office furnishings and accessories, with no grey carpets or gross plastic desks in sight.

First up, a bunch of interesting lighting options:

Let there be light

Let there be light by caribbeanliving


I must admit I’ve become slightly obsessed with the metallic Parsons desk below…

Down to business

Down to business by caribbeanliving

And some fun accessories to liven up your workspace:

Keeping things tidy

Keeping things tidy by caribbeanliving

So friends, when are you redecorating?!

Workspace wonders – part 1

To date, I have spent most of my working life in offices that resemble this one…

…looking like this…

…and wanting to scratch my eyes out due to the uggers colours, drab furnishings and over-exuberant use of disgusting carpet.

The idea of having an office space that makes you actually want to spend time there was an extremely alien concept to me, but one which I have now embraced wholeheartedly.  I was totally inspired by the office makeover that the Lonny team featured of their own workspace a while back – LOVE the distressed painted brickwork, quirky furnishings and oversize photos:

Anyway, so I thought I’d take a gander at some uber-stylish office spaces today – what do you think?

Neutral and nice, love the spacious feel and calming atmosphere of these first two:

GORGEOUS sheers:

Alot of these spaces seem to feature zebra hide rugs, which of course I hate…

Add some brights to keep energy levels up:

Or a contrasting graphic wallpaper does the trick too!

Do you see the size of this desk?!  Even I would struggle to cover it with mess…

This upholstered office chair is killing me!

As is this insane inspiration board:

And whether you have a huge space at your disposal…

…or hardly any space at all (these renovated wardrobes are g.e.n.i.u.s!)…

…these go to show you can make it work.

(credits: Achica Living, Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Pinterest, Bright Bazaar)


Make sure you stop by for part 2 tomorrow!