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All eyes up – part 2

Morning morning and welcome back to part 2 of my ceiling treatments round up, let’s get straight back to it! 

8. Plaster moulding ceiling – these are another way of injecting a subtle layer to a scheme without detracting from the remainder of it.  They’re usually combined with pretty traditional décor but I think they can also look fab presiding over a more contemporary scheme (see pic. 2). 

9. Metal ceiling treatment – now these really do add oomph to a room.  Whether they’re wavy curves or straight up beams, an injection of industrial chic goes a long way!

Alternatively, opt for a pressed tin ceiling, which were the fashionable way of imitating moulded plaster ceilings in the States way back when, and are enjoying a mini renaissance right now (see here for more info!)

And check out this insane architectural detailing:

10. Honeycomb ceiling treatment – a chic and structural way to add depth to a room, would look fab painted white also. 

11. ‘Crazy’ ceiling treatment – nothing really to be said about these!

12. Ethnic ceiling treatment – and yep, I’m slightly attracted to these two, how did you know…?! 

LOVE the idea of creating sculptural shadows like this:

13. Exposed brick ceiling treatment – my heart always starts a-fluttering when I spy exposed brickwork, and this is no exception.  Love the contrast with the chandie too!

14. Fabric-covered ceiling – annoyingly I seem to only be able to source images of terrible interior design schemes with fabric-upholstered ceilings.  I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of better ones before, these two are just dreadful, but I guess they get the point across.

You could achieve a very similar effect by wallpapering the ceiling, a la Angie Hranowsky, and I suspect this would actually be easier and more economical also:

Or another option is to use draped fabrics to achieve a warm cocooning effect.  This seems to be very popular in nurseries, which I guess makes sense:


Love the drama injected by the scale of these draped panels!

I felt I had to include this next image for 3 reasons:

a. Its grotesque-ness is quite sublime;

b. I wanted to point out that if the colouring and scheme were totally different, these layers of draping could be quite cool; and

c. I love the chandie!

Ergh, it is AWFUL!  (In my humble opinion).

(credits: Elle Decor, Houzz, Patricia Gray, Little Crown Interiors, Athalia Sovie)

So which type of ceiling treatment was your fave?  I think I’m going to try to incorporate one of these puppies into the city loft I’m designing right now – maybe the pressed tin or exposed brick treatments, or maybe a chinoiserie wallpaper covered ceiling in the bedroom, hmm we shall see…

Monday’s Masterpiece – When in doubt, be bold

(and add a chandelier).  That’s a pretty good motto actually, I shall remember that…
Happy happy Monday!  I thought that the designer we’d look at today is  Mary McDonald, as she seems to be in the ‘design news’ a lot right now.  When I first came across her work I thought it was not really for me:

However, I saw an article in Veranda in which she gives some design tips and thought I would give her a second chance – turns out she has also designed a lot of drop dead gorgeous schemes.  I luuuurve how she’s not afraid to splurge bold colours and prints all over the place, and she seems to have a serious soft spot for all things chinoiserie.  All very whimsical and fun – big fan!

Her offices are just mind-bogglingly amazing.  This image of her old work space has been posted on every single blog/magazine/design website in existence, but I think you’ll agree it’s for good reason.

And this is her new office – there are no words…:

Yep, still no words.  Mary, I salute you.

And now onto her top design tips:
1. Incorporate a coordinated table-scape
Mary recommends using a bunch of unrelated items with an over-arching colour theme, and making sure there’s one item that’s tall, medium, short, wide and narrow.

2. Use decorative painting
Paint a silhouette directly onto the wall, in a kid’s room or guest room, for a spot of whimsical fun.

3. Use a bold colour or pattern on seagrass
This should work on any natural fibre rug, such as seagrass, sisal or jute.  You have to be careful to ensure the pattern on the rug falls where you want it to in the room.

4. Cheat with a four-poster bed
If you want the effect of a four-poster bed without the expense, and have a ceiling that’s not too high, you can cheat and mount the valance and panels directly onto the ceiling – it should also make the ceiling feel much higher.

5. Include a window seat
Window seats are just so cosy and cute, especially when said window gets a decent amount of sunshine.  Mary recommends trying to fit one in wherever you have a little extra space, even in bedrooms. I am seriously digging the use of geometric prints here too.

6. Add a little something to floorboards
I really really love wooden floorboards, and I would never in a million years consider doing what I am about to suggest, so I thought I would leave it to Mary to fill you in on this flooring sacrilege: “In this master bath the wood floor was originally pretty boring. I knew I wanted something more, so I had it painted in zigzags because I thought it felt fun and now and current. To tie the floors in with all of the marble, I looked at the different light grays in the stone and picked out this one nice shade of almost blue-gray.”
Looks pretty cool though, I have to admit…

7. Strip back to the original material
Original stone, metal and wood really shows off the character of a room, and adds depth to a scheme with its patina and age – always consider stripping items back to their original material.

You have got to be kidding me

So, speaking of distressingly ugly things…this morning I was trying to source a picture of a cream-coloured table lamp for one of the projects I’m doing, so googled ‘cream lamp’.  In amongst the many elegant pictures that came up, look what else did!!!!!!
Seriously, a number of questions spring to mind.  Who produces these??!  On what planet do these items justify a production line and marketing resources?   How is there more than one design??  And who actually voluntarily buys them??!!!  Wow, I feel faint they’re so bad…