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Colour inspo: peach and mint

Apols for being tardy today loves, I’ve been caught in the grips of a new colour combo fixation and have been hunting down the perfect peachy/coral-y fabric to use to add a little zing to our living room.

Said new colour combo fixation is this pinky-coral colour paired with a cool minty/duck egg grey-blue.  I suddenly cannot get enough of it:

peach and mint interior design1

Here are some of my fave moodboard piccies right now – such a luscious combo!!

peach and mint interior design2 peach and mint interior design3 peach and mint interior design4 peach and mint interior design5 peach and mint interior design6

It looks pretty fabulous in event design:

peach and mint interior design7

And also in interiors (in small doses) – I know I know, I’ve blogged this first pic about one bazillion times.

peach and mint interior design8

Errr and this one, ahem.  Best nursery of ALL TIME still though:

peach and mint interior design9


What do you guys think of this pastel-y goodness?

Wishing on a star

So unless I’m missing some giant source of lighting here in Singers (which I suppose is entirely possible – if so please fill me in somebody!), it is one area of interior design that is seriously under-represented in this city.  There are lots of generic lighting shops that stock maybe two decent fittings, but the rest are gross bling-tastic fake crystal chandies or big-bummed lady table lamps (I’ll take a pic next time to show you – it’s not a nice lamp…).

As a result I’ve been hunting high and low on t’internet for a gorgeous + affordable brass pendant for aaaages but all the ones I find are $2,500 (see my Arteriors lighting post here for some swoonworthy goodies) and/or wired for US voltage, so no good here in Asia.

moravian star lighting1Anyhoo, so a while back during my internet ramblings I stumbled across a source of brass/glass Moravian Star pendant shells for cheapcheap and have since been figuring out how to turn the shells into an actual pendant light.  The last ingredients arrive today (lightbulbs and brass chain) and I am totally psyched to get it wired up and shining bright.

moravian star lighting2

Looong and not very interesting story, ha.  Well here are a few inspo piccies that I’m loving right now to give you an idea of what I’m going on about.  Whether it’s in a hallway, entryway, kitchen, bathroom or porch, these beauties know how to make a statement.  Enjoy!

moravian star lighting3 moravian star lighting4 moravian star lighting5 moravian star lighting6 moravian star lighting7 moravian star lighting8

Also amazeballs in event design, no?

moravian star lighting9


A Goldilocks dilemma

I went to the most beautiful wedding yesterday of one of my dear friends Kilda, which was held in a gorgeous old barn full of rustic beams and fairy lights – an absolutely incredible setting!



And it got me pondering the use of beams in interior design.

You see I have a similar conundrum to Goldilocks here – there are a bunch of designs that are too traditional…

interior design wooden beams1

…and loads that are waaay too contemporary…

interior design wooden beams2

…and it’s difficult to find ones that are ‘just right’.

But that’s just what I’ve done this morning, you lucky lucky readers you!  Ha, hope you enjoy the eye candy:

interior design wooden beams3 interior design wooden beams4 interior design wooden beams5 interior design wooden beams6 interior design wooden beams7 interior design wooden beams8


Vines + chandies = wedding perfection

So as much as I’m loving Hong Kong life and being back in a city again, I still haven’t quite managed to get over the fact that it is so totally bloody ugly!  This is our view from our living room, over a sea of rusty concrete buildings:

It’s transformed at dusk when the lights start to come on and it turns into a sea of gold and silver stars, but during the day it literally couldn’t be worse.  Gag.

Most of the time I manage to ignore it, but my brain does seem to have a twice weekly paddy attack: ‘GAH, I can’t take this ugliness anymore!’, when it craves seeing anything that’s not made out of concrete or dried seafood – for instance…these insane wedding supper settings.

Find some vines, hang up a chandie or two and hey presto, you have the most beautiful wedding of ALL TIME:

{credits: Style Me Pretty}

Phew, right, aesthetically-pleasing-viewing quota achieved for the day, time to go out and take on the city…

Happy weekend lovelies, toodles!

Wine tasting wonders – part 1 (& a little Romney-boshing)

So first of all this morning I may or may not have become a smidge sidetracked and would like to point out that Mitt Romney is so full of sh*t!  We’ve been following the debates and saw the final one last night, during which I realised who it was that he reminded me of, especially with that dumb puppy dog face he kept pulling during his convention speech:

{credits: 1 / 2}

Remember old Spike the Dog from the 1980s?!  Ahem, sorry, don’t usually make offensive political statements about people here but just had to get that off my chest – we were hurling abuse at the TV for 90 minutes, nearly threw my wine glass at it at one point, ha.

Anyhoo, speaking of wine, so after the post I did recently on this BANANAS GORGEOUS winery in Sonoma, I’ve been inspired to hunt down a few more tasting room design goodies.  Exposed brick, industrial pendants and reclaimed wood are the order of the day it seems, and are making my knees buckle a little…

This first image is actually Platters Bistro, which we discovered on a trip to Singapore recently – LOVE the decor, those olive wood boards are incredible:

This high style pair are ringing my bell too – Louis Ghost chairs and Eames Eiffel chairs set off the reclaimed wood tables to perfection!

A pretty dramatic light instalment and collection of Tolix chairs are looking great here:

Ditto the above – totally enamoured with this gold, pewter and copper trio:

Ok ok, I couldn’t resist, this is from Ram’s Gate Winery again…and I’m still drooling all over my keyboard:

Couple of slightly more rustic numbers:

And how gorgeous would these settings be for a wedding?!

I’ve kept the best for last people, DO YOU SEE THIS TREE-CHANDIE?????!!!!  Absolutely incredible, literally takes my  breath away:

Ooooh and lastly (really lastly this time, promise) here are a few residential gems by Taylor Howes (who I wrote about a while back now…):


Not bad huh?!  Which is your favourite…?

Hong Kong inspiration: Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival

So last weekend it was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival – celebrated during the brightest full moon of the year, it’s been going for 3000 years (!) and is in honour of Chang’e, the Moon Goddess of Immortality.  People light thousands and thousands of lanterns around Asia so that the Goddess can see them from way up in the sky.


Chinese people get together with family and eat mooncakes with tea – ‘what are mooncakes?!’ I hear you ask, well they’re the weirdest thing I think I’ve ever eaten: a sweet lotus seed paste cake with an egg yolk in the middle:


Yep, it is an acquired taste… Here’s the hubs and me very tentatively trying our first (and only) mooncake:

Ha, not the most flattering of poses, see what they do to you!

Ahem, moving on…and in Hong Kong there’s also a traditional Fire Dragon Dance:


Anyway, so it’s a massive deal here in Honkers and we were pretty psyched to see what the fuss was all about – we headed over to Victoria Park with some friends on Sunday night, but I’m sad to say it was a pretty big let down.  There were really just not very many lanterns!  And no floating ones at all – although arguably probably a good thing to not let off a gazillion floating candles into the most densely populated city in the world…


So I’ve scoured the internet for images from years gone by and in other cities, where it’s what I’d hoped it would look like – is that weird?!  Look how insanely pretty it is though:


So anyhoo, it all got me thinking about using Chinese lanterns in wedding design (I think they can be kinda tacky for interiors).  Check out these gorgeous inspired event designs, they’re making me want to get married all over again, ha!

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6}

Wanted: colour shot

Oh my GOD I’ve never been so jetlagged in my entire life!!!  Am feeling absolutely dreadful this morning despite about 100 hours sleep and a triple espresso, think I need some bright fun colour to wake me up a little.

I’ve been getting increasingly drawn to the gorgeous punchy colour combo of coral and gold recently, so thought I would indulge this today.

With autumn hitting the northern hemisphere, I guess it’s maybe a smidge too summery, but I just don’t care, ha.

Whether it’s used in interiors, fashion, jewellery or wedding design, it is guaranteed to knock off some socks.

And this is a shot of the lovely Tasha, from our wedding in Cayman!  Great bangles my dear:

So anyhoo, here are a few interiors inspiration piccies in these shades – totally enamoured with this unusually shaped armchair:

And this vignette is pretty much le bee’s knees, can’t go wrong with a bit of bling:


This exotic beaut is by the Jeffers Design Group – see here for more colourful goodies by them!

And these two elegent schemes are also perfection!

Gold cane backed chair??!  Yes please:

And lastly this one is a smidge more tangerine actually, but it’s going in anyway!



All that glimmers – part 1

On Sunday night I went to the National Theatre with my Mum and Sissy, to go see the Planet Earth concert that’s been sweeping the country.  Not massively highbrow I know, it’s not exactly Tchaikovsky, but it was a fun night out and the music was pretty fantastic.

Anyhoo, so I was sat watching the big screen showing extracts from Planet Earth, and when I saw this glow worm scene my jaw almost hit the deck:


Not a bad effort for a bunch of insects, hey?!  These little suckers got me thinking about all the bonkers gorgeous traditional chandeliers I’d seen lately, so I thought I would have a little lookee today.

I think my fave schemes are when they’re paired with rustic wood or stone elements, and have to say am partial to a little dramatic black too, as in the last few pics.  Enjoy!

FAAAAABULOUS in these kitchens, love!


Ombré oogling – part 1

So I’ve been spending a little time looking into the new design collections in ol’ Blighty right now, in preparation for my trip home next week.  NEXT WEEEEEK!

Ahem, so yesterday I came across the insane Castellani Wallpaper collection by Designers Guild, and let out a little yelp of glee:


Errr, yes please, come to mama.  Right now.

Ombré decor has been around for quite some time but it seems to be showing no signs of disappearing yet.

Defined as ‘shaded or graduated in tone’, this trend has totally saturated the lands of interior design, wedding design, fashion design and hair design…

…but I can totally see why, as it’s just pretty ruddy gorgeous:

So here are my fave inspiration piccies for the home right now – it seems to be particularly popular as a wall finish and window treatment:

Love me a bit of lilac I do:

Possibly the most increds outdoors area I have ever set eyes upon…

Also totally enamoured with the darker more serious shades:

And these two coral applications are le bee’s knees!

Throw cushions would be an easy way to incorporate the trend for any commitment-phobes out there:

And here are a couple of specific applications that are pretty fun.  How about a citrus-hued radiator…?

Or a multi-coloured banister?

And lastly I guess this is strictly more ‘rainbow’ than ombré but I couldn’t resist including these cute images:

{all credits}

How adorable would a rainbow wall be for a little girl’s room?!!

Make sure you stop by for part 2 tomorrow por fav!