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Leggy critters

So this image that I featured on Monday has had me pondering the animal leggy trend a smidge:

leggy side table


These puppies seem to evoke very strong feelings one way or the other in Design Land – I’ve seen a lot of oooh-ing and also a lot of criticism of them, but I happen to be a big fan.  The one above is I believe Oly Studio’s Ari side table, which is one of the more affordable options – these guys can get pri-ii-iicey.

Here are two more economicals (thank you Z Gallerie):

affordable animal leg side table

{left / right}

And here’s a round up of a few more – yah yah I know that duck leg lamp does not really fit but I love it.  Quack.

animal leg furniture interior design

{clockwise from top left: library table, side table, lamp, chair, bench, light stool, dark stool}

So what do you think?  Do you likey or do they creep you out?!

Painterly inspiration – part 1

Morning peeps!

So I had a couple of hours to kill in between friend dates the other day so I took myself along to the National Gallery here in London.  I hadn’t been in YEARS and had totally forgotten how incredible it is – I was wandering around slack-jawed gazing at the intricate ceiling mouldings and smashing into tourists left, right and centre…oops.

There were some incredible works of art on display but I have to say my all time fave is still Monet.

monet painting1

Total cliché I am aware but the vibrant colours and splatty brushstrokes (that’s the technical terminology) get me every time.


So anyhoo I’ve been avoiding talking about painterly fabrics etc in design as the whole of Blog Land has been raving about them for so long now, but my little cultural jaunt has left me feeling inspired.

painterly interior design1 painterly interior design4

In my brain I kinda have merged the ombre painterly trend with the floral painterly trend, so I guess some of these are not for the purists.

painterly interior design2

Enjoy lovelies and let me know what you think!

painterly interior design3 painterly interior design11 painterly interior design10 painterly interior design9 painterly interior design8 painterly interior design7 painterly interior design6 painterly interior design5


Elle Decor’s got my back

Just a shorty today peeps apols, I can barely lift my arms to type after a cruel and merciless yoga class at lunchtime…  Ha, not really, I am just being a smidge disorganised this arvo.  But it was a crazy tough class at Pure, was awesome.  Sorry, you do not care about yoga classes in Singapore, that is not why you are here.

Moving swiftly on…..remember my Quilting For Grown ups post from last year?  Go check it out if you missed it the first time around!

quilting interior design

{credit: Caribbean Living}

Well seemingly Elle Decor now agree with moi – you saw it here first people.

They’ve found a bunch of fab new products incorporating these lovely lines for their latest edition – why don’t you head on over and check it out?

elle decor quilting interior design

Have a happy weekend peeps, what are you up to?  Do tell!

Pantone’s pick

And the prize for most blogged about colour of the year goes to……….you guessed it:

emerald and grey or black

Such a stunner though, I’m delighted the wise folks over at Pantone plucked out this gorgeous brighty as 2013’s inspiration. 

And seeing as every design blogger worth their salt is posting up this colour like nobody’s business, I thought today I’d take a little look at it paired with black or greys as I’m particularly enamoured with this combo right now. 

I guess a couple of these pics trend a smidge too far towards forest green, but they’re still pretty blooming gorgeous.

emerald and grey or black1 emerald and grey or black2 emerald and grey or black3 emerald and grey or black4 emerald and grey or black5


So what do you think of this palette?

Ombré oogling – part 1

So I’ve been spending a little time looking into the new design collections in ol’ Blighty right now, in preparation for my trip home next week.  NEXT WEEEEEK!

Ahem, so yesterday I came across the insane Castellani Wallpaper collection by Designers Guild, and let out a little yelp of glee:


Errr, yes please, come to mama.  Right now.

Ombré decor has been around for quite some time but it seems to be showing no signs of disappearing yet.

Defined as ‘shaded or graduated in tone’, this trend has totally saturated the lands of interior design, wedding design, fashion design and hair design…

…but I can totally see why, as it’s just pretty ruddy gorgeous:

So here are my fave inspiration piccies for the home right now – it seems to be particularly popular as a wall finish and window treatment:

Love me a bit of lilac I do:

Possibly the most increds outdoors area I have ever set eyes upon…

Also totally enamoured with the darker more serious shades:

And these two coral applications are le bee’s knees!

Throw cushions would be an easy way to incorporate the trend for any commitment-phobes out there:

And here are a couple of specific applications that are pretty fun.  How about a citrus-hued radiator…?

Or a multi-coloured banister?

And lastly I guess this is strictly more ‘rainbow’ than ombré but I couldn’t resist including these cute images:

{all credits}

How adorable would a rainbow wall be for a little girl’s room?!!

Make sure you stop by for part 2 tomorrow por fav!

Hong Kong inspiration: quilting for grown ups

I have never in my entire life seen as many luxury items adorning the shoulders/ears/backs/feet of people as in Hong Kong.  At the risk of massively generalising, the Chinese are absolutely BANANAS for any and all luxury brands – prices are higher in Honkers than the States, but even so lots and lots of Chinese from the Mainland come over to HK on hols to stock up on their Prada and Gucci as I think the tax is lower here than the rest of China.  Scenes like this are pretty common, for instance (in fact this is waaaay too orderly):


I’m not one to go for the luxury brands personally (partly a lack of desire and partly a lack of wonga, ha) but I have to say I’ve started to notice them more, particularly the gorgeousness of the quilted Chanel bags (‘uh oh’ thinks the hubs, if he’s reading this):


Quilting, as opposed to tufting (if it has a million buttons all over it, it is TUFTED people – there seems to be some confusion out there!), is still quite unusual in the interior design world, although fairly commonplace in the land of fashion, and even spilling over into wedding design etc.  But one leading brand that has been embracing all things quilted for a couple of years now is the fabulous Ligne Roset, with their Ruché sofa and bed:


So here are a few more ideas, in case this trend has tickled your fancy (Ruché sofa below left):

LOVING this quilted letterpress stationery!!

And these wall treatments are pretty insane too:

Whilst hunting down these images for y’all I also came across a bunch of these crazy cats – yeeshk, I’m not after this type of quilting…


And here’s a round up of the best quilted products in the shops right now – I guess strictly the pendants and wallpaper are ‘tufted’ but you know what, they were too good to leave out.

{from top left: pendants, sofa, wallpaper, balloon chair, bed, bar stool, armchair, wall treatment}

So what do you think of this trend?  Would you embrace quilted furniture or would you rather leave it to Chanel?!

All about agate…

I’ve been getting more and more obsessed with agate lately, and thought it was about time I gave it some limelight on le blog.  It’s a type of crystal (?!) found in volcanic rock that comes in a crazy range of hues, from oranges, browns and blues through to purples, pinks and reds:


They’re just so beautiful and intricate, no??

So here are a few ideas – whether you opt for a full on wall treatment…


…or incorporate a smaller dose of delish agate, it’s guaranteed to add some earthy sparkle to your space:

{from top left: curtain holdback, artwork, coasterstable lamp, watercolour, side tables, door knob, cheese platters}

I am DYING over those side tables but sadly don’t have a spare $40k lying around…

Which is your fave??

Mix ‘n’ match

A current design trend that I’ve been increasingly drawn to is the mixing of different styles/colours of dining chairs.  It sounds kinda random but can actually create a really cool quirky effect and is an easy way to inject energy into a scheme.

Eames Eiffel and Tolix chairs seem to be the two most popular choices, with a good sprinkling of Panton and Louis Ghost chairs thrown in for good measure…  Check these puppies out, what do you think?

This is my fave of the lot I reckon – the trend works SO well with quite neutral reclaimed wood farmhouse tables:

Oh, and Tulip tables…see here for more Tulip goodness!  Loving these quirky citrus hues on the RHS too:

A little bit of hot pink never did anyone any harm:

And these multi-hued metal Tolix chairs are seriously the bee’s knees!  Totally enamoured with this whole scheme actually, I’m really having a subway tile moment right now:



LOOOOOOOVE!  The juxtaposition here between the elaborate cornicing and ceiling rose / traditional mirror, and crazy contemporary chandy / all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow Eiffel chairs is just insane:

A few slightly more serious and sedate schemes:

And lastly an all-white take on the trend – that granite (?) -topped table is gorgeous:


Have a fabulous and happy weekend all!

Wabi Sabi style (about five years late)

Another Japanese design influence that’s been gaining popularity in recent years is the philosophy of Wabi Sabi.  Two words: Hell & Yeh. 

It’s actually got absolutely zilch to do with interior design but is more a way to view the world, by appreciating the beauty of imperfections, incompleteness and the passing of time in relation to objects, people, events or places.  Simplicity and humility feature largely too.


So as these things usually go, probably a magazine editor or big name designer discovered this term and decided to make big bucks out of commercialising it and promoting it as a new interior design ‘trend’ (or am I too cynical?  I guess I’m actually supposed to buy into all that now, right?!). 

I think the concept works if you apply it to a single piece in a scheme, say…a gorgeous old reclaimed wood table or a piece of patinated copper (two ideas I’ve blogged about recently actually – see here for wood, here for copper), but I think if you start trying to apply it to a whole room it suddenly loses its meaning unless you fill the space very utilitarianly (err, is that a word?) and don’t really consider whether pieces sit well together, as the actual process of selection seems to go against the nature of the philosophy.  I’ve seen spaces described as ‘wabi sabi’ that incorporate enormous glitzy chandeliers or groupings of fashionable items, which seems to really jar with the original meaning of the term.


Anyway, enough of my moaning, I just wanted to explain a little of the context behind these images, as I understand it, and say that I frrrreaking love this concept.  I get so bored sometimes of people trying to incorporate all the current trends into interiors, or females the world over striving to be a size 0, because that’s ‘perfection’.

Some of our best loved possessions are a little bit bashed up or old, and are all the better for it: take the 6 foot long oil painting we brought back from Cuba which I managed to get black marks on when driving it home from the framer with it sticking way out the top of the Jeep (you had to see it…quite funny), or the lanterns from our terrace in Cayman that are rusty-rama after living next to the sea for 2 years.  A bit of a boshing never did any harm I don’t think, it shows that things are well loved and have a history to them. 

Anyhoo, here are a few inspiration piccies of what I’ve taken from this Wabi Sabi business.  Erm, and you may notice my minor obsession with old doors…

What do you guys think of the concept?  Would love to hear your thoughts!