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Singapore Inspiration: Deepavali + Kanthas

It’s the Deepavali festival tomorrow (also see my Diwali post from last year – I wonder why its name changes depending on what country you call home) and I thought I’d make the most of the excuse to post about some delectable Indian decor goodies.

I’ve had a soft spot for kantha quilts for a long long time now.  Whether they’re bright and colourful or have more neutral tones, I love ’em all!

kantha interior design www.caribbeanlivingblog.com1

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Singapore inspiration: Diwali brights

Morning loves!  How are we doing today?  Week going swimmingly I hope?

Over the weekend we were invited to a lovely lunch at the home of some Indian friends of ours.  It was to celebrate Diwali, so they dressed up in all their gorgeous Indian garb with its beautiful colour and vibrant sparkles.

indian fabrics interior design1

It got me hankering after a) a trip to India and b) because that ain’t possible right now, some online fabric ogling {link to the gorgeous sea green and silver fabric here!}.

indian fabrics interior design2

indian fabrics interior design3


Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

indian fabrics interior design4

indian fabrics interior design5

indian fabrics interior design6

indian fabrics interior design7

indian fabrics interior design8

indian fabrics interior design9

indian fabrics interior design10


I posted about Indian fabrics and design a long long time ago when I was a lil’ blog baby and image formatting a giant mystery to me…see here, here, here and here for more of this [to be frank, pretty shoddily presented] deliciousness.


Friday fun {again}

Happy weekend loves!  What’s on the cards for the next couple of days?  Hope you have a good one whatever you’re up to.  We have quite a chilled one planned – just a couple of dinners with amigos and some climbing on Sunday (oh yes, there is real life climbing in Singers, it is oh-so exciting).

But not as exciting as my impending fabric delivery tomorrow – the final few bits and pieces are coming together in our home and I cannot wait to add some fun accents with this new fabric.

Can you guess what it is?

chevron interior design1

chevron interior design6

chevron interior design2

How about now?

chevron interior design3

Still not got a scooby?

chevron interior design4

BAM!  Chevron-tastic baby, I cannot wait to see it!

chevron interior design5


Have a happy weekend darls xx

Bananas batik – part 2

Thanks for the comments yesterday lovelies, the old batik seems to have gone down well. So here’s my little round up of the best places to source these beauts – totally going gaga over the indigo prints top left and centre, mmmmmm:

interior design batik shopping guide

{clockwise from top left: indigo cushion, indigo fabric, grey shade, tangerine cushion, fuchsia cushion, indigo fabric, cherry fabric, royal blue shopper, black boxes, emerald cushion, mini wooden spoons}

A bunch of these are fair trade pieces with proceeds going to the communities who make the cloth, so you get to shop and do a good deed simultaneously – winner!

Bananas batik – part 1

Morning darls!  Yesterday’s post seemed to go down well but after all the monochrome yumminess I thought today I’d get a leeetle beeet more colour on the go.

May I introduce you to the newest of obsessions in the (already obsession-full) brain of Caribbean Living: the beauties that are batik.  I’d come across this gorgeous race of textiles before but it was on our honeymoon in Bali that I really became acquainted with them.  They’re traditionally made all over the world from Ghana and Nigeria to India and Japan, but it’s South East Asia that’s really famous for producing this art form, especially Malaysia and Indonesia.

See?!  Yum:

interior design batik4Often confused with ikat, the name batik describes the method of applying wax to fabric and then dying it, so it can come in literally any design and colour your heart desires, as opposed to ikat which sticks within an admittedly-getting-wider-by-the-day band of patterns.

Think my faves are the blueys but the bright fun colours are divine also.

interior design batik1


interior design batik2

Even more gorgeous!

interior design batik3interior design batik5

I wish the armchairs here were a batik in a more neutral colour – other than that I am loving this space bigtime:

interior design batik6

Delectable pastels!

interior design batik7

And how awesome is this headboard?!  Not sure about the brown shade but if it were a blue or a purple…yummy:

interior design batik11Cushions are a great way to add some fun without committing to upholstery:

interior design batik9

And this Balinese daybed on the LHS here just takes my breath away:

interior design batik10


I brought a few pieces back with me the last time we headed to Bali but think I need to start some serious cushion manufacturing here in Singapore – hmm I wonder when I can get back there…

Monday’s Masterpiece – ikat oogling

Madeline Weinrib.  Ohhhh Madeline Weinrib!  The lady of exquisite ikat and suzani fame has had me enthralled with her fabrics for many many years now.  Bananas pricey but 1 million % lustworthy, they run the gamut from insanely colourful pink/orange crazies to very subtle and demure neutrals.  Basically I am head over heels in love:



So I’ve been meaning to feature her NY loft on this lil blog for some time, partly because it’s a bit of a stunner and partly so that I can drool over said ikats.

It’s a LOT more neutral and grounded than I was expecting, with Beni Ouarain rugs, brown leather armchairs and solid wooden furnishings galore, but I guess if one totally filled an apartment with her rainbow collection it might send you a little nutty…?  It’s not surprising actually I guess, if you’re working with COLOUR and PATTERN all day then it’s kinda natural to want a more soothing space for your own home.

Anyhoo, check out all the goodies she’s brought back from far flung trips around the world, and tell me you’re not a smidgy jealous, I dare you.

Here is the bird herself – Madeline used to be a professional artist and this pic on the RHS is one of her own pieces, pretty impressive if you ask me:

madeline weinrib1 madeline weinrib2 madeline weinrib3

I’ve been kicking myself for not buying the antique [-style] Chinese boxes I was swooning over when we were in Hong Kong, think I might have to pick up a couple when we’re next there – love this look on the windowsill:

madeline weinrib4madeline weinrib5 madeline weinrib6

Oh crumbs, this image on the RHS is giving me wanderlust in a BIG way!!  Those vintage textiles are le bee’s knees:

madeline weinrib7


And here’s the mandatory ikat devotion, get a load of these beauties…

madeline weinrib ikats


If one day I own some of this lovin’ I will know that I’ve made it big.  That’s a good incentive to get cracking on my axonometric if ever I heard one ha.

Have a fab week loves!

Monday’s Masterpiece – a classic Blighty pub with a twist…

Morning peeps and welcome to the week!  Today I thought I’d take a little gander at Brook Green Hotel in London, where one of my besties held her 30th birthday celebrations a few weeks ago.

brook green hotel interior design1

brook green hotel interior design2

I walked in expecting a standard issue old man’s pub like most of these spots around the city but my jaw immediately dropped to the floor.  It’s a quintessential British pub but with a big twist – full of reclaimed wood, leather Chesterfields, brass, colourful plaid, tweeds galore and a serious dose of quirky pendants, it is quite fully le bee’s knees.

Check it out!

brook green hotel interior design10 brook green hotel interior design9 brook green hotel interior design8 brook green hotel interior design7 brook green hotel interior design6brook green hotel interior design4 brook green hotel interior design3

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3}


If you’re digging this look, see here for more plaids


here for tweedies


and here for reclaimed wood:

reclaimed wood