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Wow it has been a long long time since I wrote one of these posts.  Got my grades back yesterday and I scored 100% and 94%, yeehaw!

So relieved that the friggin’ hundreds of rendering hours paid off.

On to the seventh and final…

What I have been up to…(project 6.2)

So I figured I should post up some pics of my latest project as an excuse for my general levels of hooky-playing with this ‘ere bloggy.  There’s only one more of these suckers to go and then I’ll be back online like a pigeon on a chip.

Ladies and gents, may I present to you a London loft space designed in a gender-neutral, relaxed and comfortable style, but with a bunch of gorgeous dramatic pieces to stop it getting yawntastic: a ruddy beautiful Ochre chandy, a badass vertical garden, a couple of contemporary fireplaces and one beaut of a canopy bed.  I would quite like to move in (and splurge ikat all over the shop…).

So first up, les technicals – YES Sketchup Pro, I finally triumphed, you little pipsqueak (lots of swearing went on in Casa Mac while teaching myself this programme.  Lots and lots).

Elly MacDonald Design - black and whites1 Elly MacDonald Design - black and whites2

The concepts – ugh I hate doing these, my brain does not work in this way:

Elly MacDonald Design - concept boards1

Boring-but-necessary booklets:

Elly MacDonald Design - info booklets

The sampleboards – love me a good sampleboard (and a Platner side table for that matter):

Elly MacDonald Design - sample boards1 Elly MacDonald Design - sample boards2

And last up the rendered goodies – I’m learning that these take a massively deceptive amount of time to do, maybe fourteen years of my life has been taken up with these mofos:

Elly MacDonald Design - technical drawings1 Elly MacDonald Design - technical drawings2

{credits: Elly MacDonald Design}

Caribbean Living’s 2nd Birthday

Crumbs, I cannot believe Caribbean Living is 2 years old already – time is flying by!


It practically seems like yesterday that I gritted my teeth and shakily-kneed handed in my notice to the Land of Accountancy, but here I am one continent later having (still, ahem) nearly finished my design course and started working for my first client, with one successful wedding design under my belt and having ‘met’ a whole bunch of fun fellow bloggers.

I would love to throw a Bloggy Bash today to celebrate but instead will be pegging it around Hong Kong looking at wallpaper samples and frantically trying to find outdoor cushions that cost less than $1 mill…  But if I were to have a p.a.r.t.y I would like it to look a little like this!

(credits – Rue Magazine)

I’ve put together a cute tablescape using this as inspiration, maybe next year I’ll find the time to use it!

{clockwise from top left: red/white swatch, pink/white swatch, flatware, crockery, chargercandle holder, vases, wine glasses, carafe, cake stand

And to prove I really am still working on my course, here are some images of the paperwork I’ve just finished putting together for Elly MacDonald Design – I was up late last night working on my riveting Terms & Conditions document (YAAAWN), but my business cards are rather more exciting, yay.

Alrighty, off to Kowloon I go, toodles!

Fireside glamour

So I appreciate it is clearly not the season to be talking about fireplaces, but I’ve been searching for the perfect modern beaut for my current project on and off for like 5 months now, and think I may have finally come up trumps today:


I used to hate this type of fireplace design but the longer I spend on this interior design bandwagon the more I surprise myself.  What do you guys think?  Too pretentious, or just the right side of cool?

Living loftily

Ok so the project I’m working on  right now is the redesign of a large loftspace in a converted warehouse on the banks of the Thames.

It’s actually a shedload of work and is taking me a long time to get through it all, but is (I think at least) very similar to an actual real life client project, and I’m learning A LOT every day that I’m working on it.  So anyhoo, I’ve been using Polyvore as a miny sampleboard tool, in order to narrow down my selections.  The one aspect of a real life project that I don’t have to worry about here is the budget – I’m pretty sure it’s the only time in my design career that I’ll have this luxury (I think only the likes of Windsor and Mary Mc are lucky enough to have clients with bottomless pockets) so I’ve decided to make the most of it and use the most exquisite furnishings I can!

Here’s the foyer – the clients want a very light and fresh, ‘classic with a twist’ feel to the property, and a dramatic entrance (cue a gold lacquered ceiling, yeeha!)

Classic with a twist - foyer

Classic with a twist – foyer by caribbeanliving

Flower t shirt

Oly Kirin Sofa

Candlestick Gold from Ralph Lauren Home

Behr Swiss Coffee 1812


Next, the living room:

Classic with a twist - living room

Classic with a twist – living room by caribbeanliving

Island Chevron Cream 9’x12′ Rug
$699 –

Brushed Silver 8×10 Wall Frame
$40 –

Frame Large Coffee Table
$599 –

Magnusson Seaglass 20 Pillow
$50 –

Illusion End Table
$998 –

Belle Boulevard 5×7 Frame
$80 –


Behr Swiss Coffee 1812



The dining room, reading nook and bar:

Classic with a twist - dining room, bar and reading nook

Classic with a twist – dining room, bar and reading nook by caribbeanliving

Gold jewelry
160 –

Bloomingdale’s “Harrison” Chair
$952 –

Oushak Rug, J24067

Behr Swiss Coffee 1812



And lastly the home office:

Classic with a twist - home office

Classic with a twist – home office by caribbeanliving

Island Chevron Cream 9’x12′ Rug
$699 –

Portica L-Shape Desks
$1,118 –

Behr Swiss Coffee 1812



So what do you think?  I’m worried they might be slightly too neutral and bland, but that seems to be what the clients like – there’s no scope for an ikat injection sadly…  I’ve tried to jazz it up with lucite, dome armchairs and brass/gold accents.

I’m still working on the rest, will post more info next week!

Study schmudy – nearly there now…

I am nearly there – 5 sections down, one to go!  I am so excited about finishing my course and actually being able to start working again, starting to go a leeetle beet loopy over here…

So I did most of the work for these while I was still in Cayman but had a ‘few things’ I had to finish off back in the UK before submitting them – my usual dire time management skills kicked in yet again and I was left armed with the sum total of two hours kip when boarding my UK/Cayman 12 hour how-am-I-sat-in-the-middle-of-so-many-screaming-babies flight from hell – note to self: next time do not spill a cup of tea all over your coursework 24 hours before your deadline…

These are absolutely dreadful photos, sorry – it was literally 4.30am by this point and I was losing the will to live.

So first up are the flooring and wall treatments for a commercial development of shops – I thought having the options of slate tiling and faux-slate vinyl flooring would give the developer the flexibility to tailor the finish to each outlet (ie. high end shops with slate, supermarket with vinyl etc.):

Next up is a home cinema I designed, which was required to fit into the existing entertaining space in the home.  Here’s the plan – check out the in-ceiling speakers, pretty snazzy if I do say so myself…  And I am a little obsessed with the contemporary sofas:

 Sampleboard – eugh, disastrous pic!

Equipment board:

And working drawings of the storage unit to hide away the TV etc., finished in patinated aluminium cladding, to help the area fit in with the heavy emphasis on glass/metal in the kitchen:

Next up are three collections of accessories for different tpes of properties – low cost family home, retirement apartment and executive space for young professionals:


And finally three flooring designs in tiles, carpet and linoleum sheeting:

Study schmudy…

Project Set 4
Ergh, for a long time I was getting a smidge fed up with this set of projects – through no fault of my own (well, maybe a little bit, I’ll admit to 3%) they were taking me forever to finish off.  However, a couple of weeks ago I was hand delivered a brand new 0.25 drafting pen by our lovely house guests and proceeded to bust my ass trying to catch up on everything.  
Anyway, now that it’s all done and dusted I thought I’d share the latest set with you…….drum rolll……….ta da!
1. The hard surfaces of an up and coming fashionable hair dresser salon – I was tempted to fall into the cliché of the default black granite, mirrored walls, lacquered black surfaces blah blah blah option, but decided to go for a more natural and interesting vibe by tapping into one of the big 2011 trends I was going on about a couple of months ago, the ‘au naturel’ look.

2. The construction of our home here in Cayman – this was totally bonkers difficult until a friendly Chartered Surveyor here on island helped out.  Is that cheating?!  Don’t think so, I still did all the work.  And, yes, our home is purple!

3. The redesign of the home office of a wedding planner in the UK.  I decided to avoid the kinda obvious all-white + chandelier + frills option, and go for an eclectic mix of upholstered pieces, slightly rustic oak furnishings with the odd flash of antiqued brass and bronze.  I think I like it and that it’s not tooooo all-over-the-place – would appreciate feedback from any discerning eyes out there. 
So this is the concept (sorry about the sunset light):

The office home sample board:

And the entry way (really long narrow hallway) – you can’t really make it out in the pic but I thought I’d mount full wall distressd mirror work onto one of the long walls to visually widen the space:

Plans and elevations:

Bespoke built in full wall shelving unit, with space for clothes (it’s doubling up as a guest room), a mini kitchenette for serving drinkies to clients, filing and the obligatory-but-dull area for printer, fax machine etc. (please excuse the grubby rug!). 

Lighting plans:

And presentation board:

4. Plans, elevations and sections of our kitchen (a great deal of swearing went into the production of these, let me tell you):

5. And lastly some rather embarrassing drawings.  What the ruddy HELL is wrong with me?!  Why can I not do this, arrrgghhhhhh!  Please don’t laugh too hard…  Ah crap, they’re out of focus – sorry, it was about 3am when I finished these, was quite tired. 

APRIL FOOLS!!!  Ha, no not really sadly, these are actually my best attempt ahem.
Anyway, I have my fingers and toes crossed for good marks!  Now onto set 5……