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Singapore inspiration: Diwali brights

Morning loves!  How are we doing today?  Week going swimmingly I hope?

Over the weekend we were invited to a lovely lunch at the home of some Indian friends of ours.  It was to celebrate Diwali, so they dressed up in all their gorgeous Indian garb with its beautiful colour and vibrant sparkles.

indian fabrics interior design1

It got me hankering after a) a trip to India and b) because that ain’t possible right now, some online fabric ogling {link to the gorgeous sea green and silver fabric here!}.

indian fabrics interior design2

indian fabrics interior design3


Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

indian fabrics interior design4

indian fabrics interior design5

indian fabrics interior design6

indian fabrics interior design7

indian fabrics interior design8

indian fabrics interior design9

indian fabrics interior design10


I posted about Indian fabrics and design a long long time ago when I was a lil’ blog baby and image formatting a giant mystery to me…see here, here, here and here for more of this [to be frank, pretty shoddily presented] deliciousness.


Singapore inspiration – air plants a go-go

So although I appreciate this makes me sound approximately 103 years old, I happen to have a bit of a thang for the Botanical Gardens here in Singapore.  The Orchid Garden is just bananas good, but the whole place actually is a gorgeous respite from the heat and bustle of the city.  We were there recently with the fam, and discovered a greenhouse I’d never seen before, the McNeice Bromeliad Collection.

mcneice bromeliad collection1

It’s full of crazy alien-like air plants (aka bromeliads and tillandsias):

mcneice bromeliad collection2

See the ones hanging up top with no soil or anything – felt like one of them was going to jump on my head and eat it.  I may or may not have been watching too many sci-fi movies lately.

mcneice bromeliad collection3 mcneice bromeliad collection4 mcneice bromeliad collection5

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3}

Weird yet strangely intriguing, no?

I know air plants are a bit of a fad right now and I suspect it might die down sooner than some, but I have to say I am fully ensconced on le bandwagon with this one, absolutely love these for a whimsical touch to a room.

Here are my faves…(some succulents in here also, you know I’m a sucker for succulents).

air plant interior design1

Loving this idea for a powder room, although not sure how functional it would be…

air plant interior design5 air plant interior design7

AMAZING on a roof deck or terrace, or even in front of a window actually – love!

air plant interior design9

All of these hanging pots/terrariums are pretty much the cat’s pyjamas:

air plants interior design2 air plants interior design3 air plants interior design4 air plants interior design5.5 air plants interior design6

And they’re also pretty cute in event design!

air plants interior design10


It’s the Grand Prix here in Singers this weekend so I need go get 3 days of work done in the next 8 hours…yikes.  We’ve never been to one before, am pretty psyched to see it – full report next week.

What are you up to for the weekend loves, and what do you think of these ‘ere greenies?  Do tell!

Monday’s Masterpiece – obsessing over steel frames…

Morning morning loves, how was the weekend?  I’m feeling refreshed and recharged after a fun relaxing few days, finally over the train-ride-induced sleep deprivation…  I’m raring to go on my current project and have made the call to focus on that 2000000% for the next few weeks, so these posts will get a smidge sporadic I’m afraid.  Back to normal pronto I promise, as soon as I’m a qualified Interior Designer yeehaw.

Anyhoo so I’ve been meaning to write about the delectable PS Cafe in Tiong Bahru, here in Singapore, for a while now.  It’s a faaabulous [small] chain of cafes/restaurants spread across the city, each with its own independent [and bonkers good] styling and menu, a must for weekend brunch whenever we have guests to stay.  A few weeks ago we checked out the mini version in Tiong Bahru, a hip (can’t believe I just used the word hip) up and coming enclave near the centre of the city, that’s fast becoming our fave area for nosh and drinkies.

ps cafe tiong bahru1


See?  Incredible design, no?!  Let’s take a closer look at those yummy black framed windows shall we…

ps cafe tiong bahru2


There are plenty more goodies inside with its black veined marble, oversize chalkboard and brass shelving:

ps cafe tiong bahru3 ps cafe tiong bahru4

{credits: 1 / 2}

It’s so eeny weeny there are only like four tables to eat in at, so you’d better get there early y’all.  Or mega late actually, that’s how we scored one.

Anyway so these black framed windows and doors got me pondering the use of steel window frames in interior design.  It’s a really simple way to add some serious drama to a space.  Here are a few of my favourite inspo piccies, lemme know what you think!

interior design steel window frames1 interior design steel window frames2 interior design steel window frames3 interior design steel window frames4 interior design steel window frames5 interior design steel window frames6 interior design steel window frames7 interior design steel window frames8

A more economical option for peeps not wanting to rip out and replace all their windows, is to paint the regular window trim black like (I think) PS Cafe.  You don’t achieve quite 100% of the effect but it’s pretty blooming good still:

interior design steel window frames9 interior design steel window frames10 interior design steel window frames11


Singapore inspiration: smog attack (overdyed rugs) – part 2

You will be happy to hear the city’s breathing more easily today folks, I think the wind must have done a switcheroo.

But I’m still dreaming overdyed rugs – here’s my little round up of the best ones out there right now, some at surprisingly non-eye-watering prices.

interior design shopping guide overdyed rugs

{clockwise from top left: blue/green, tangerine, purple, aqua blue, royal blue, fuchsia pink}

I’m all about the more subtle muted colours with these babies, that aqua blue/green beaut from ABC Carpet would be very welcome in my household.  But how about you?

Singapore inspiration: smog attack (overdyed rugs) – part 1

Confused by le title today?!

Singapore is currently experiencing a ruddy revolting amount of smog:

singapore smog


I thought we’d left behind the pollution when we hotfooted it outta Hong Kong, but a (LARGE) bunch of Indonesian wallies have seemingly simultaneously decided to burn their fields/jungly patches to make room for palm oil plantations.  Seriously seriously bad news on many levels, both for orangutans and for Singapore residents.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up yesterday, you literally can hardly see out of the window.

Anyhoo so the upshot of this situation is that it got me pondering the faded and muted patterns of overdyed rugs (bit of a stretch, yes I agree…).

interior design overdyed rugs1

I’ve been loving these long time and am trying to find a source here in Singers – any ideas SG peeps?!

Here are my fave inspo shots, hope you likey!

interior design overdyed rugs2 interior design overdyed rugs3 interior design overdyed rugs4 interior design overdyed rugs5 interior design overdyed rugs7 interior design overdyed rugs8


I’m sending a little wish to the wind god – let’s get some airflow going in our little country today please!

Tuesday’s Masterpiece(s) – Singapore style

Ugh, ruddy internet!  Sorry for the no show yesterday loves, our internet is down at home, am writing this from the yoga studio…

Anyhoo, so we were feeling a lot of love for Singers this weekend, and spent a good chunk of it oogling gorgeous shophouses.  If we stay here long term I think le dream is to own one of these beauts one day, although it’s a pretty wildly unrealistic dream, ha.  But then they’re the best type, no?!

So I thought today I would show y’all what I’m going on about, by sharing a couple of insanely gorgeous spaces I’ve come across lately, both pretty much down the road from our place.


{credit – note the Foo Dogs in front of the navy blue one??}

So shophouses are the traditional style of architecture here, built by Chinese and Peranakan merchants waaay back when Singapore became the massive trading port it continues to be today.  There’s not a lot of space in this little city, so the very skinny and deep terraced shophouses were the perfect solution: shop on the ground floor out front, house up top.

They were decorated in just gorgeous tiling, plasterwork, wooden shutters, stained glass etc. and after getting a bit old and crapped out over the past century or so they’re now getting a new lease on life as it’s become quite the thing to do to renovate these puppies.


So this one basically has a giant hole in the roof along its length to let in more light, which can be covered over with retractable canvases when it rains.  Cool, huh?!

singapore shophouse4

This dining table is incredible!  In fact, think I need to go make friends with the owners, I quite fancy a closer look at the place…

singapore shophouse2

Loving the spiral staircase!  And this luxed up version of the traditional bathroom outhouse is pretty awesome too:

singapore shophouse3


And next up is an insane wood/poured concrete/glass/EXPOSED BRICK beauty, that used to be a book shop back in the day.

singapore shophouse8

They’re really hot on conservation here (unlike tear-it-all-down Hong Kong, ha), so you have to keep the front facade of the building exactly like it was built.  I loooove though the juxtaposition this creates between the trad exterior and super contemporary interior – LOVE!

singapore shophouse9

All the non-structural interior walls were removed to make the space flow better, and do you see the ceiling height???!

singapore shophouse10

singapore shophouse11

singapore shophouse15

OH MY GAWD THAT BRICK!!!  And the suar wood’s not bad either.

singapore shophouse16


Not bad huh?!  I shall continue to dream my dream I think…