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Industrial meets rustic in Hong Kong

I’m sat in this cafe right now and am hunkered down working for the day.  You can see why, right?!

hong kong classified cafe1

Gorgeous gorgeous design, I am all over the rustic reclaimed woods, sleek grey veined marbles and industrial chandelier.  All over!  Here’s some more goodies from this Hong Kong beaut:

hong kong classified cafe2 hong kong classified cafe3hong kong classified cafe5


We’re in HK for the weekend with the in-laws – soooo lovely to see them and so great to be back in this crazy city.

Anyhoo so the fabulously unique chandelier above my head has had me pondering black industrial lighting over my latte – here’s my round up!

interior design industrial lighting guide

{clockwise from top left: five globe, rustic pipe, multi glass globe, industrial scroll arm, rectangular pendant}

Have a happy weekend loves, what are you up to…?  Do tell!

Monday’s Masterpiece – want to pretend you’re famous…?

So I have fiiinally got around to sorting through the literally thousands of pics from our hol in Vietnam to be able to do justice to the beauty that is Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.

A-List Rustic Beach Chic pretty much sums it up – I neither look nor act like a film star but this place sure made me feel like one for a few hours.  Set on a private beach and hillside, the only way in is to be zipped along on a very James Bond-esque speedboat.  Now that is my kinda FUN.

ninh van bay1

Incredible beach that we didn’t even spend time on (only there for one night sadly) but look at it!!!

ninh van bay2

We stayed in a Hilltop Villa which had the most insaaane view out over the bay.  The decor had me in fits of ‘ooooh’s and ‘aaaah’s and ‘bloody hell that’s such a good idea’s – I guess strictly it was pretty rustic but so so luxurious at the same time.  That makes no sense whatsoever I know.

ninh van bay3

Heavenly bathrooms, outdoors shower a go-go:

ninh van bay4

Ermm, and please excuse the screwed-up-photo-taking face.

ninh van bay5

And the infinity pool, my GAWD!

ninh van bay6

It was designed so well, fitted almost seamlessly into the decking/jungly vegetation around it – I have a real grumpy grudge against blingy swimming pools, think I might have to do a post on that soon hmm…

ninh van bay7 ninh van bay8

I honestly don’t know if we’ll ever match this view.  EVER.

ninh van bay9

{credits – moi, please include link to this site}

I can’t recommend this place enough.  Aside from the bonkers decor, the service is impeccable, dining options brilliant and did I mention it makes you feel like you’re famous?!

Unfortunately on the day we checked out (full on blubbing, gripping onto the wooden pier for dear life before being dragged onto the speedboat – just kidding, that’s just what I wanted to do), I let the hubs persuade me that a night train up to Hoi An would be a good idea.  Have you ever been on a night train in Vietnam?!  Much like our Nepal experience we went from glam luxe jungle hotel to extremely unglam backpackery mayhem in the space of 45 minutes – happily though this time I did not end up with goat pee on my forehead.  Oh that’s another story…

{This is a sponsored post, but all opinions herein are my own}

Wimpy wood – part 1

Ha, that’s a really poor joke.  Ahem.

So petrified wood is officially  my new favourite accent table finish.  I was gifted some coasters in this gorgeous material by a supplier recently and realised that I’d never really looked into using it before.  The coasters look incredible combined with my agate set, also a gift – the natural veining of the minerals just looks incredible.

petrified wood interior design1

Basically (mini science lesson for you) the pieces of wood get pushed underground and totally squished up away from oxygen and the organic matter in them gradually turns into stone.  Apparently it can take 100 or 100 million years.  So some of these pieces are seriously seriously old (although I’m guessing those ones aren’t used for coasters…).

petrified wood interior design2

Anyhoo so this finish seems to mostly be used as an accent table, in fact I think in every single one of these pics, but I’ve seen a few other goodies around which I’ll share tomorrow.

petrified wood interior design3 petrified wood interior design4

It looks particularly dazzling paired with brass, à la:

petrified wood interior design5

And the collections of stumps in these next two are just divine:

petrified wood interior design6 petrified wood interior design7


What do you guys think?  Is this your cuppa, or too I’m-studying-geology for you…?

Make sure you stop by for part deux tomorrow!

Monday’s Masterpiece – luxed up Robinson Crusoe…

Morning loves!  Hope everyone had a fab weekend. 

We’re looooving Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City is totally bananas and we’ve just spent a couple of seriously relaxing days in gorgeous beachy Mui Ne.  We’re heading up the coast today towards this beaut of a hotel, and holymoly I cannot wait to see it.

ninh van bay1 ninh van bay2ninh van bay3

Decked out in rustic woods, bamboo, stone and floaty floaty mosquito nets, it is the perfect place to spend my birthday!

ninh van bay4 ninh van bay7 ninh van bay8


Got the horn… – part 2

Morning lovelies and welcome back to part 2!

Yesterday’s post seemed to be pretty divisive – it got lots of love but a few not-likes from peeps re the use of animal products.  I have to say I do agree, which is why quite a few of the goodies below are faux horn as opposed to the real deal.

I am literally salivating over the brass-rimmed cups, bangles and cube door hardware, but which is your fave…?

interior design horn shopping guide

{clockwise from top left: brass-rimmed cups, table lamp, strip hardware, salad servers, bangles, side table, styling pieces, bowls, boxes, napkin ring, cube hardware, trays, faux horns for wall}

Got the horn… – part 1

Oooo-errr missus.  I feel like anyone directed to this post from google is going to be a smidgey disappointed, ha.

Ahem anyhoo…so with my obsessions for all things natural decor related, I guess it was only a matter of time until I started pondering the beauty that is horn.

interior design horn1

I’m not talking about the big ol’ antlers-on-the-wall trend as, although I do think they’re cool, I also think they’ve been done to death.  As in, literally all the deer and gazelle in the world must now be dead so many people have incorporated a real [or faux] set of these puppies into their gallery walls.

interior design horn2

But I wanted to take a little look today at some more subtle ways of incorporating this divine finish into interiors.  I am personally lusting after a couple of gorgeous horn bowls and a collection of bookends/coffee table styling pieces – but what about you?  Do let me know what you think!

interior design horn3 interior design horn4 interior design horn5 interior design horn6 interior design horn7 interior design horn8


Errr, and a little more painterly…

Sorry lovelies, couldn’t resist!  I don’t usually get so, umm, absurdly excited about more traditional/rustic interiors but this bonkers gorgeous styling courtesy of Designer’s Guild MUST BE SHARED!

designers guild1 designers guild2 designers guild3 designers guild4 designers guild5


Swoony swoony swoon swoon.

I’m on a loooong long flight right now back home to Singapore, will post properly mañana!

A Goldilocks dilemma

I went to the most beautiful wedding yesterday of one of my dear friends Kilda, which was held in a gorgeous old barn full of rustic beams and fairy lights – an absolutely incredible setting!



And it got me pondering the use of beams in interior design.

You see I have a similar conundrum to Goldilocks here – there are a bunch of designs that are too traditional…

interior design wooden beams1

…and loads that are waaay too contemporary…

interior design wooden beams2

…and it’s difficult to find ones that are ‘just right’.

But that’s just what I’ve done this morning, you lucky lucky readers you!  Ha, hope you enjoy the eye candy:

interior design wooden beams3 interior design wooden beams4 interior design wooden beams5 interior design wooden beams6 interior design wooden beams7 interior design wooden beams8