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Crikey I’m pooped…

Ugh, sorry for the lack of post yesterday folks.  We got back late last night from our hen/stag trips and were so pooped I couldn’t even think about posting.  What a fun weekend in Miami but man oh man my friends are CRAZY!!!  I feel like I need a few months to recover before the wedding, not 24 days…blimey.

Anyhoo, so all I feel like doing today is curling up in a cosy nook and snoozing – somewhere kinda like this…

(credit: me!)

…reading this…

(credit: Walking In My Mind)

…wearing this…

(credit: Louise Sandberg)

…and drinking this [yeh, it’s non-alcoholic]…

(credit: Self Help Daily – ha, that’s pretty accurate)

Roll on bedtime, promise I’ll be back on form tomorrow!

Merry Merry Christmas

Just a short and sweet one today peeps!  We landed in a freezing-cold-but-very-festive London yesterday and have been rampaging around the city celebrating birthdays and finishing le Christmas shopping like two crazy people, and still have a lot to do this morning…

So I thought today that I would simply wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and post up some fun festive vignettes I’ve come across in the last week or so.

I hope you all have a happy and peaceful weekend,

Elly xx

(credits: Pinterest (2, 5, 6), 100 Layer Cake (3, 4), Bright Bazaar (7))

Sneak peek: Caribbean Living in the press (strike 3)

So I just noticed via my blog stats page that my piece for Living Abroad Magazine has just been published!  Please please excuse the dreadful hair (we were travelling for 10 days and all the luggage I was allowed was an eeny weeny rucksack – no space for hair-taming implements).  Lack of hair dryer aside, I’m quite pleased with how the piece turned out, even though they changed a bit of the copy…

Hope you like it!

Oh and ps. I just also noticed my holey top…oh dear, see here for the full (embarrassing) story.  Ahem.

Cayman inspiration: changing seasons

Ok, so this has absolutely zilch to do with interior design but I am JUST SO EXCITED that winter has finally arrived in Cayman.

We have had a loooong hot, humid, breeze-free, mozzie-infested summer but the weather’s broken in the last couple of days and we actually have a cool wind blowing through our home and waves outside our back door, and it is amazing!  These pics were all taken from the same spot on our terrace.

Summer – the time of pancake-flat seas (spot the horizon) and amazing sunsets:

Winter – the time when things cool down and you actually want to leave your home:

Life is good right now!

The ultimate safari lodge

So I thought I’d carry on the Africa theme today.  It’s one of the main areas of the world at the very top of my travels wishlist, with South Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar, Morocco, Egypt and Libya (obviously not for a little while those last two…) leap-frogging the likes of, well, everywhere else, to the front of the pack.

I recently re-read one of my all time favourite books, Out of Africa.  If you haven’t read it, please make sure you go buy a copy today.

It is the most evocative book I think I’ve ever read in my entire life, and paints the most luscious picture of life in Kenya in the early twentieth century, when it was still under British rule.  The hardships and the delights of living in such a colourful wonderful country are described so well, it makes you feel as if you can actually smell the earth and see the vistas at the author’s coffee farm up in the hills far above Nairobi.

If you can’t muster the energy to read it, then the film is the next best thing.  Meryl Streep rocks it!

Anyway, this is not intended to be a book review post, but the story and imagery got me thinking about safaris and, more specifically, safari lodge design.  So…I may have spent a liiiitle while oogling images of the best safari lodges around to share with you folks!  I’m slightly obsessed with the heavy emphasis on organic shapes, wood, leather and stone, and the floaty mosquito net-covered canopy beds – g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!  Oh, and the elephants aren’t bad either!

The best of the best has got to be Chiawa Camp in Zambia:

I also had a little play around on polyvore to try and recreate the luxury lodge vibe:

Out of Africa

Out of Africa by caribbeanliving

What do you think?

Have you or have you not just logged onto the British Airways website?!  I know I have…

Sneak peek: Caribbean Living in the press (strike 2)

Hey again folks – I was going to wait to post this tomorrow but I’m so excited to share with you my second magazine article!

I wrote a piece for Real Life magazine on ‘Beautiful Bathroom’ products, and love the end result!  The selections are obviously not meant to all go together, but I tried to mix up glam luxury with a little bit of colour and a lotta bit of bling!  The article should be available online next week and the magazine’s distributed all over the Caribbean and parts of the States and the UK, so make sure you pick up a copy if you can!

And if you missed my article on fun eco-friendly fabrics, you can still catch it here for the next few days.  Hope you enjoy!

Caribbean Living’s 1st Birthday

Well hi there peeps, and a very Happy Friday to you! 

It’s Caribbean Living’s 1st birthday tomorrow and I thought we should mark the occasion in style!  It’s been a fantastic year since I jumped on this interior design bandwagon, with highlights including very nearly finishing my course and being able to start earning money again (!), having my first article published and a second one on the way, meeting a bunch of lovely new blog friends, and now having the crazy-exciting opportunity to plan my very own wedding to boot (not strictly interior design I’ll admit, but designing an event is loosely similar to designing a room – come on, gimme a break, I’m super excited about it!).  Thank you for all the support, dear readers.  Send me a note or leave a comment – I’d love to hear what you’re interested in reading about!  

I came across these exquisite images on Style Me Pretty a while back, and decided that this is what I’d like the blog’s 1st birthday party to look like.  It’s actually a wedding shoot by Ozzy Garcia and Luxe Fete, but would work for any occasion – it’s a beaut, enjoy and have a happy weekend!


Ahem, well I’m sorry for the radio silence today…

Somehow it is 9pm and I’ve not posted yet – I’m going to go ahead and blame the fact I had to call (what felt like) every single bridal shop in Miami hunting down the one and only perfect wedding dress on the face of the planet before they were all sold out, and still have precisely 178 other wedding-related tasks to complete according to the all-encompassing wedding wisdom of The Knot, gaaaaaah!

I shall do better tomorrow, promise!