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Throw pillows + Singapore thunderstorm…

So we had a bit of a comical situation early on Sunday morning.  We’d had some friends over for dins the night before and had totally forgotten to bring in all our cushions etc from our roof terrace before hitting the hay.  We woke up crazy early on Sunday when a huge bolt of thunder cracked right above our heads, immediately leaped out of bed and sprinted up to the terrace in our pjs to wrestle said cushions etc. back inside in the pelting tropical rain while trying to not get hit by lightning.  Not a good start to the day…

Bit of a wake up call (literally as well as figuratively) that it might be worth investing in some outdoors pillows in the future.

Anyhoo so I thought today I’d take a peek at what’s out there in terms of indoor/outdoor goodies, here’s my round up!

interior design outdoor pillows shopping guide

{clockwise from top left: wiggly stripes, yellow Greek key, blue geometric, pink/orange suzani, collection of pinks/yellows/oranges, black/white striped, tangerine chevron, tropical print, pink/orange geometric, round blue}

Slightly over of my budget but I am obsessing over that trio of Trina Turk deliciousness! But which is your fave…?

Design classic (30) – Acapulco chair

Morning folks and Happy Friday!   I thought for today’s design classic I’d have a little peek at the fun and quirky Acapulco chair.



The chair was first produced in the 1950s and was designed by, they say, some French tourist on hols in Mexico with an overheating bot.  Made of vinyl cords strung onto a metal frame, this iconic design now comes in a whole bunch of colours and is a gorgeous bright tropical addition to any space.

So here are my fave inspo piccies, make sure you leave me a comment to let me know which is your fave!








Have a happy weekend loves!

Trellis tactics

So up on our roof terrace we have this uggers white painted metal fencing that is going a smidge rusty and just generally offends my eyes every time I go up there.  We’ve been concocting this plan to cover the whole thing in bamboo trellis and vines to mask it, the first step of which I did last week:


Clearly I have some work to do to get it looking good though, ha.  That storm cloud was a total weasel too.

So I’ve been pondering which tropical vines would work for our space and have decided to opt for a combo of white jasmine and wisteria, because they make me think of India and are generally le bee’s knees:

jasmine and wisteria1

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

jasmine and wisteria2

So here are a few inspo piccies that I’m diggin’ right now – hopefully our terrace will resemble one of these soooon:

jasmine and wisteria3 jasmine and wisteria4 jasmine and wisteria5 jasmine and wisteria6


Roof deck conundrums – part 2

Morning peeps!  Thanks for the comments yesterday, glad you’re liking the Moroccan option.  So today I wanted to show you what I’m blathering on about re Balinese terraces, but have only been able to find a few good piccies.

balinese terrace interior design0 balinese terrace interior design1 balinese terrace interior design2


It’s kinda tricky to describe exactly what I mean by ‘Balinese style’ for a terrace so I thought the best way to explain is to create one…

balinese terrace interior design

{credits clockwise from top left: trellis, handira, daybed, table, cushions, tree, white potwicker lanterns, natural stool, tiles, outdoor rug}

So please cast your votes!  Do you prefer the colourful Moroccan shindig or the peaceful Balinese bale…?  I think I’m leaning towards the latter, hmm.  Although I might lose the blue cushion…yikes, I don’t know what’s happened to me lately, I used to be ALL about the colour.

Roof deck conundrums – part 1

So we’ve been having a little drama with the old landlords lately regarding our roof terrace.  It’s pretty dull to be honest so I shall not bore you with the deets, but basically it turns out there are restrictions on what we can do up there, and I am furious.  Ha, that pretty much sums up the situation.  I was thinking we’d get a wood/trellis structure made up there for sun and rain shelter but alas we’ve been conned.

Soooo our thinking caps have been donned, le hubs has come up with a great semi-solution to the issue and I’m scrabbling to see if it will work before our first guests arrive this weekend (hi Mum!  hi Pops!).  But I’m still totally caught in two minds about the decor up there.  I managed to get my grubby mitts on a bargainous ‘pre-loved’ Balinese daybed and oversize coffee table a few weeks ago, which look a little like zeees:

Balinese daybed,coffee table

{credits – 1 / can’t remember I’m sorry} 

So essentially the fight is on: Morocco vs Bali.

I’m thinking I’ll go for a bit more colour outdoors, either blues or oranges / pinks…  Anyway, here are some pics of the Moroccan terraces I’ve been loving lately, enjoy please!

moroccan terrace interior design2 moroccan terrace interior design3 moroccan terrace interior design4 moroccan terrace interior design5

moroccan terrace interior design7


Round 2 tomorrow, make sure you stop by por fav!

Mondays masterpiece: Morocco me – part 1

Hey peeps, happy Monday to ya!

This weekend was a whirlwind of Indonesian and Vietnamese furniture oogling, I am IN LOVE WITH the furniture stores here in Singapore.  However there is a bit of a lack of Moroccan goodies (which I err reluctantly admit makes sense as it is not actually in South East Asia…) so I thought I’d go on a hunt for my own this week.

The Riad Noir d’Ivoire boutique hotel in Marrakech is one of my favourite go-to’s for Moroccan design inspiration, I do hope you likey!

Photos of Riad Noir D'Ivoire

Photos of Riad Noir D'Ivoire

You can’t put a foot wrong with one or two or fifty Moroccan lanterns in my opinion:

riad noir d'ivoire3

riad noir d'ivoire4

And doesn’t this dining area look exquisite too?!

riad noir d'ivoire5

I think I would have added a couple of pops of colour to this scene, but other than that I think there is literally no more perfect terrace in all the land:

riad noir d'ivoire6 riad noir d'ivoire7

And the hotel suites are also a masterclass in Moroccan design – feast your peepers on these beauts!

riad noir d'ivoire8 riad noir d'ivoire9 riad noir d'ivoire10 riad noir d'ivoire12


Bananas, no?!

Ok, I am off to dream up our roof terrace design, have a sneaky suspicion it won’t be quite as fabulous as the one above alas…

Design chassic (25) – Hanging/Egg chair

Morning morning folks and a very Happy Friday to you.  As you read this I am sitting miserably on a 400 hour flight back to Singers, so here is one I made earlier!

I’ve been slightly fixated on tropical design since getting back to Cayman, specifically terrace design, and the Hanging/Egg chair would be perfection for injecting a little fun into an outdoors space.

Designed in 1957 by Nanna Ditzel for R Wengler, it’s made of rattan with a choice of coloured cushions, and looks so fab I would love to bag a whole bunch:

ditzel hanging chair1

It’s had quite the evolution from its humble beginnings, with plenty of other designs stemming from it, such as the below:

ditzel hanging chair0

But I think for today I’ll focus on the classic.  So check out these lovely ladies, and tell me what you reckon please!

ditzel hanging chair5 ditzel hanging chair4 ditzel hanging chair3 ditzel hanging chair2


And here’s a little boho terrace I’ve put together using the hanging chair as inspiration – hope you likey:

Boho hanging chair on terrace interior design

{from top left: hanging chair, planters, rug, stool, lantern, floor pillows}

Cayman inspiration: tropical glamour

Morning lovelies, how are we all today?  Sorry again about yesterday, think I was on a dodgy island internet connection.

So we went to the most fantastic wedding on Friday, held at the gorgeous Tiki Beach Club here in Cayman.  While we were there it struck me that it was about time I dedicated a little blog love to all things wood/thatch cabana-y and white floaty drape-y…

tiki beach1


I thought I would have a little lookie for some fun tropical cabana inspiration this morning – take a peek at these beauts.  Maybe not entirely appropriate for the silly season in most of the world, but it works for Cayman!

tropical cabana1tropical cabana2tropical cabana3


Jammin Japan – al fresco bathing

So probably the only upside of Japan sitting slap bang on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire is that there are natural hot springs absoruddylutely everywhere, and the Japanese have turned bathing into a bit of an art form.

Outdoors onsen baths are all over the country, both on the coast…

…and in the mountains…

…but wherever you are, you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up looking a little like this:

Ha.  We saw a whole bunch of these little fellas on a big hike in the snow actually, was pretty awesome.

There are pretty strict rules of etiquette, and we saw this quite comical ‘informative guide’ everywhere we went:

Bit weird to be all nakeybums with a bunch of strangers…but, as they say, when in Rome.

So anyway, I posted a while ago about the beauties that are Japanese soaking tubs, but I thought today I’d take a little look at the al fresco soaking/hot tub options.  Stones, woods, pebbles, metals and brick are the order of the day – I have no time for plastic or acrylic people!  Here are a few of my fave inspo pics.

And this last one’s just for you Ali:

A Japanese Katsu Curry Onsen…I bet you would too, hee.

{all credits}