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Design from Down Under

I’ve been increasingly drawn to Australian interior design over the last few months, after having a good oogle at a couple of their design mags on a flight back home.  Literally almost every single space I see makes my eyes pop out of my noggin, so I thought I’d do a little round up this week of a few of my faves.

Incorporating more light, bright, natural finishes than you can shake a stick at, a large smattering of Balinese/general Indonesian decor and a focus on indoor/outdoor spaces, these are guaranteed to make your day – I recommend you go make yourself a cuppa and take some time over them.


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Home redesign – roof terrace – the inspo

Morning loves, how are we doing?  I thought this morning I’d look at the redesign of our roof terrace here in Singapore.

I’ve had a minor (major) hiccup in that while we were back home in Blighty for three weeks over Crimbo during RAINY SEASON here in Singapore, it seemingly rained twice.  Or maybe just once.  Soooo much plant-death on a massive scale, a plant massacre if you will.  So I am currently nursing the stocky survivors back to health but it’ll be a little while before my green vine-y friends will be ready to be paparazzied, but their turn in the spotlight will come eventually.

Anyhoo, so here’s the roof terrace when we moved in:


terrace before

And here’s more what I’m after – a sprinking of Balinese, a touch of Moroccan and lots of lovely greenies…

roof terrace inspiration pic2 roof terrace inspiration pic3 roof terrace inspiration pic4 roof terrace inspiration pic1
terrace redesign1terrace redesign2

Ode to bougainvillea

It’s official: our terrace here in Singers is starting to look the business.  After buying a bunch of plants that arrived as little diddy sprigs, we now have a lot of fully fledged and fast-growing mo fos, that are going to take over upstairs sooner or later…  We’re spending a lot of time up there in our little haven of peace and quiet away from the city noise, with birds and butterflies all over the place.

So I thought today I would give the beaut that is bougainvillea some lovin’.  We first came across this stunner years ago in the Caribbean but I’m still a total sucker for it hook, line and sinker:


We have a small army of the whiteys that le hubs is doing a very good job of whipping into shape – never would have guessed at his secret gardening talents but apparently there is a secateur-wielding 50 year old inside us all.

A few more gorgeous sunny Friday inspo pics for you lovelies {warning: this might make you want to go on holiday}:

bougainvillea1 bougainvillea2 bougainvillea3 bougainvillea4


We’re off to China today for 10 days {where I don’t think bougainvillea exists, too much smog – ha, no kidding} {sort of} – excited but also a smidge nervous as our Mandarin is not exactly top notch (read: pretty much does not exist even remotely).  Will move to a revised having-fun hols schedule for posting but make sure you stop by next week, there are some corkers lined up!

Have a happy weekend loves – what are you up to, do tell?

An ikat-ty [of course] picnic

There is nothing better in the summer sunshine than a long lazy picnic.  Preferably with a cold bottle of (Spanish) bubbles and some M&S foodhall goodies (dangnammit I miss Marks & Sparks!).

I think this weekend might have to feature some kind of picnic action, that looks a little like this…

ikat picnic

{clockwise from top left: ikat blanket, picnic basket, baguette, cava, glass – yeh yeh I know I used these last week too, am a smidge obsessed with them right now…, salad, ikat napkin, throw pillows, lanterns}

A garden stool for every season

One King’s Lane have a pretty fab sale on today, for anyone in the market for a garden stool type affair – you should head on over and check it out.

Totally flexible, these little beauties can be used in pretty much every room of the home as well as outside spaces, and are the perfect objects to be styled within an inch of their lives.

Here are some of my fave inspo shots right now:

garden stool interior design1 garden stool interior design2 garden stool interior design3

Of course I’m loving them paired with a cheeky ikat or suzani…

garden stool interior design4 garden stool interior design5


And here are some I’m lusting after right now…

shopping guide garden stools

{clockwise from top left: aqua, white elephant, tangerine, white zigzag, gold, dark aqua, white curved, silver owl, indigo}

Asia inspiration: all natural pools

So since moving to Asia we’ve been lucky enough to have spent more time in the company of cool natural watering holes – I’m talking gorgeous outdoor swimming pools in Indonesia and Vietnam, and the onsen hot springs that cover the entirety of Japan (see here for more info on these puppies).  There is nothing in the world more relaxing than a night time dip under the stars.  Fact.

So this is the pool that started my recent interest in them:

interior design natural pool4Yum.  You can see why, right?!  Stone, wooden decking, pebbles and concrete (done well, you understand) are my picks for gorgeous authentic poolside settings.

I’m talking more of this…

interior design natural pool2

…and much, much less of this…

interior design natural pool3In fact, none of that whatsoever.  Yuck.

Anyhoo so I’ve rounded up a few of my fave inspo piccies swanning around on t’internet right now.  A pool at home is clearly not an option for most of us (myself included) but it never hurts to have a little oogle I opine.

These first two are INCREDIBLE:

interior design natural pool1Looks a smidge chilly, but y’know I’m not going to turn my nose up at it:

interior design natural pool5 interior design natural pool6 interior design natural pool7

Bali – yes please:

interior design natural pool8

Morocco – yes please:

interior design natural pool9

And this one looks a lot like the countryside at my parent’s place – it’s possible even in Blighty…

interior design natural pool11


Wishing on a star

So unless I’m missing some giant source of lighting here in Singers (which I suppose is entirely possible – if so please fill me in somebody!), it is one area of interior design that is seriously under-represented in this city.  There are lots of generic lighting shops that stock maybe two decent fittings, but the rest are gross bling-tastic fake crystal chandies or big-bummed lady table lamps (I’ll take a pic next time to show you – it’s not a nice lamp…).

As a result I’ve been hunting high and low on t’internet for a gorgeous + affordable brass pendant for aaaages but all the ones I find are $2,500 (see my Arteriors lighting post here for some swoonworthy goodies) and/or wired for US voltage, so no good here in Asia.

moravian star lighting1Anyhoo, so a while back during my internet ramblings I stumbled across a source of brass/glass Moravian Star pendant shells for cheapcheap and have since been figuring out how to turn the shells into an actual pendant light.  The last ingredients arrive today (lightbulbs and brass chain) and I am totally psyched to get it wired up and shining bright.

moravian star lighting2

Looong and not very interesting story, ha.  Well here are a few inspo piccies that I’m loving right now to give you an idea of what I’m going on about.  Whether it’s in a hallway, entryway, kitchen, bathroom or porch, these beauties know how to make a statement.  Enjoy!

moravian star lighting3 moravian star lighting4 moravian star lighting5 moravian star lighting6 moravian star lighting7 moravian star lighting8

Also amazeballs in event design, no?

moravian star lighting9


Monday’s Masterpiece – Parisienne chic

Morning morning darls, how are we today…?  Hope the weekend treated everyone well!  We’re back from Vietnam and thrown back into the thick of things here in Singers, but I’ve taken a longer time than normal over my Monday morning coffee + design oogling sesh as today I have a corker for you.

sarah lavoine1French interior designer Sarah Lavoine, has the kind of style that normally doesn’t ring my bell but for some reason this morning these images pretty much leapt out of my computer screen and grabbed me by the eyeballs.

The perfect mix of understated minimalist chic, interesting quirky lighting and accessories, and dark moody monochrome colours, these spaces are simply fabulous.

sarah lavoine2

Phewee it is a looong post today folks, I just kept finding more and more images to drool over.

In love with these lanterns.  In love!

sarah lavoine3 sarah lavoine4 sarah lavoine5

The best contemporary pendants of all time?  Why I do think so yes:

sarah lavoine6 sarah lavoine7sarah lavoine9

The details and vignettes are so well curated – pretty much a masterclass right here…

sarah lavoine10 sarah lavoine11

Sarah also has a bit of a knack for scrummy kitchens – this Moroccan pendant / copper (?) splash back and countertop action has me all in a tizzy:

sarah lavoine kitchen1

As does this more rustic look – love!

sarah lavoine kitchen5sarah lavoine kitchen3 sarah lavoine kitchen2

Her bedrooms are simple and elegant affairs, with dark soothing palettes and luxurious long drapes:

sarah lavoine bedroom1 sarah lavoine bedroom4 sarah lavoine bedroom3 sarah lavoine bedroom2

And the bathrooms?!  Oh my gawd they’re good:

sarah lavoine bathroom1

Not such a massive fan of this tub design but am loving the built in shelving and accessories:

sarah lavoine bathroom4

I’ve literally never seen a more glam dressing table:

sarah lavoine bathroom3 sarah lavoine bathroom2

And lastly (see, told you it was a killer) a villa in Marrakech which is pretty much the cat’s pyjamas.  Do you see all this carved wood??!

sarah lavoine marrakech1

And the outdoors spaces are just divine:

sarah lavoine marrakech4 sarah lavoine marrakech3 sarah lavoine marrakech2


Swoony swoony swoon swoon.

Here are my picks from Sarah’s delectable collection, I’m loving the mix of quirky organic shapes and unusual materials:

sarah lavoine collection


Thoughts…?  Have you managed to make it to the end of the post??!

Bali swooning

So we’re planning a weekend trip to Bali with some friends later in the year, and I’ve been using this as an excellent excuse to oogle some seriously divine villas.

Top of the crop is Villa Home, an insaaanely gorgeous property in Seminyak – totally gutted that it’s not available on our dates but I hope to get there one day…

villa home1 villahome2 villahome3 villahome4 villahome5 villahome6 villahome7


Not too shabby, huh?!