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Chalet cravings

The temps are creeping up here in Singapore.  January was delectably, wonderfully, enchantingly cool here but the sun is BACK with a vengeance.  Sounds like I’m bragging but trust me I am not – I have northern English genes and they do not do well in the tropics, ha.

Anyhoo so I’ve been having a bit of a hankering for some cooler weather and {as ermm always} Euro vibes – some deliciously designed ski chalets fit the bill nicely!

nicky dobree interior design www.caribbeanlivingblog.com1

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Monday’s Masterpiece – quirky and fun with a knack for accessorising…

Hi loves!

Here’s one I made earlier – we’re on hols until tomorrow, but thought I would keep up the dose of Monday goodness with some of Kishani Perera’s gorgeous and colourful designs.

I first came across her work when she was featured in Lonny a while back, with the home of actress Rachel Bilson.  It’s a lighthearted and fun home full of fab accents and more than a few ikats.

kishani perera lonny1 kishani perera lonny2 kishani perera lonny3 kishani perera lonny4 kishani perera lonny5 kishani perera lonny6


Cute, non?

And here are few more of my faves from her portfolio.  She really runs the gamut from moody and sophisticated, through to bright and whimsical.  LOVE.

kishani perera1 kishani perera2 kishani perera3 kishani perera4 kishani perera5 kishani perera6 kishani perera7 kishani perera8



Monday’s Masterpiece – a Windsor recap

So I first discovered the gorgeous interiors created by Windsor Smith back in 2011, but I thought today I would take a little look at what she has been up to since then.  Well I probably don’t need to tell you that she’s been a busy lady.

A couple of these images are repeats but my gawd they’re the bee’s knees.

Starting with an actual decent photo of the insaaaaane farmhouse sink that I’ve been thinking about on and off since posting it back in July last year…  I should have known this was her doing!


Yum. Yum. Yum.  I would so love to pair one of these with matt brass fittings and dark cabinetry, swoony swoony swoon swoon.

A classic example of her skill at mixing old and new…


…and a typical bohemian look, LOVE!


This unusual window treatment is pretty beautiful, kinda like an updated version of the festoon blind:


Double zebra on parquet…what’s not to love?!


And I think this is still my fave of the bunch – it’s all about the elegant indigo curtains, zebra upholstery and Moroccan side table:


Still love this vignette on the LHS after all these years!





This eclectic living space + Serge Mouille light are from the House of Windsor show house back in 2011:


And lastly I’m love love loving these Chippendale chairs, especially paired with the upholstery – hmm, I smell a Design Classic post coming your way:



Monday’s Masterpiece – it’s all in the details

I realised recently that my Monday’s Masterpieces have fallen by the wayside lately, and that is simply not cricket if you ask me.  Let’s get the ball rolling for 2014!

I was bowled over the other day by this bonkers-good office/living space designed by Steven Gambrel that’s been doing the rounds on t’interwebs:

Chicago Residence designed by Steven Gambrel.

Loooove the bold use of colour and that artwork is incredible.

I thought I’d take a little peek at the rest of his portfolio this morning.  Equally at home with vibrant colour – every shade of the rainbow in fact – and monochrome neutrals, these spaces are richly layered and full of exquisite details.  I’ve kinda favoured the more neutral puppies, so if you’re more colour-inclined then make sure you stop by his portfolio and have a look for yourself.

Think I’ll let the images speak for themselves today… do leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

steven gambrel1 steven gambrel2 steven gambrel3 steven gambrel4 steven gambrel5 steven gambrel6 steven gambrel7 steven gambrel8 steven gambrel9 steven gambrel10 steven gambrel11 steven gambrel12 steven gambrel13 steven gambrel14


Flooring conundrums

So I’ve got myself into a bit of a pickle with regards to our living room floor situation – first world problem I know, I’m not exactly losing any sleep over it.

The flooring is a fairly revolting black tile (I have a serious issue with tiled floors outside of the kitchen and bathroom, even in the tropics – just reeeeally dislike them unless they are covered by a giant mofo of a rug):

living room

{This was taken pre-moving in let me be clear, it is unrecognisable now}

Right now I’ve got it hidden under a bunch of layered IKEA jute rugs with a gorgeous vintage Beni Ouarain over the top, kinda like a ‘jute carpet’.  I didn’t want to splash out on a custom jute rug as this is only a rental and that would be crayzee, but the grouping of smaller ones is not working as well as I’d hoped.  So I’m rethinking and wondering if I should overlap the jutes to make them a smidge smaller, so that there’s a thick black border around the edges of the room.

Every interiors blogger and their dog posted this feature from Lonny last year – it’s the Copenhagen home of the couple behind Day Birger et Mikkelsen, and it is making me think I should perhaps go for the black option.

Such a gorgeous space, that parquet floorboard action!

lonny1 lonny2

I’m actually using a pretty similar colour palette of neutrals, but with brass, indigo and duck egg accents.  Duck egg + black = nicht so gut.

lonny3 lonny4 lonny5 lonny6 lonny7 lonny8 lonny9{credits}

Insanely beautiful no?!

Crumbs it’s a difficult decision…  I need to make the call in the next couple of days as we have a friend staying right now and will need at least three peeps to lift up our heaviest-dining-table-in-the-world.  Tricksy tricksy tricksy.

Have a happy weekend loves, sorry for the errrr monologue.

Mid-week masterpiece

Morning loves, how’s the week going??  My penultimate project is done and dusted I am extremely over le moon to say, just one more to go now – I shall be back here every day with my slightly incoherent ramblings in no time.

Anyhoo so I stumbled across the latest of Kelly Wearstler’s insane (in a good way) creations over the weekend: the Manhattan apartment of Cameron Diaz.  It’s good.  It’s blooming good.

cameron diaz home1So much brass I don’t know what to do, combined with gorgeous saturated colour, fabulous light fittings and insane upholstery.  BANANAS.

cameron diaz home2

Please note the brass – amazing:

cameron diaz home3

Please note the brass – AMAZING:

cameron diaz home4And some more – crazy awesome ceiling treatment:

cameron diaz home5

Brass hardware, yum:

cameron diaz home6

More brass on the ceiling, and that bed!!!

cameron diaz home7Is that a brass shower screen and sink insert??!  I can’t take it anymore!!!   Might buy a can of spray paint today and go crazy at our place…  Not quite the same though, no?

cameron diaz home8


Phew, smidge exhausted after all that excitement.

I wrote about the crazy-talented Ms W a few years back after out trip to The Tides in Miamiiii, but here are a few of her new designs that I haven’t gawped over previously.  A lot of them are more bold than I would go for myself, but so so inspirational, every single one of them.

kelly wearstler1 kelly wearstler2 kelly wearstler3 kelly wearstler4 kelly wearstler5 kelly wearstler6 kelly wearstler7 kelly wearstler8


Alrighty, feeling inspired to tackle this bugger of a project, wish me luck por fav…

Monday’s Masterpiece – obsessing over steel frames…

Morning morning loves, how was the weekend?  I’m feeling refreshed and recharged after a fun relaxing few days, finally over the train-ride-induced sleep deprivation…  I’m raring to go on my current project and have made the call to focus on that 2000000% for the next few weeks, so these posts will get a smidge sporadic I’m afraid.  Back to normal pronto I promise, as soon as I’m a qualified Interior Designer yeehaw.

Anyhoo so I’ve been meaning to write about the delectable PS Cafe in Tiong Bahru, here in Singapore, for a while now.  It’s a faaabulous [small] chain of cafes/restaurants spread across the city, each with its own independent [and bonkers good] styling and menu, a must for weekend brunch whenever we have guests to stay.  A few weeks ago we checked out the mini version in Tiong Bahru, a hip (can’t believe I just used the word hip) up and coming enclave near the centre of the city, that’s fast becoming our fave area for nosh and drinkies.

ps cafe tiong bahru1


See?  Incredible design, no?!  Let’s take a closer look at those yummy black framed windows shall we…

ps cafe tiong bahru2


There are plenty more goodies inside with its black veined marble, oversize chalkboard and brass shelving:

ps cafe tiong bahru3 ps cafe tiong bahru4

{credits: 1 / 2}

It’s so eeny weeny there are only like four tables to eat in at, so you’d better get there early y’all.  Or mega late actually, that’s how we scored one.

Anyway so these black framed windows and doors got me pondering the use of steel window frames in interior design.  It’s a really simple way to add some serious drama to a space.  Here are a few of my favourite inspo piccies, lemme know what you think!

interior design steel window frames1 interior design steel window frames2 interior design steel window frames3 interior design steel window frames4 interior design steel window frames5 interior design steel window frames6 interior design steel window frames7 interior design steel window frames8

A more economical option for peeps not wanting to rip out and replace all their windows, is to paint the regular window trim black like (I think) PS Cafe.  You don’t achieve quite 100% of the effect but it’s pretty blooming good still:

interior design steel window frames9 interior design steel window frames10 interior design steel window frames11


Monday’s Masterpiece – lighthearted luxe

Morning loves, happy Monday – how were your weekends??

Apols for playing hooky on Friday, I’ve been totally running around like a scallywag putting together the presentation boards for the project I’m working on right now.  We’re heading to China on Friday so my deadline is looming large and scary.  Am excited to share them with y’all, just give me a couple of days…

Anyhoo so today I wanted to take a peek at Massucco Warner Miller, a West Coast interior design firm that produces gorgeous luxe homes that do not take themselves too seriously.  I first came across them when I went slightly doolally for these suzani upholstered armchairs:

massuccowarnermiller1Swoony swoony swoon swoon.

Here are a couple more shots of this fun bright living room, loving the trellis-y repetition on the mirror, side table and armchair below:




And here are a few more from their portfolio.  All this teal and brass is making my knees weak…


Gorgeous vignettes and gorgeous curtains!


And I am LOVING the sculptural effects of these chairs, how they liven up this neutral kitchen:

massuccowarnermiller6 massuccowarnermiller7 massuccowarnermiller8

Think this one was featured in House Beautiful a while back, I remember oogling the ikat / zebra fabrics, yum:




Not a bad way to start the week, huh?!

Monday’s Masterpiece – more glam luxed up neutrals

Today’s dose of pretty comes courtesy of Nam Dang-Mitchell, a Calgary-based interior designer known for her textural glam take on neutral spaces.  I am, unsurprisingly, rather enamoured with pretty much every single room here.

Let’s start off with her own home, featured in House & Home magazine.  Stone, grasscloth, golds/brass, antiques, tufted upholstery and ikats all combine to stunning effect, not to mention the fluffy stool in the living room – gotta get me a fluffy stool…

Take a peek and let me know what you think!

HouseandHome1 HouseandHome2 HouseandHome3 HouseandHome4

And how incredible are these little people rooms?!  What I would have done for a canopy bed like that when I was small.  Wait a sec, still would actually…



And here are some other goodies from Nam’s portfolio.  YUM.

nam dang mitchell1 nam dang mitchell2 nam dang mitchell3 nam dang mitchell4 nam dang mitchell5 nam dang mitchell6 nam dang mitchell7 nam dang mitchell8 nam dang mitchell9 nam dang mitchell10 nam dang mitchell11 nam dang mitchell12 nam dang mitchell13 nam dang mitchell14 nam dang mitchell15 nam dang mitchell16