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Ode to Arteriors

So the beeautiful brass pendant from Monday seemed to go down pretty well, and I thought today I would share with you peeps my growing love for all things Arteriors.  Unfortunately my bank balance does not match up perfectly with my design tastes…but a girl can dream, right?!

Here are some of my fave chandies / pendants, all in gorgeous brass and bronze (these first two are not exact matches, but veeeery similar).

arteriors anderson (similar) arteriors auburn (similar) arteriors kirar caviar smoke arteriors maxim arteriors osgood arteriors reeves arteriors savoy arteriors ulysses arteriors zanadoo arteriors ziggy

{credits: products / room designs}

So the Osgood is still pipping the others to the post for me, but which is your fave…?

Inspired by…Anna Karenina

So yesterday’s elaborate traditional draped window treatments seemed to go down well, and gawping at all those gorgeous images brought to mind the decor of the film Anna Karenina.

I won’t ruin it for you if you’re yet to see it, but suffice to say Leo Tolstoy’s tragic story about Russian high society is done justice by the gorgeous Keira Knightley and Jude Law.  And, more importantly, there are a friggin’ boatload of bonkers elaborate costumes (Oscar-winning, don’tchaknow) and insanely well put together ornate traditional interiors.

Velvets, silks, furs, damasks, crystal chandeliers, gilt mirrors, oversize candelabras and feather headpieces are all making my heart go a’pitterpatter – check them out:

anna karenina decor1 anna karenina decor2 anna karenina decor5 anna karenina decor6 Anna Karenina

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6}

See here for a behind the scenes video on the set design etc., fascinating actually.

So it is absolutely not the style I would usually go for, in fact it’s probs the definition of my anti-style (is that a word…?), but I’m still drawn to the notion of creating a toned down slightly updated version – maybe for a future client, hmm…

Anna Karenina interior design

{sources from top left: paint (name: Dorian Gray), chandelier, emerald green silk, grey Egg Chair, silver branch candelabra, dark wood flooring, grey tufted sofa, mirrored side table}

Ok ok I know a Jacobsen Egg Chair definitely does not belong in a 19th century Russian salon (ahem), but well…it was getting too prissy.

Thoughts…?  Do you like this style or is it too lavish for you?

Cracking capiz

Sooooo I will post up les Bali pics tomorrow (promise!) but here’s a little sneaky peeky at the most incredible shop I have ever been to in my entire life:


Oh yes people, I have found the Mothership Capiz Shell Chandie Workshop which I suspect every other store around the world sources their beauts from, and bought our very own one for the price of two bottles of wine in Singers (is it a bad thing that my unit of measurement of choice is bottles of wine…?!).


Can’t wait to get it up and show youuuuu!

Monday’s Masterpiece – Kooky in KL

Morning morning peeps!  I thought today I’d have a little oogle at a fun quirky restaurant we visited yesterday in Kuala Lumpur: Ben’s in the Pavilion.

It mixes a beachy whitewashed wood / blue ticking stripes / reclaimed wood tables vibe with industrial edgy accents like Tolix chairs and an oversize Anglepoise floor lamp.  They’re not exactly two styles I would put together but the results are surprisingly cool, have a peek:

ben's kl interior design 1 ben's kl interior design 4 ben's kl interior design2 ben's kl interior design3 ben's kl interior design6

And the terrace is a contemporary preppy / Tolix delight filled with greenery and comfy banquettes – love!

ben's kl interior design8 Ben's KL interior design 7

{credits – 1 / 2 / 3 / 4}

I’ve been pretty blooming enamoured with oversized Anglepoise floor lamps for a while now so thought I’d round up a few more inspo piccies.

What do you think…?  Do tell!

oversize anglepoise1 oversize anglepoise4

See here for the rest of the delish Scandinavian abode these last two are from.

oversize anglepoise2

And lastly a couple of interiors designed by the Queen of the Giant Anglepoise, Abigail Ahern – loving this flamboyant hot pink:

oversize anglepoise3


Heal’s and Atelier Abigail Ahern are the go to spots in London taaawn for these puppies – I wonder if they ship internationally, hmm…

Design classic (27) – PH Artichoke lamp

Happy Friday peeps!  I’ve been missing my DC posts so thought today I’d take a little looksee at the PH Artichoke lamp.

interior design artichoke lamp

Created by Danish designer Poul Henningsen in 1958, its 72 ‘leaves’ are made of laser-cut steel and it comes in copper (my personal fave), brushed stainless steel and painted white, and in a choice of three sizes, all via lighting company Louis Poulsen.

I used to have a seriously enormous grudge against this fixture – I think I must have seen it in one too many Arco floor lamp + Barcelona chair + boring beige carpet combos, as it was really on the death stare list for a long time, ha.  But I recently came across these two lovely copper ladies, and my opinion started to change…

interior design artichoke lamp1

So here are my fave inspo piccies right now, I am particularly swooning over the ceiling moulding/modern light combo in #3, love love LOVE.  Hope you enjoy too!

interior design artichoke lamp2 interior design artichoke lamp3 interior design artichoke lamp4 interior design artichoke lamp5 interior design artichoke lamp6 interior design artichoke lamp7.5 interior design artichoke lamp7

Have a happy weekend loves and see you back here Monday!

Captivating capiz (chandies)

So over the Crimbles break we were so soooooo excited to be given a seriously beautiful dining table, as a wedding gift from my lovely new inlaws.  Seriously.  Beautiful:


Our one’s actually even more grainy and curvy and gorgeous – it’s made of one solid hunk of tropical suar wood and weighs about 3000 tonnes, hope they can get it up the stairs to the apartment ok, eek.

I’ve been pondering the question of how I can possibly match its high style stakes with a light fitting, and was coming up with pretty slim pickings until this brilliant and genius idea popped into my brain (if I do say so myself): the capiz shell chandelier.

I’ve been a giant fan of these all natural beauts for a few years now and cannot believe I have not bored you to tears with them yet on this little bloggy.  But now I have my chance, maha! 

Take a little peek at some of these lovelies:

interior design capiz chandelier1 interior design capiz chandelier2 interior design capiz chandelier3 interior design capiz chandelier4 interior design capiz chandelier5 interior design capiz chandelier6 interior design capiz chandelier7


And in case you’re feeling inspired, here’s a little round up of the ladies that won’t break the bank:

shopping guide capiz chandeliers

{clockwise from top left, on: blue backgroundclear background, dark grey background, light grey background, clear background (rectangle), clear background, white background}

So my fave for MAXIMUM IMPACT is West Elm’s rectangular lovely at bottom right but they don’t ship this one to SG, which is a little bit of a pain in the bot.  But I shall come up with something, watch this space!

Multi-hued metallics

Wow oh WOW, Macau is absolutely bananas!  Such an incredible city – the old colonial centre is just gorgeous and the casinos absolutely breathtakingly tacky!!  I’ll post up some pics soon, can’t really do it justice in words…

Anyhoo, we went to the MGM Grand on Saturday for a little drinkie and it brought to mind these fabulous pendants:

{credits: 1 / 2}

Pretty unusual, no?  Think they’re pretty fun.

Sorry it’s a short and sweety today, we’re en route to Tokyo for a couple of weeks before heading back to Cayman (yeeeeha!) for a wedding.  Tatami mats and hot springs forthcoming soon, watch this space!

Vines + chandies = wedding perfection

So as much as I’m loving Hong Kong life and being back in a city again, I still haven’t quite managed to get over the fact that it is so totally bloody ugly!  This is our view from our living room, over a sea of rusty concrete buildings:

It’s transformed at dusk when the lights start to come on and it turns into a sea of gold and silver stars, but during the day it literally couldn’t be worse.  Gag.

Most of the time I manage to ignore it, but my brain does seem to have a twice weekly paddy attack: ‘GAH, I can’t take this ugliness anymore!’, when it craves seeing anything that’s not made out of concrete or dried seafood – for instance…these insane wedding supper settings.

Find some vines, hang up a chandie or two and hey presto, you have the most beautiful wedding of ALL TIME:

{credits: Style Me Pretty}

Phew, right, aesthetically-pleasing-viewing quota achieved for the day, time to go out and take on the city…

Happy weekend lovelies, toodles!

Design classic (20) – Beat light

Morning morning all and a very Happy Friday to you!  Plans for le weekend?  We have a buddy in town so an action packed weekend of waterfall jumping and hiking is ahead of us – will be good to get out of the city, can’t wait!

Anyhoo, so to round off the week I thought for today’s design classic post I’d look at the pesky pendant that’s had me all in a tizzy for a while now.  Designed by the genius that is Tom Dixon, the Beat light is a spun brass beauty with a black lacquer / white powdercoat finish that’s been ‘hand-beaten’ within an inch of its life in Northern India:

It’s good.  It’s ruddy good.  See for yourselves…


Pretty fabulous, no?

Have a happy weekend lovelies, toodles!