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Swing arm wall sconces

I’ve spent about 18 hours this week gawping online at swing arm wall sconces, hunting down the perfect piece for my Serangoon Condo client.  I love incorporating these plug-in suckers into projects, as they pack maximum punch design-wise with minimum faff and rewiring.  In fact, no faff or rewiring whatsoever.

Whether you go for a design classic like the Flos 265 Swivel Sconce {top left} or Serge Mouille Lamp {top right} {see here for more of these aliens}, a more industrial bare-bulb option, or even some traditional{ish} sconce-with-shade shizzle, there’s a swing arm out there for every style!



Ludicrously luscious lighting

It’s crunch time folks, I’m in the final four days of my course.  It’s going swimmingly (apart from a disastrously neon ‘duck egg blue’ paint colour, oooh la la) but I have a hella lot to get done by Saturday morning when we fly home to England for Crimbles.

So I’ve finished all the lighting docs now and wanted to introduce you to the luscious lady that is the Ochre Seed Cloud installation, if you are yet to make her acquaintance.

ochre seed cloud1

I have spent a disproportionate amount of my days oogling the cast bronze buds and glass drops goodness.

ochre seed cloud2

I want to eat them they are so good.

ochre seed cloud3

ochre seed cloud4

They do cost a pretty penny but oh my are they beautiful.

Ok and here’s a few more…[err, AMAZING set against exposed brick, mental note]

ochre seed cloud5 ochre seed cloud6


I’m sorry for the lack of festivity on the old bloggy – since we moved to the tropics four years ago I’ve found it crazy hard to feel even remotely festive until my feet are firmly back in the motherland.  So expect some overexcited and mince pie-fuelled posts next week.

How are we all doing?  I’ve been missing you!

Design classic (36) – the Serge Mouille lamp

A.K.A. range of rather frightening alien-like lights:

serge mouille interior design0

Sourcing here.

I must admit though that I am a fan.  A room is not a room without some kind of extra-terrestrial accent.

Here are my fave piccies showcasing these beauts, although a few are not so good repros I think, not the real deal.  Ahem, note ikat armchair below left, yum:

Serge Mouille interior design1

This entire feature in Lonny was bananas, but I am especially swooning over the Serge Mouille + Beni Ourain + brass brass brass:

serge mouille interior design2

LOVING this pair of whiteys:

Serge Mouille interior design3 Serge Mouille interior design4 serge mouille interior design5

serge mouille interior design6 serge mouille interior design7

This last one is from the House of Windsor showhouse from a few years back – see here for more goodies.

serge mouille interior design8


So what do you lovelies think, do tell…?  Have a happy weekend.

Inspired by…Borgen

Have you guys seen the Danish show Borgen?  I don’t watch much telly but I’ve lately been getting a much needed Euro Fix from this series, love it.  Both badass Birgitte and the seriously super duper large amount of stunning Scandi design are floating my boat, specifically the insaaaaane Artichoke light paired with trad elaborate ceiling rose in said badass’ office.

It is reason enough in itself to watch two series worth, let alone the Euro vibe and those good lookin’ Danes.  Oh and the plot.  Haha.  Guess that’s kinda important too, but clearly not necessarily what I look for in a TV show.

borgen artichoke light2

These are the best pics I could find – spent five mins looking for a shot with the ceiling moldings but quickly realised my time could be spent in many many thousands of more productive ways.

borgen artichoke light3

{credits – 1 / 2}

Gorgeous no?!  I’ve been on a bit of a trad rose/contemporary pendant bender for a while now actually.  If you are lucky enough to have the yep-entirely-necessary high ceilings and  traditional interior architecture for these bad boys (‘ceiling medallions’ to any Yanks out there), then please do me a favour and install one of these beauties.

First up a couple more Artichoke shots (see here for more of these cheeky chaps):

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light1

Or how about Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade (clicky here for more……..):

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light2

Couple of {sort of} sputniks – these are my personal fave combo I think:

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light3

Or how about an oversize paper dome?

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light4

A super minimalist industrial look works really well also, but I wouldn’t opt for this myself:

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light5

And lastly a few randomos, I am ALL ABOUT the last brass/cotton (??!) puppy, absolutely divine.

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light6 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light7 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light8 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light9 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light10


Brass bling

I was having a little mooch on Pinterest the other day procrastinating trying to put off working on my Sanitaryware Schedule (YAWN) hunting down some fine imagery for you peeps, when I came across this trio of lovely ladies:



And instantly decided there is still not enough brass in my life.

We’ve decided to split our office / guest room into two halves design-wise: a fun bright girly desk with aquas, white reedy Bali baskets and bamboo blinds, and a serious man reading corner {said in serious man voice} with dark leather, cigar boxes and antique brass shizzle.  Will look a bit weird all together but if you close your eyes when you walk into and out of the room it will be fine, ha.

Anyhoo so I’ve been on the hunt for a cool manly light fixture that would get the hubs’ seal of approval.  Here are some of the options…

brass lamps interior design

{clockwise from top left: bare bulb floor lamp, marble base desk lamp (still OBSESSED with this!!), swing arm sconce, shade sconce, bare bulb table lamp, sconce, caged filament table lamp}

Which is your fave…?

Design classic (33) – Terzani Atlantis light

Ugh, I am fed up of feeling like I’m living right next to a monster island-size bonfire!!  The smog has infiltrated our flat, even with the a/c on full whack, so all our clothes etc now smell of autumn.  Yuck.

To improve my grumpy mood this morning I thought I’d have a gawp at the insane lighting beauties created by Terzani, a Florence-based design studio that’s been turning out geniusness (is that a word?) since 1972.  Out of an entire portfolio of breathtakingly gorgeous light fixtures, in my mind the Atlantis and Soscik take joint first prize.

terzani light interior design1 terzani light interior design1.5

Sch.wing.  They’re hand-crafted from 3 miles (no joke) of draped nickel chains, and that’s just the Atlantis above on the LHS.  Insane.

Pretty full on bling yep I agree, but if done right these fittings are truly one of a kind bananas good.  Puzzingly though, I have had a lot of trouble sourcing images of schemes that I don’t think are revolting.  I really try to not slate design that I dislike as I appreciate that it’s so subjective (I’m sure plenty of peeps hate my ikats, natural textures and ethnic touches), but considering that the average punter would have to remortgage their home in order to acquire one of these pieces of amazingness, I really truly am gobsmacked that there are so many heinous schemes out there that include them.  They should have hired me… Ha, kidding.  No, not really kidding.

Errr anyhoo, so here are the few I’ve found that I do love – it’s often used in luxe commercial settings, like this divine restaurant in Moscow.

terzani light interior design2 terzani light interior design3 terzani light interior design4

I’m sure you’ll be extremely surprised to hear that my faves are those paired with rough natural goodness, like these wooden tables below, or the exposed brick wall up top.

terzani light interior design5

I really dislike this scheme below (ok, breaking my rule here…) but I wanted to include this pic as it shows the longy version in full glory.  Ooh and I quite like that white wall treatment.

terzani light interior design6 terzani light interior design7 terzani light interior design8


Make sure you let me know what you think of this fixture – is it too much for you or just your cuppa?

Have a happy and smog-free weekend loves!

Wishing on a star

So unless I’m missing some giant source of lighting here in Singers (which I suppose is entirely possible – if so please fill me in somebody!), it is one area of interior design that is seriously under-represented in this city.  There are lots of generic lighting shops that stock maybe two decent fittings, but the rest are gross bling-tastic fake crystal chandies or big-bummed lady table lamps (I’ll take a pic next time to show you – it’s not a nice lamp…).

As a result I’ve been hunting high and low on t’internet for a gorgeous + affordable brass pendant for aaaages but all the ones I find are $2,500 (see my Arteriors lighting post here for some swoonworthy goodies) and/or wired for US voltage, so no good here in Asia.

moravian star lighting1Anyhoo, so a while back during my internet ramblings I stumbled across a source of brass/glass Moravian Star pendant shells for cheapcheap and have since been figuring out how to turn the shells into an actual pendant light.  The last ingredients arrive today (lightbulbs and brass chain) and I am totally psyched to get it wired up and shining bright.

moravian star lighting2

Looong and not very interesting story, ha.  Well here are a few inspo piccies that I’m loving right now to give you an idea of what I’m going on about.  Whether it’s in a hallway, entryway, kitchen, bathroom or porch, these beauties know how to make a statement.  Enjoy!

moravian star lighting3 moravian star lighting4 moravian star lighting5 moravian star lighting6 moravian star lighting7 moravian star lighting8

Also amazeballs in event design, no?

moravian star lighting9


Inspired by…The Great Gatsby

Hooooly moly have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s latest epic yet?  We went to see it over the weekend and it was so delicious I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

I know it’s got very mixed reviews in general but those COSTUMES and those INTERIORS, my goodness it seriously is incredible.  It does not seem to take more than the visuals to impress me, I clearly am no film critic.

Anyhoo so I principally spent my time drooling over the interiors and party scenes – divine:

the great gatsby set1 the great gatsby set2 the great gatsby set3 the great gatsby set4 the great gatsby set5 the great gatsby set6 the great gatsby set8 the great gatsby set9the great gatsby seto


But while I loved getting a glimpse of these incredibly elaborate spaces, I’m actually not a massive fan of this style myself (shock! horror! I’m a designer, I’m not supposed to say that!).  So I am very much outside my comfort zone when it comes to Art Deco (as in I’ve run ten marathons in the opposite direction), but have pulled together this little updated scheme that I hope Leo and Carey would still find themselves at home in.

I would personally ditch the chinoiserie panel but y’know, Leo seems to like it:

the great gatsby inspired interior design

{clockwise from top left: antique Art Deco snake sconce (badass, no?), chinoiserie panel, Arteriors chandie, pearls, brass tray, champagne saucers, rose quartz bottle stopper, white sheers, brass Hicks coffee table, white tufted loveseat, goooorgeous reclaimed parquet, white/blush cushions}

Have y’all seen the film yet?  What did you think…?

Quirky and colourful

So I spent a large chunk of yesterday afternoon searching for a Singapore source of Edison filament light bulbs, à la:

edison filament light bulbs


Alas, nobody seems to stock these here yet – another item I’ll need to import [err or, more accurately, ask the inlaws to bring over in May, thanks guys!].

On my hunt I stumbled across these fun pendant lights, by Muuto and thought they were worth sharing:

muuto lights


Cute, non?  Those Scandies know what they’re doing!