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I ain’t no Picasso…

So I’m at the stage of my current project where I need to render all of my technical drawings/sketches/bed treatment boards etc etc etc.

Up to this part of the project lifecycle I am, if I do say so myself, the shizzle, but here is where it all goes a smidge haywire.  I’m great at the plans and elevations on le computador but when it comes to showing any form of hand drawing/rendering capability I am pretty much the equivalent of a 6 year old.  There has been a lot of swearing going on over the last few days in Casa Mac, I can tell you that for free.

So in a bid to make myself feel even more dejected ha, I just found these absolutely gorgeous abstract paintings by Etsy seller Maria Kitano, and might stall for another half hour or so trying to decide which my fave is.  I love them all:

maria kitano1 maria kitano2 maria kitano3 maria kitano4 maria kitano5 maria kitano6


Leggy critters

So this image that I featured on Monday has had me pondering the animal leggy trend a smidge:

leggy side table


These puppies seem to evoke very strong feelings one way or the other in Design Land – I’ve seen a lot of oooh-ing and also a lot of criticism of them, but I happen to be a big fan.  The one above is I believe Oly Studio’s Ari side table, which is one of the more affordable options – these guys can get pri-ii-iicey.

Here are two more economicals (thank you Z Gallerie):

affordable animal leg side table

{left / right}

And here’s a round up of a few more – yah yah I know that duck leg lamp does not really fit but I love it.  Quack.

animal leg furniture interior design

{clockwise from top left: library table, side table, lamp, chair, bench, light stool, dark stool}

So what do you think?  Do you likey or do they creep you out?!

Brass bling

I was having a little mooch on Pinterest the other day procrastinating trying to put off working on my Sanitaryware Schedule (YAWN) hunting down some fine imagery for you peeps, when I came across this trio of lovely ladies:



And instantly decided there is still not enough brass in my life.

We’ve decided to split our office / guest room into two halves design-wise: a fun bright girly desk with aquas, white reedy Bali baskets and bamboo blinds, and a serious man reading corner {said in serious man voice} with dark leather, cigar boxes and antique brass shizzle.  Will look a bit weird all together but if you close your eyes when you walk into and out of the room it will be fine, ha.

Anyhoo so I’ve been on the hunt for a cool manly light fixture that would get the hubs’ seal of approval.  Here are some of the options…

brass lamps interior design

{clockwise from top left: bare bulb floor lamp, marble base desk lamp (still OBSESSED with this!!), swing arm sconce, shade sconce, bare bulb table lamp, sconce, caged filament table lamp}

Which is your fave…?

Nautical swooning

So my new General Life Hero Gwynnie wrote last week about an incredible trip she took on the Indonesian Silolona sailboat.  The images literally took my breath away, not only of the insaaaaanely well designed boat, but also the gorgeous coastlines and sunsets it cruises around.

Feast your peepers:



silolona3 silolona4 silolona5 silolona6 silolona7 silolona8 silolona9


Tell me your jaw is not on the floor?!  Sadly not within our grasp anytime soon I suspect, but a trip to Indo is certainly on the cards!

And in case you want to get your boat on, here are a few delectable nautical goodies handpicked by yours truly.  You are welcome.

nautical interior design

{clockwise from top left: ocean photo / rope and wood lantern / rope lamp / espadrilles / rope doorstopper / nautical placemats / rope rug}

Beware though, there is alotta lotta heinous beach-themed ‘decor’ out there, a lot of it residing in our former stomping grounds in Cayman, including this monstrosity:


And this (sequinned) one:


And this one:


Aaargh, somebody make me stop, my eyes are hurting…

A garden stool for every season

One King’s Lane have a pretty fab sale on today, for anyone in the market for a garden stool type affair – you should head on over and check it out.

Totally flexible, these little beauties can be used in pretty much every room of the home as well as outside spaces, and are the perfect objects to be styled within an inch of their lives.

Here are some of my fave inspo shots right now:

garden stool interior design1 garden stool interior design2 garden stool interior design3

Of course I’m loving them paired with a cheeky ikat or suzani…

garden stool interior design4 garden stool interior design5


And here are some I’m lusting after right now…

shopping guide garden stools

{clockwise from top left: aqua, white elephant, tangerine, white zigzag, gold, dark aqua, white curved, silver owl, indigo}


Blighty inhabitants, this is a seriously good sale – head on over and check it out right now.

I may or may not have just gone a little shopping crazy, my parents and husband are not going to be happy for varying reasons…ahem.  My Dad made me promise not to get anything else delivered to them after the final load of wedding lanterns last year.  Sorry Pops, it’s all so pretty I couldn’t resist!

Here are my picks of the many many great deals to be had:

zara home sale

{credits: Zara Home}

What are you waiting for?!