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{Designer approved} IKEA scores

A very common misconception about interior design services is that they cost big bucks and that only multi-bajillionaires can afford to hire designers.  I would like to squish this idea and set the record straight.  In the past I’ve worked with large budgets and small budgets – I love being able to splurge on beautiful custom furnishings and gorgeous luxe finishes, but I also equally love the challenge of creating amazing style and highly personalised spaces on a smaller budget.

So today let’s talk IKEA budget design scores.  I’ve used at least one IKEA piece in every single project to date – a lot of their designs still leave a little to be desired, either style- or quality-wise, but they also have many many stylish and durable items, that allow you to re-direct budget towards pieces that would otherwise be unaffordable.

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Outstanding Oushaks

I seem to have a nine year old’s skills in titling blogposts…there’s nothing like a spot of alliteration.  Err random start.  SO today I thought we should talk oushak rugs, ladies and gents.

I have had a soft spot in my heart for these for a long long time now – adding the perfect exotic/ethnic vibe underfoot but without the more saturated and vibrant palettes you so often get with Persian rugs, they complement a really wide array of different interiors styles.

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign.com8

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Ludicrously luscious lighting

It’s crunch time folks, I’m in the final four days of my course.  It’s going swimmingly (apart from a disastrously neon ‘duck egg blue’ paint colour, oooh la la) but I have a hella lot to get done by Saturday morning when we fly home to England for Crimbles.

So I’ve finished all the lighting docs now and wanted to introduce you to the luscious lady that is the Ochre Seed Cloud installation, if you are yet to make her acquaintance.

ochre seed cloud1

I have spent a disproportionate amount of my days oogling the cast bronze buds and glass drops goodness.

ochre seed cloud2

I want to eat them they are so good.

ochre seed cloud3

ochre seed cloud4

They do cost a pretty penny but oh my are they beautiful.

Ok and here’s a few more…[err, AMAZING set against exposed brick, mental note]

ochre seed cloud5 ochre seed cloud6


I’m sorry for the lack of festivity on the old bloggy – since we moved to the tropics four years ago I’ve found it crazy hard to feel even remotely festive until my feet are firmly back in the motherland.  So expect some overexcited and mince pie-fuelled posts next week.

How are we all doing?  I’ve been missing you!

Wicker and seagrass and rattan…oh my

There is not much in this world that is not massively improved upon with a dose of wicker.  Profound right?!  Apols it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve been working on a giant lighting plan all day, le brain’s feeling a smidge frazzled.

But I do stand by that err declaration – it’s no secret around these parts that I have a bit of a soft spot for all natural finishes, and a cheeky seagrass or wicker basket is always welcome.  Here’s my round up.

interior design basket1 interior design basket2 interior design basket3 interior design basket4 interior design basket5 interior design basket6 interior design basket7 interior design basket8 interior design basket9 interior design basket10


Every time we head to Bali I bring back at least umm four(teen) – the collection is getting rather out of hand and the hubs rather cross.

Anyhoo Zara Home has a pretty delectable collection, all with 20% off today.  Blighty-dwellers, get those wallets out!

zara home baskets1 zara home baskets2 zara home baskets3 zara home baskets4


Which is your fave…?

Marvellous malachite – part 2

Welcome back to part 2 loves.

So in case yesterday’s goodies tickled your fancy, here’s my round up of malachite and brass beauts.  There are a whole bunch of items out there that take it from chic to fuddy-duddy very quickly in my [not particularly humble] opinion, but I’ve scoured the t’interwebs for the good stuff.  The console and drawer pulls would be very welcome in our home, I’ll tell you that for free.

interior design malachite

{clockwise from top left: wallpaper, console table, cushion, lamp, rug, side table, espresso cup, pull, finial, box, ring}

Thoughts?  Can you see some malachite in your future…?

Droolworthy finds for the (only exists in my dreams) beach house

So Serena and Lilly has been on my radar for a long time now – maybe twice a month I have a good oogle at their wares and curse the fact they do not ship internationally (why oh whyyyyyy?).

Here are my current picks – they have the all natural beachy vibe down like nobody’s business, need me some duck egg tufting and sisal/rattan/wicker/bamboo goodness, yum!

serena and lilly1 serena and lilly2 serena and lilly3 serena and lilly4 serena and lilly5 serena and lilly6 serena and lilly7 serena and lilly8Delish, non?  What’s your pick…?


{Ethnic and beautiful} deal alert

Morning morning lovelies, how was the weekend?  We were sad to stay goodbye to the fam yesterday, had a lovely 10 days catching up in Asia (this is my excuse for poor blog form, ahem…).

I received this email on Saturday from one of my fave UK suppliers, and thought it would be very selfish not to share!


Here are some of my picks from the many many stonking pieces on offer…

lombok2 lombok3 lombok4 lombok5 lombok6 lombok7


Blighty folk, what are you waiting for?!

On my radar…

This morning I realised I hadn’t put together a please-move-to-my-home-immediately list for a little while now.

Here are my September finds.

on my radar september 2013

These gorgeous Moroccan throw pillows and aubergine kilim would look right at home in our guest bedroom, not to mention this cute quirky semi-bling floor lamp.  I am STILL lusting after these agate cheese platters from Jayson Home, love love love.  And they would look faaabulous in a kitchen wearing these all natural leather/bone cabinet pulls from Anthro.  I am totally floored by this rustic bench by CB2.  CB2?!  Looks like it’s from Bali or somewhere equally exotic.  These colourful bangles (here and here) would add some oomph to my outfit today I am sure (do you get J Crew in Asia?!), and this ikat armchair is in the most scrummy jewelly shades, just divine.

How about you…?  What’s on your radar this month?

I’ve died and gone to textile heaven…

I just found out that Style Me Pretty have entered Interior Design Land.  I don’t think I’ll ever get any study done ever again.

Check out this fun and vibrant family home they just featured, designed and owned by Amber of Amber Interiors fame.  Chockablock with serapes, ikats and Moroccan wedding blankets, these are my kinda textiles folks!

Think I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

amber interiors2 amber interiors3 amber interiors4 amber interiors5 amber interiors6 amber interiors7 amber interiors8


Just gorgeous no?  And in case you’re feeling inspired, here’s the how-to…

eclectic interior design

{clockwise from top left: cloud photos, bamboo blinds, Moravian star, brass candlesticks, basket, serape rug, Eames chair, green ikat, pink ikat}

Have a happy weekend loves, what are you up to?