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A garden stool for every season

One King’s Lane have a pretty fab sale on today, for anyone in the market for a garden stool type affair – you should head on over and check it out.

Totally flexible, these little beauties can be used in pretty much every room of the home as well as outside spaces, and are the perfect objects to be styled within an inch of their lives.

Here are some of my fave inspo shots right now:

garden stool interior design1 garden stool interior design2 garden stool interior design3

Of course I’m loving them paired with a cheeky ikat or suzani…

garden stool interior design4 garden stool interior design5


And here are some I’m lusting after right now…

shopping guide garden stools

{clockwise from top left: aqua, white elephant, tangerine, white zigzag, gold, dark aqua, white curved, silver owl, indigo}

Got the horn… – part 1

Oooo-errr missus.  I feel like anyone directed to this post from google is going to be a smidgey disappointed, ha.

Ahem anyhoo…so with my obsessions for all things natural decor related, I guess it was only a matter of time until I started pondering the beauty that is horn.

interior design horn1

I’m not talking about the big ol’ antlers-on-the-wall trend as, although I do think they’re cool, I also think they’ve been done to death.  As in, literally all the deer and gazelle in the world must now be dead so many people have incorporated a real [or faux] set of these puppies into their gallery walls.

interior design horn2

But I wanted to take a little look today at some more subtle ways of incorporating this divine finish into interiors.  I am personally lusting after a couple of gorgeous horn bowls and a collection of bookends/coffee table styling pieces – but what about you?  Do let me know what you think!

interior design horn3 interior design horn4 interior design horn5 interior design horn6 interior design horn7 interior design horn8


It’s all in the styling – coffee tables

Morning folks and happy Friday!  I thought today I’d round up the week with the final instalment of my interior styling series: coffee tables.

Big fat tomes, vases, candles, succulents, bell jars, trays and knick knacks seem to be the order of the day – whether you’re going for a sleek masculine vibe or a more colourful girly look, there should be something here for you!

Loving with a capital L this sleek lucite lovely – being able to see the chevron rug and and collection of books through the top is pretty awesome:

A couple of slightly more sophisticated schemes:

This girly vignette would be a delight to come home to – wouldn’t break the bank either, I think those tables are IKEA’s finest:

Couple of soft feminine looks, you can’t go wrong with a dose of foxed mercury glass:

And I’m also totally enamoured with this slightly more minimalist look – that wire basket below is fab:

The bone inlay table on the LHS here is BONKERS!

And I’m still totally hung up on this pic too:

It’s all about the coffee table books in these next two:

And I think this may just be my favourite of the lot!  The mixture of colour, pattern and knick knacks is pretty much the bee’s knees:

Last but not least, I’m also hankering after these elegant vignettes – that lump of crystal (agate?!) on the LHS is making my mouth water…


It’s all in the styling – dining tables

Morning folks and welcome back to my mini styling series!  I thought today I’d take a lookee at dining tables, especially the old Tulips.

Whether you opt for the fake ‘oh you caught us, we were just about to sit down to a fabulous supper’, or the quirky vase/statue/plant arrangement, styling your dining table really makes a huge difference in my humbles opinion.

So here are some of the best inspiration piccies out there right now – which is your fave…?

Loooove this bread/oil/vinegar/teatowel combo…maybe that’s just because I need some brekky…?

{all credits}

It’s all in the styling – bookshelves

Morning peeps, and a very happy Friday to you!  Plans for le weekend…?

I thought today I’d continue my interior styling series with a collection of well curated bookshelves.  There is simply no better way to create a sophisticated lived-in look to a space.

Whether you incorporate mirrors, artwork, sculptures, photos, vases, pots etc… a few quirky additions can go a long way!

Loving this collection of prints above the bookshelves on the RHS here, and the colourful brights on the LHS are pretty fun too:

I think this is the only example that does not give a single concession to books!  The dark grey background looks divine paired with these whites and chartreuse hues:

Couple of sombre affairs:

Or amp up the colour like so!

Still in love with library ladders – see here for more inspiration!

{all credits}

So what do y’all think…?

Have a happy weekend!

Autumn’s a’coming

Morning lovelies!  How is everyone doing?  Hope all had a fabulous weekend?  I am very happy to say I’m back in Blighty, snuggly ensconced chez Family Hails, and am loving being home!

Anyhoo, so although it is gorgeous and sunny today, the UK is definitely edging towards Autumn right now.  Autumn is my favourite season of the year by a country mile, and I’ve been missing it big time since leaving for the tropics a few years ago now.

So what better way to celebrate the turning of the seasons than with a dose of delectable imagery courtesy of The White Company.  Prepare yourselves for a serious onslaught of goodies:

Don’t think there’s much need for these in Honkers sadly…


And you can always count on them to make you fiercely desire a new bedroom – check these beauts out:


Yeh, I’ll take one of everything please – no, make that three…

It’s all in the styling – desks

So the photoshoot of my current client’s place is coming up in a few weeks now and I’ve been pondering (err, read: panicking about) the ‘oh gawd, how am I going to make my photos look professional enough?!’ dilemma.

I’m really delighted with how the home office has come together given what we had to work with (as in, not being able to alter the floor/wall finishes, curtains or ugly A/C unit), but it is still going to take quite a bit of styling to get it looking its best.

So here are a few of the images I’ve been using for inspiration – whether you’re styling a super-masculine space with lots of dark woods and leathers, or a lighter more colourful ladies’ office, there should be something here for you!

Incorporating some fab artwork, flowers and quirky accessories seems to be pretty indispensable:

Going GAGAAAA over these inspiration boards:

And I think this is my fave image of the lot: glam, brooding and highly polished – a seriously well-curated collection of objets:

Divine, no?!

Here are a few lighter whiter ideas – the range of lighting options used is pretty crazy, very refreshing to not just see a load of IKEA work lamps!

Loving all the greenery here:

And here are some darker ‘man offices’ – all I can say is helllllo zebra:

I can pretty much see myself working at either of these puppies:

What a bonkers gorgeous rustic A-frame desk on the RHS here – love!  The ‘casually flung shirt’ is a nice touch too.

And every single time I set eyes on this beaut my heart does a little pitter patter…

Last but certainly not least, a couple of more orderly minimalist work spaces – I’m totally enamoured with those Eames chairs, and think this uncluttered styling works pretty well too:


So tell me, which is your fave??  Do you like to have everything on display MAXIMALIST style (is that a word?!) or do you prefer a more tidy affair…?

It’s all in the styling – console tables

So as I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’m coming to the end of my current project now, and am starting to think about how to get the best images from it for my portfolio.

I am definitively not the best photographer of all time (any pro photographers in Hong Kong willing to extend mate’s rates to a poor designer?!) so seriously need to think about the styling of the spaces as this seems to be almost as important as the schemes themselves.

I’ve been studying a whole bunch of inspiration piccies to get some hints and tips and thought today I would share with you lovely lot some ideas for styling entryway console tables.

The formula seems to be pretty standard: artwork/mirror + lamp + dish for keys etc. +  plant/flowers + scattered interesting knick knacks + storage/seat underneath.  As with all styling it’s a question of curating your collection of bits and bobs to ensure it’s not too cluttered and still very functional.

So anyway, here are some of my fave images out there right now.  Which style do you folks prefer – the serious, stylish look or the fun bright pops of colour…?

Love these two vignettes with the symmetrical lamps:

And you can’t go wrong with a gallery wall!

Helllllo to the black/white zebra and chevrons here:

And this vignette by Windsor Smith KILLS ME every single time I see it:

And a few all natural options to finish with:


If I manage to get my client’s entryway looking even a tenth as stylish I will be happy!