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Inspired by…Borgen

Have you guys seen the Danish show Borgen?  I don’t watch much telly but I’ve lately been getting a much needed Euro Fix from this series, love it.  Both badass Birgitte and the seriously super duper large amount of stunning Scandi design are floating my boat, specifically the insaaaaane Artichoke light paired with trad elaborate ceiling rose in said badass’ office.

It is reason enough in itself to watch two series worth, let alone the Euro vibe and those good lookin’ Danes.  Oh and the plot.  Haha.  Guess that’s kinda important too, but clearly not necessarily what I look for in a TV show.

borgen artichoke light2

These are the best pics I could find – spent five mins looking for a shot with the ceiling moldings but quickly realised my time could be spent in many many thousands of more productive ways.

borgen artichoke light3

{credits – 1 / 2}

Gorgeous no?!  I’ve been on a bit of a trad rose/contemporary pendant bender for a while now actually.  If you are lucky enough to have the yep-entirely-necessary high ceilings and  traditional interior architecture for these bad boys (‘ceiling medallions’ to any Yanks out there), then please do me a favour and install one of these beauties.

First up a couple more Artichoke shots (see here for more of these cheeky chaps):

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light1

Or how about Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade (clicky here for more……..):

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light2

Couple of {sort of} sputniks – these are my personal fave combo I think:

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light3

Or how about an oversize paper dome?

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light4

A super minimalist industrial look works really well also, but I wouldn’t opt for this myself:

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light5

And lastly a few randomos, I am ALL ABOUT the last brass/cotton (??!) puppy, absolutely divine.

interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light6 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light7 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light8 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light9 interior design ceiling rose with contemporary light10


Inspired by…The Great Gatsby

Hooooly moly have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s latest epic yet?  We went to see it over the weekend and it was so delicious I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

I know it’s got very mixed reviews in general but those COSTUMES and those INTERIORS, my goodness it seriously is incredible.  It does not seem to take more than the visuals to impress me, I clearly am no film critic.

Anyhoo so I principally spent my time drooling over the interiors and party scenes – divine:

the great gatsby set1 the great gatsby set2 the great gatsby set3 the great gatsby set4 the great gatsby set5 the great gatsby set6 the great gatsby set8 the great gatsby set9the great gatsby seto


But while I loved getting a glimpse of these incredibly elaborate spaces, I’m actually not a massive fan of this style myself (shock! horror! I’m a designer, I’m not supposed to say that!).  So I am very much outside my comfort zone when it comes to Art Deco (as in I’ve run ten marathons in the opposite direction), but have pulled together this little updated scheme that I hope Leo and Carey would still find themselves at home in.

I would personally ditch the chinoiserie panel but y’know, Leo seems to like it:

the great gatsby inspired interior design

{clockwise from top left: antique Art Deco snake sconce (badass, no?), chinoiserie panel, Arteriors chandie, pearls, brass tray, champagne saucers, rose quartz bottle stopper, white sheers, brass Hicks coffee table, white tufted loveseat, goooorgeous reclaimed parquet, white/blush cushions}

Have y’all seen the film yet?  What did you think…?

Inspired by…Anna Karenina

So yesterday’s elaborate traditional draped window treatments seemed to go down well, and gawping at all those gorgeous images brought to mind the decor of the film Anna Karenina.

I won’t ruin it for you if you’re yet to see it, but suffice to say Leo Tolstoy’s tragic story about Russian high society is done justice by the gorgeous Keira Knightley and Jude Law.  And, more importantly, there are a friggin’ boatload of bonkers elaborate costumes (Oscar-winning, don’tchaknow) and insanely well put together ornate traditional interiors.

Velvets, silks, furs, damasks, crystal chandeliers, gilt mirrors, oversize candelabras and feather headpieces are all making my heart go a’pitterpatter – check them out:

anna karenina decor1 anna karenina decor2 anna karenina decor5 anna karenina decor6 Anna Karenina

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6}

See here for a behind the scenes video on the set design etc., fascinating actually.

So it is absolutely not the style I would usually go for, in fact it’s probs the definition of my anti-style (is that a word…?), but I’m still drawn to the notion of creating a toned down slightly updated version – maybe for a future client, hmm…

Anna Karenina interior design

{sources from top left: paint (name: Dorian Gray), chandelier, emerald green silk, grey Egg Chair, silver branch candelabra, dark wood flooring, grey tufted sofa, mirrored side table}

Ok ok I know a Jacobsen Egg Chair definitely does not belong in a 19th century Russian salon (ahem), but well…it was getting too prissy.

Thoughts…?  Do you like this style or is it too lavish for you?

Bond fever

** Mini spoiler alert people **

Have you guys seen Skyfall yet…?  My gawd it’s a good ‘un, you must go immediately.  The entire film had me glued to the screen, was loving all the London scenes…


…but it was the Macau segment that really got to me.

Did you see that flipping bonkers Komodo-dragon-guarded casino??!


All the carved wooden screens had me all in a tizzy:

And note the pair of giant foo dogs / guardian lions:

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5}

More carved wooden screens in the Macau hotel – WOW:

{credit: 1}

I DIE!!!  We’re actually heading to Macau this weekend but I was very sad to find out that said Komodo dragon casino doesn’t actually exist…maaan, can you imagine popping in there for a martini or two (shaken not stirred)?!

Anyhoo, so these scenes got me pondering exotic carved wooden screens in interior design – here are a few I’ve been oogling lately:


So what was your fave part…?

Inspired by…Cocktail (1988)

Have you guys seen the old-school film Cocktail starring Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue…?


We watched it for the first time earlier in the week and it is awesome!  It’s the perfect mix of cheesy 80’s and gorgeous Caribbean scenery – we were totally transported back to the long weekend we had in Portland, Jamaica, when we were living in Cayman.

It was actually pretty sad too – the whole area used to be a massive booming tourist hub back in the 70’s/80’s but has now subsided into a tourist-free boarded up massively-in-need-of-renovation black hole – seriously, we saw like 3 other visitors the whole time we were there.  Such a shame as this area houses two of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been: the Blue Lagoon…


Look at the colour of the water!!!!


And Dunn’s River Falls:


Yeeks, bit raunchy for a design blog…

Anyhoo, so here are a few of our piccies from the trip.  We drove over the Blue Mountains from Kingston:

(Probably the hubs’ favourite moment of the entire weekend – ‘Elly, DO YOU SEE ALL THAT JERK???!’):

And then basically explored for three days – cool deserted beach:

Blue Lagoon:

Dunn’s River Falls:

We ended up staying at three different hotels for the three nights (bit of a fiasco, long story!!) and one of them was lovely, the Mocking Bird Hill Hotel.  The room was open to the gardens with gorgeous huge plantation shutters (and more mosquito coils than you can shake a stick at), and a lovely floaty canopy bed.  The hotel also had this amazing eeny weeny little rooftop terrace where you could sit and watch the firebugs and shooting stars at nighttime – pretty magical actually.

Yummy fresh food and amazing views!

And lastly here’s a little scheme I’ve put together, inspired by Cocktail – I’m really feeling the whites/neutrals again (seriously, what has happened to me?!), but the different finishes and textures keep the tempo up:

{from top left: canopy bed, sheer bed drapes swatch, plantation shutters, cane armchair, cotton hammock, roll top tub, banana leaf trunk, wooden lantern, horn lamp, banana leaf side table}

I’m getting slightly obsessed with that horn lamp…

Have a very happy weekend all!