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Camel / caramel leather goodness

I remembered over Crimbo how much I love caramel leather.  I have an old old oooold leather jacket that I’ve pretty much worn to death but can’t quite face chucking out, which  kept me toasty in London’s chilly temps.

So I thought I would take a little looky at some interiors inspo, showcasing this caramel/camel shade.

I’m still hankering after a Swan chair (below right) – will get my mitts on one of the beauts one of these days…hmm.  See here for more.

camel leather interior design1

This colour leather looks absolutely DIVINE with darker shades like indigo or charcoal, yum:

camel leather interior design2

Gorgeous on the Hardoy Butterfly chair – see here for more goodies:

camel leather interior design3 camel leather interior design4 camel leather interior design5

A couple of these are more cognac-y than camel-y, but ya knows they’re still gorgeous:

camel leather interior design6 camel leather interior design7

LOVE it on a cheeky Egg chair too:

camel leather interior design8 camel leather interior design9 camel leather interior design10 camel leather interior design11 camel leather interior design12 camel leather interior design13{credits}


Marvellous malachite – part 2

Welcome back to part 2 loves.

So in case yesterday’s goodies tickled your fancy, here’s my round up of malachite and brass beauts.  There are a whole bunch of items out there that take it from chic to fuddy-duddy very quickly in my [not particularly humble] opinion, but I’ve scoured the t’interwebs for the good stuff.  The console and drawer pulls would be very welcome in our home, I’ll tell you that for free.

interior design malachite

{clockwise from top left: wallpaper, console table, cushion, lamp, rug, side table, espresso cup, pull, finial, box, ring}

Thoughts?  Can you see some malachite in your future…?

Marvellous malachite – part 1

So…let’s talk malachite.

I’ve been loving agate looooong time now (see here), but malachite may just have usurped it in my affections:

interior design malachite1

Pipped it to the post.  I mean look at it.  Seriously.

interior design malachite2

There’s something about the natural swirls and bright emeralds that gets me every time, and it looks particularly smasheroo with brass.

interior design malachite3 interior design malachite4 interior design malachite5

Look how pleased this bird is with her fancypants ceiling:

interior design malachite6

Don’t blame her though, it’s awesome.  Bravo Ms Designer.

Also gorgeous as upholstery – this goldy bamboo style chair is making me a little weak at the knees:

interior design malachite7


Make sure you stop by tomorrow for some shopping!

Parquet parade

One of my besties back home in London (+ her lovely man) has the very good fortune of owning a beeeautiful parquet floor that is soon to undergo some TLC to restore it back to its former glory.  Clearly they also have the flat that goes with it but quite frankly that takes second place to the chevrons.

I’ve been a smidge besotted with all things parquet for a long long long time now, especially the lighter puppies, so figured I would use this as an excuse to share some of this goodness with you lovelies today.

parquet interior design1

See what I mean?!  Bananas good:

parquet interior design2 parquet interior design3 parquet interior design4


What say you?

L, if you could please combine it with full on crown moldings, a few Butterfly chairs, a giant chandie and $100,000 artwork that would be great.  Thanks.

In other news I am racing along with my last (LAST) piece of coursework, so this blog neglect is not for nowt, promise.  I’m designing the public areas of a central London hotel and it is, if I do say so myself, le shizzle.  Velvet banquettes, foxed mercury glass and snakeskin are one serious combo.  Yikes when I write it down it sounds revolting – trust me it’s good though…  Will post up some piccies soon.

Romantic whimsy

I received a question recently from a reader asking where she could find some bad ass mercury vases, after seeing this beaut I featured on le blog many a moon ago now (LHS):

interior design mercury glass1

I’m actually not a massive fan of mercury glass in interiors, not really my bag baby, but I am pretty partial to it in a pretty table setting.

So I thought I would have a squiz for a few more romantic tablescapes.

interior design mercury glass2 interior design mercury glass3 interior design mercury glass4


Cute, no?

And in case you’re feeling inspired, here’s the good stuff:

interior design mercury glass shopping guide

{clockwise from top left: votives, rectangular vase, curved vase, bottles, round low vase, lanterns, candlesticks, wiggly vase}

Pearly whites – part 1

So I’ve always had a bit of a thang for pearls.  Back in my former {accountant’s} life I used to rock up at the office every day looking a bit like this bird:

mother of pearl interior design1

Without the hat thing.  And with slightly bigger thighs, haha.

I’m still a huge fan now – the natural colours and textures of these puppies just floor me every single time, I can’t get enough of them:

mother of pearl interior design1.5

Whether it’s exotic inlay furniture, blingtastic tiled walls or glistening tablescapes I am head over heels for all things mother of pearl.  So here are a few of my fave inspo pics right now.

Smidge bananas for the average home but these would look oh so pretty in a commercial setting, yum:

mother of pearl interior design2

Still one of my favourite kitchens of all time – see here for more Angie Hranowsky genius:

mother of pearl interior design3


mother of pearl interior design4

Ok you had better ready yourselves for an onslaught of gorgeous – these inlay pieces (some mother of pearl, some bone) are rocking my world:

mother of pearl interior design5 mother of pearl interior design7 mother of pearl interior design6 mother of pearl interior design8

I officially have a new bathroom obsession – these inlay mirrors all look just divine:

mother of pearl interior design9 mother of pearl interior design10

So so so luscious when used in a tablescape too, but I’m having trouble finding any decent piccies – time for me to remedy that with some of my own I reckon…

mother of pearl 11


Make sure you stop by for my sourcing guide tomorrow!

Brass bling

I was having a little mooch on Pinterest the other day procrastinating trying to put off working on my Sanitaryware Schedule (YAWN) hunting down some fine imagery for you peeps, when I came across this trio of lovely ladies:



And instantly decided there is still not enough brass in my life.

We’ve decided to split our office / guest room into two halves design-wise: a fun bright girly desk with aquas, white reedy Bali baskets and bamboo blinds, and a serious man reading corner {said in serious man voice} with dark leather, cigar boxes and antique brass shizzle.  Will look a bit weird all together but if you close your eyes when you walk into and out of the room it will be fine, ha.

Anyhoo so I’ve been on the hunt for a cool manly light fixture that would get the hubs’ seal of approval.  Here are some of the options…

brass lamps interior design

{clockwise from top left: bare bulb floor lamp, marble base desk lamp (still OBSESSED with this!!), swing arm sconce, shade sconce, bare bulb table lamp, sconce, caged filament table lamp}

Which is your fave…?

Wimpy wood – part 1

Ha, that’s a really poor joke.  Ahem.

So petrified wood is officially  my new favourite accent table finish.  I was gifted some coasters in this gorgeous material by a supplier recently and realised that I’d never really looked into using it before.  The coasters look incredible combined with my agate set, also a gift – the natural veining of the minerals just looks incredible.

petrified wood interior design1

Basically (mini science lesson for you) the pieces of wood get pushed underground and totally squished up away from oxygen and the organic matter in them gradually turns into stone.  Apparently it can take 100 or 100 million years.  So some of these pieces are seriously seriously old (although I’m guessing those ones aren’t used for coasters…).

petrified wood interior design2

Anyhoo so this finish seems to mostly be used as an accent table, in fact I think in every single one of these pics, but I’ve seen a few other goodies around which I’ll share tomorrow.

petrified wood interior design3 petrified wood interior design4

It looks particularly dazzling paired with brass, à la:

petrified wood interior design5

And the collections of stumps in these next two are just divine:

petrified wood interior design6 petrified wood interior design7


What do you guys think?  Is this your cuppa, or too I’m-studying-geology for you…?

Make sure you stop by for part deux tomorrow!