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Succulent styling

I have a photoshoot lined up next month for one of my recently completed projects.  I’m excited: it’s the first time I’ve had the pros in as opposed to doing it myself, and I can’t wait to see them work their magic.

The project’s pretty much good to go, it just needs a little tropical botanical/floral pep, and I’m thinking that succulents and cacti are the way forward.

succulent cactus interior design styling www.ellymacdonalddesign.com0

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Singapore inspiration – air plants a go-go

So although I appreciate this makes me sound approximately 103 years old, I happen to have a bit of a thang for the Botanical Gardens here in Singapore.  The Orchid Garden is just bananas good, but the whole place actually is a gorgeous respite from the heat and bustle of the city.  We were there recently with the fam, and discovered a greenhouse I’d never seen before, the McNeice Bromeliad Collection.

mcneice bromeliad collection1

It’s full of crazy alien-like air plants (aka bromeliads and tillandsias):

mcneice bromeliad collection2

See the ones hanging up top with no soil or anything – felt like one of them was going to jump on my head and eat it.  I may or may not have been watching too many sci-fi movies lately.

mcneice bromeliad collection3 mcneice bromeliad collection4 mcneice bromeliad collection5

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3}

Weird yet strangely intriguing, no?

I know air plants are a bit of a fad right now and I suspect it might die down sooner than some, but I have to say I am fully ensconced on le bandwagon with this one, absolutely love these for a whimsical touch to a room.

Here are my faves…(some succulents in here also, you know I’m a sucker for succulents).

air plant interior design1

Loving this idea for a powder room, although not sure how functional it would be…

air plant interior design5 air plant interior design7

AMAZING on a roof deck or terrace, or even in front of a window actually – love!

air plant interior design9

All of these hanging pots/terrariums are pretty much the cat’s pyjamas:

air plants interior design2 air plants interior design3 air plants interior design4 air plants interior design5.5 air plants interior design6

And they’re also pretty cute in event design!

air plants interior design10


It’s the Grand Prix here in Singers this weekend so I need go get 3 days of work done in the next 8 hours…yikes.  We’ve never been to one before, am pretty psyched to see it – full report next week.

What are you up to for the weekend loves, and what do you think of these ‘ere greenies?  Do tell!

Ode to bougainvillea

It’s official: our terrace here in Singers is starting to look the business.  After buying a bunch of plants that arrived as little diddy sprigs, we now have a lot of fully fledged and fast-growing mo fos, that are going to take over upstairs sooner or later…  We’re spending a lot of time up there in our little haven of peace and quiet away from the city noise, with birds and butterflies all over the place.

So I thought today I would give the beaut that is bougainvillea some lovin’.  We first came across this stunner years ago in the Caribbean but I’m still a total sucker for it hook, line and sinker:


We have a small army of the whiteys that le hubs is doing a very good job of whipping into shape – never would have guessed at his secret gardening talents but apparently there is a secateur-wielding 50 year old inside us all.

A few more gorgeous sunny Friday inspo pics for you lovelies {warning: this might make you want to go on holiday}:

bougainvillea1 bougainvillea2 bougainvillea3 bougainvillea4


We’re off to China today for 10 days {where I don’t think bougainvillea exists, too much smog – ha, no kidding} {sort of} – excited but also a smidge nervous as our Mandarin is not exactly top notch (read: pretty much does not exist even remotely).  Will move to a revised having-fun hols schedule for posting but make sure you stop by next week, there are some corkers lined up!

Have a happy weekend loves – what are you up to, do tell?

Oysters and anemones

I just came across these insanely gorgeous images of a 30th birthday party held at Hog Island Oyster Farm and can’t stop gawping at them.

I love seeing these whimsical fun creations people come up with, so here’s a little dose of fun bright colour for your Friday!

party tablescape1

party tablescape2

party tablescape3

party tablescape4

party tablescape5

party tablescape6

party tablescape8

party tablescape9

party tablescape12


Have a happy weekend loves!


Apols dear readers but today I am feeling a smidge too stressed out for a proper post.  4 this week ain’t bad though, hey?!  I’m really cracking on with my work and have three technical drawings to flesh out today, it’s going to be a long one.

Anyway I’ve been missing my fave fleur since arriving in Singers, don’t think you can get these beauts over here, and have been hankering after some of this goodness, so here are a few little ranunculus treats for you.

ranunculus1 ranunculus2 ranunculus3 ranunculus4


Have a happy weekend!

Daisies in Denmark

As much as I’m loving the fact that we’re living in Asia right now (and I really am loving it), I keep getting these annoying Europe-pangs (dang it Euro bloggy buddies, you keep making me homesick!) whenever I see a gorgeous image from France, Spain, Italia, or well pretty much any European country.  There’s no better place on earth in my humbles opinion (well y’know, aside from the current financial/debt crisis that has it in its grips…), Europe will always be top trumps in my heart.

Anyhoo so these images below also succeeded in making me think ‘GAH, must go back right now!’  If I ever visit Copenhagen the insanely cute flower shop Blomsterskuret is on my list of things to see!

blomsterskuret1 blomsterskuret2 blomsterskuret3 blomsterskuret4


That paint job and the rustic baskets and pots just take my breath away, absolutely divine.

I think there’s a bit of a gap in the market here – someone needs to open one of these in Singers quick smart!

Trellis tactics

So up on our roof terrace we have this uggers white painted metal fencing that is going a smidge rusty and just generally offends my eyes every time I go up there.  We’ve been concocting this plan to cover the whole thing in bamboo trellis and vines to mask it, the first step of which I did last week:


Clearly I have some work to do to get it looking good though, ha.  That storm cloud was a total weasel too.

So I’ve been pondering which tropical vines would work for our space and have decided to opt for a combo of white jasmine and wisteria, because they make me think of India and are generally le bee’s knees:

jasmine and wisteria1

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

jasmine and wisteria2

So here are a few inspo piccies that I’m diggin’ right now – hopefully our terrace will resemble one of these soooon:

jasmine and wisteria3 jasmine and wisteria4 jasmine and wisteria5 jasmine and wisteria6