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A haven of calm

I have to admit I’m going an eensy bit nutty at the moment.  Trying to balance all my coursework with planning our wedding and writing multiple magazine articles has left me a little overwhelmed: I’m sinking amidst a backlog of like 5000 emails, have 5000 people mad at me as a result, and haven’t made any meaningful progress in my current design project in a FREAKING LONG TIME.

Anyway, so I came across this property as featured in an old edition of Lonny last night, as I was perusing my inspiration folders, and it instantly made me feel much calmer and less likely to pull out my locks.  So I thought I’d share it today!  It’s actually the Hollywood bolthole of designer Mary Mcgee and I have to say I’ve fallen for it head over heels.


Autumn décor – part 1

So it’s just come to my attention that most of the northern hemisphere is creeping into autumn right now.  Back home it was one of my fave times of year, full of pumpkins, bonfires and crisp sunny days spent in Hyde Park.  I have to admit I’m having a mini Pang For Blighty, despite the fact that autumn in Cayman is the shizzle.

So I thought I’d take a look at some autumn décor ideas, specifically the happy chappy colour that is orange.  It’s such a flexible colour, moving from bright persimmons to muted saffrons and pumpkins, but whichever shade you pick it’s guaranteed to inject a warm glow-y feel to your space, whether you splurge it all over the walls or just add it in as an accent.

Here are some of my favourite spaces – yep, you may have seen this first one a few times before…sorry, I love it!

 In a slightly boho context:

Crisp and clean:

I’m totally bowled over by the striped fabric here:

Again, you may have seen this before – how totally romantic and dreamy is this room though?!


And I always have time for a spot of chinoiserie, especially when combined with a ruddy nice bit o’ zebra:

Alternatively opt for a more delicate hue:

Or go crazy and amp up the energy with some navy lacquer!

If you have a spare $2 thou (!), why not invest in an orange Hermes blanket:

LOOOOOOOOVE this image – the bright orange accents against the natural and black stained wood are BANANAS!

More zebra, yeeeeees:

Or for a contemporary colour pop, how about pairing it with a hot pink…

…or a cool aqua:

Checkity check out the orange leopard throw pillow – any ideas where I can get hold of that fabric?!


And how cute is this nursery, with coral accents?!  Love that little gallery on the wall.

(credits: Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Patricia Gray, House of Turquoise, Domino, Apartment Therapy)

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for the how-to!

Elly’s new obsession…

Ok so with all the wedding planning we’ve been doing, one of the hardest parts has been getting up to speed with all things stationery.  I was slightly clueless when I set about designing our stationery suite, but I am now head over heels obsessed with it all!  Seriously, I’m currently on about draft 205 of our wedding invitations and they need to go out in less than a month, better get a wriggle on and stop being so indecisive…

But on my internet wanderings during my quest for the perfect invitation design, I came across a couple of faaaabulous outfits that can make you personalised notecards, business cards, invitations or what have you, and I thought I’d share them with you lovely lot!

First up is Jane Press, a UK-based graphic designer, check these beauts out!

Or Iomoi is over the pond in the States, and has more cute modern designs than you can shake a stick at – the tophat-wearing monocle-toting seahorse is my personal fave…

Pure genius!

Exposed brickwork + bling…?

Following on from yesterday’s post, I thought I’d have a go at putting together my own living room scheme based around a gorgeous textural exposed brick wall backdrop – thoughts…?  Wasn’t sure if I’ve included maybe a smidge too much bling, if that’s actually physically possible.

[And please excuse the faux brick panels – I’m not actually advocating the use of them, it’s just the only image that showed up properly on polyvore.  Real brick all the way!]

Exposed brickwork

Exposed brickwork by caribbeanliving

Crystal jewelry

Monolith Table Lamps
$278 –

Benjamin Moore, Smokey Taupe

Hosta Dish

Pretty as a peacock

So ever since I posted about fabulous foyers the other week, I haven’t been able to get this image out of my head:

The GORGEOUS peacock mirror paired with the colourful ethnic cabinet just takes my breath away every single time I see it.  This new obsession was then further exacerbated when I saw Michelle Nussbaumer’s mindblowing take on this accessory:

So naturally I thought I’d go on the hunt for some more piccies to oogle, check these out!

Now unfortunately for all of us non-squillionnaires in the world, like so many of the best interior trends these puppies do not come cheap!  The original version from Wisteria will set you back $2,399:


Gah, I shall have one on my wall one day!!!

Mecox Gardens has another pricey, more bronze-y version:

While Restoration Hardware and Made Goods have two slightly more affordabe options:

And if you happen to live in South Africa, I’ve also stumbled across Weylandts’ offering:

Pier1 used to stock a bargainous $250 take on the piece (which I think is the version in the first foyer photo above) which – for some inexplicable reason, they must have been selling them by the thousands – they no longer have.  Does anyone have any ideas for sourcing one of these beauts on the cheap…?

Quirky pendant love

I went for dinner and drinkies last night with three of my best chicks, at a new shop/bar/restaurant/florist in the City called The Folly, and apart from having a jolly old time, I was also gobsmacked by the quirky, fresh and fun interiors, so I thought I’d share them with you today!

Why hello there mismatched upholstery and fun organic stools:

Are those really terracotta plantpot pendants?  I do believe so…genius:

I need some full size trees and picnic benches happening in my life:

I am just such a sucker for exposed pipework and brickwork – the two combined here are making me go an eeesnsy bit gaga:

And this oversize floorlamp/circular banquette dealio is also awe-some!

Is it too early in the morning to be wishing I were stood in front of this beehive-housed wine collection?!

And, at the risk of repeating myself, LOOK AT THESE PENDANTS!!!!!

So the lighting options are reason enough for me to go again, but the menus are also pretty fab – I highly recommend it, go check The Folly out!

Fun in the sun!

So with summer finally arrived in the northern hemisphere I’ve had a few peeps asking me for ideas for outdoors rooms, terraces, patios etc., so I thought I’d put together a couple of posts for you lovely lot.

You know the drill – inspiration pics today, details tomorrow!  So first up are the contemporary puppies:

Ok ok, I know this one isn’t strictly ‘contemporary’, but I like it so it’s going in!

Or are you veering towards more of a rustic vibe…?

I’ve actually fallen a little bit in love with this image:

And the lovely exotic ladies:

I spy Windsor Smith’s garden of awesome-ness:

Also, make sure you check out my Coastal Beauties and Al Fresco Fun posts for more ideas!

Add a little rustic charm…

I first came across the concept of fixing solid wooden barn-style doors to sliding metal tracks about 18 months ago when I saw this image for the first time:

And I absolutely love it.  Seriously, LOVE. IT!  Here are a few other gems I’ve found since then…

Couple of non-sliders:

And check out this stunning beach house I posted about a while ago, for one of my all time fave quirky barn door headboards!

So what do you think??  Is it time to go a smidge rustic?

Chinoiserie chic – part 2

Morning morning, and welcome back to part two of my chinoiserie extravaganza – today I thought we should take a look at the different options for sourcing these fabulous wallcoverings.

Firstly, for the real deal (and very expensive) I-want-to-spend-all-day-gazing-at-you shizzle, you need to get your butts to Paul Montgomery, de Gournay, Fromental or Gracie Studio.

Paul Montgomery (in my opinion, the best of the pastel shades live here):

de Gournay (the ultra-luxurious go to design house for classic elegant chinoiserie):

Fromental (recommended for its more modern take on the classic designs – check out the MONKEYS! – and its contemporary colourways):

And lastly Gracie Studio (who have a simply HUGE range and interesting colourways – loving this marigold shade below):

For those of you who are not the happy owners of a trust fund (!), here are some similar wallpapers without the bonkers price tag –  try the non-hand painted versions from Schumacher, Thibaut and Zoffany.



And the Fontaine prints fabric collection from Zoffany can also be used as a wall covering:

But if your heart’s set on getting your mittos on one of the hand painted silk puppies, Griffin & Wong have some more reasonably priced versions:

Or this ebay seller is supposed to be pretty good I believe:

And here are some slightly cheaper ideas and DIY options.

Instead of covering an entire room or wall in the stuff, why not incorporate just one mural into a wall painted in a complementary or contrasting colour.  Errr, $6.50/square foot?  That’s more like it…

And here’s a more pricey but also really unusual mural from Waverly:

Or instead of committing to an expensive wallcovering, why not use one of these fun-and-bargainous screens:

A vinyl wall sticker is another inexpensive yet striking addition to any room (this Etsy seller has a huge range of colours and can customise the design for you):

Or why not totally DIY-it using one of these stencils, some luxurious backing paper and oodles of metallic paints:

Similar to the mural idea above, you could frame a small piece of your favourite chinoiserie design or incorporate a couple of panels into a scheme (making the panels the same width as the wallpaper roll is the easiest option):

Or simply only cover a small area in the wallpaper:

And lastly, check out SecondHand Rose for some surprisingly reasonably priced vintage/antique wallcoverings:

You now officially have no excuse not to add a little whimsical chinoiserie touch to your home, let me know if you do!

Chinoiserie chic – part 1

Good morning!  So after the chinoiserie loveliness that featured yesterday, I thought it was about time I devoted a little bit of blog love to all things chinoiserie and chic!  It’s not exactly an up and coming craze, chinoiserie wallcoverings have been featuring in the design magazines since long before the time of Domino, but I suspect it’s going to hang around for a while yet as I believe you’d be hard pushed to find a more feminine and exotic look all bundled into a roll of wallpaper!

Anyway, so today we’ll cover the inspiration pics, and tomorrow the stockists of this gorgeous stuff… 

I’m pretty sure I let out an audible squeak when I saw this first image:

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my round up of the crazy high price point hand painted stockists, some more reasonably priced mid-range options and some sneaky DIY ideas…