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Design from Down Under

I’ve been increasingly drawn to Australian interior design over the last few months, after having a good oogle at a couple of their design mags on a flight back home.  Literally almost every single space I see makes my eyes pop out of my noggin, so I thought I’d do a little round up this week of a few of my faves.

Incorporating more light, bright, natural finishes than you can shake a stick at, a large smattering of Balinese/general Indonesian decor and a focus on indoor/outdoor spaces, these are guaranteed to make your day – I recommend you go make yourself a cuppa and take some time over them.


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That uggers black box

Have you ever noticed an ugly big fat TV ruining an otherwise bootiful interior design scheme in a glossy mag or shiny blog?!  Thought not.  There is not a single more offensive item that has to be included in the home, unless you happen to like these.  In which case you are not welcome around these parts, ha.  Just kidding, everyone is welcome, come on in and join the fun.

It’s something that really gets me in a tizzy, trying to figure out the best way to disguise or hide these beasts.  In our current rental we have a great big ugly laminate ‘wood’ media wall that incorporates a little TV niche, so the small-ugly is kinda camouflaged by the big-ugly, and I try to just not ever look in that direction…  But when one day we do own our own pad this is one item that is waaay far up the design agenda.

So let’s take a little look at the options shall we?  If you’re willing to spend les big bucks then a motorised unit is just the ticket:

interior design hiding the tv1

A custom wall unit is also a pretty sweet way to hide the buggers, but you can’t really take it with you if you move home…

interior design hiding the tv2 interior design hiding the tv3 interior design hiding the tv4

Loving this chimney breast idea on the LHS here, genius!

interior design hiding the tv5

Slightly less of a commitment is a sliding piece of artwork, map etc. that you can scoot over the TV when you’re not using it:

interior design hiding the tv6


interior design hiding the tv8

Or how about some screen/shutter/barn door action?

interior design hiding the tv7interior design hiding the tv9 interior design hiding the tv10

These are all great ways to deal with the monsters but I think my preferred option is still the simple one.  Buy a cabinet, any cabinet, adjust the shelves to the right size, cut a hole in the back for the wiring and hide away your TV, à la:

interior design hiding the tv11

I’m still thinking I need a Chinese Wedding Cabinet in my life.  Any of these would do nicely…

interior design hiding the tv13 interior design hiding the tv14


Cute ‘n’ colourful family home

I think I’m officially the last to the party that is Adore Home Magazine.  I just stumbled across it yesterday and ohhhh my is it good.  Full of fun bright colour and quirkiness, it really is the cat’s pyjamas.

My pick of the current edition is this gorgeously fun family home in Sydney – it caught my eye with the Louis Ghost chair/solid wood dining table combo as that’s what I’ve gone for in our home (albeit with a few more wood-boring tropical insects – long story)…

adore mag honey and fizz1

…and then reeled me in hook, line and sinker with these quirky vignettes and colourful accents:

adore mag honey and fizz2 adore mag honey and fizz3

I’m normally a fan of the more natural colours for Wishbone chairs, but this canary yellow puppy is changing my opinion…

adore mag honey and fizz4 adore mag honey and fizz5


What do you think loves?

Sassy snakeskin – part 1

Crumbs, I’m covering all the animals of the jungle this week…

So I’ve been becoming more and more enamoured with the gorgeous feisty snakeskins I’m seeing, both in the lands of fashion and interiors.

snakeskin interior design1 snakeskin interior design2

It is veeery easy to misjudge this finish and end up looking like the Queen of Tack (not a Kingdom I would like to have anything to do with, ahem) – a little goes a crazy long way folks!

So first up the mini-est commitments, I am loving that sink, so much fun.

snakeskin interior design2.6 snakeskin interior design3

Or how about a table or some luscious upholstery…?

snakeskin interior design4 snakeskin interior design5 snakeskin interior design6 snakeskin interior design8

Or you could just splatter it all over your walls – love!

snakeskin interior design9


Make sure you stop by for part 2 tomorrow!

Fancy a tipple?

So yesterday I took a little trip to Horizons Plaza in Ap Lei Chau (Hong Kong’s ultimate furniture mecca) and was literally stopped dead in my tracks by Tree’s awesome portable bar.

I’ve posted about glamping before but chucking this into your luggage would seriously take it up a notch…

Pretty cool, no?!  The aluminium frame’s a smidge too flashy and new-looking for me but I have to say I would not turn my nose up.

This got me pondering bars in general and so I thought today I’d have a look to see what inspiration there is out there – here are a few piccies to feast your peepers on, I am totally swooning over the colourful ones!


And here’s one I came up with myself, incorporating the ultimate colour combo of the moment: tangerine and aqua.  I’ve become an eensy bit obsessed with this incredible wine barrel flooring, just had to include my fave motto of all time (ahem), and also threw in a penguin and elephant just for fun…

{wine rack, elephant lamp, art print, penguin ice bucket, aqua barcart, cooperage flooring, agate coasters, orange tray, platinum rimmed glassware}

Think it might be wine o’clock, anyone want to join…?

Little dose of our favourite…

So for the last week or so I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at neutral colour schemes and sleek classy pieces of furniture, which I’ve loved – however, I feel the need for a pop of colour today, and what better way to introduce this than with my all time favourite: the ikat print.

Yes ladies and gents, I’m still clinging desperately onto the ikat trend with both mitts and am very sad that it seems to be fizzling out…  But I stand steadfast in my quest to incorporate it into every single thing I work on, whether or not it is appropriate, ahem.

Anyhoo, here are my picks for today, hope you likey!

There’s something about a chair back upholstered in ikat that makes my brain flip out a little at the awesomeness…

Ditto any ornate antique-looking piece jazzed up to the nines:

Ok ok, there’s only an eeny weeny bit of ikat in the LH pic here, but DO YOU SEE THAT CHEVRON BACKING on the shelving unit??!!  Bonkers.

Love me a good pinboard I do…

And I’m totally obsessing over these two interesting applications:

Ikat + nailhead trim??!  I DIE!

And I would never in a zillion years would have thought that lavender and peach could look so good together.

Framed ikat as artwork – l.o.v.e

And this image produces an immediate jaw-drop every single time I set eyes on it:

Or…how about using ikat in an event context?  LOVE this pink/coral/turquoise jobby:

And I don’t know who the stylist was on these ones but they are clearly very talented (ahem, kidding – these are from our wedding, although now I’m wishing I’d bought more fabric and had the runners perpendicular like the two above…):

(all credits)

And for some shopping inspiration see my ikat how to here!

Urban living – Cayman style…

So it is T minus 3 days until we leave this beautiful island for good (HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED??!) and I’ve realised that the post I’ve been meaning to write for ages about Camana Bay really has to get written now or never.

Camana Bay is Cayman’s answer to anyone who tries to claim that this island is behind the times or even an eensy weensy bit backward: a little gem of a development full of shops, restaurants, condos and lots of strings of little mini lanterns (more on them later…) that makes you feel as if you could be in a modern design-focused city rather than a laid back Caribbean island.  It has been designed so absolutely 100% amazingly well that I couldn’t find a bad word to say about it if my life depended on it.


The modern island-style architecture with its white wooden panelling, bright fun shutters, shadesails and fountains perfectly mixes the functional with the pretty.


The development has been going from strength to strength for the last two years I’ve lived here, with ever more cool spots for Friday happy hour or a chilled out lunch.


The Observation Tower overlooks the entire island, with its higgledy-piggledy features:



And at night time the whole place is lit up by gorgeous little lanterns and intricately carved light fixtures.


(credits: 1 / 2)

I know not why there aren’t more spots like this in Cayman – if somebody created a well-designed beach bar similar to this they would make an absolute FORTUNE.  Any potential investors out there looking for a designer?  I’m your girl.

We’re coming back for the wedding of some great friends of ours here in December this year, and I’m excited to see what Camana Bay will have evolved into by then!

Brit styling

I came across the portfolio of the UK stylist Lucyina Moodie the other day and was transfixed in front of my computer for about an hour.  Oodles of foxed mercury glass?  Check.  Enough distressed floorboards to fill your heart’s desires?  Check.  English-rural-vignettes-with-precisely-the-correct-amount-of-twee?  Checkity check check.  Seriously, I was gobsmacked, have a look for yourselves:

ARGHH, this one’s AMAZEBALLS!!

(all credits: Lucyina Moodie)

Scandinavian sass – part 1

Morning morning!  So I had pretty mixed feedback on yesterday’s post featuring the gorgeous Scandinavian home of interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander – most people seem to have loved it but a few came to the conclusion that the blinding white floors and walls made the space feel a little too cold, and I have to say I can see their point.

I think this interiors style is fantastic in the summertime, with bright sunshine beaming through billowy drapes and illuminating the scheme, but in wintertime it would definitely be harder to make the place feel homely and warm, without purchasing a whole flock of sheepskin rugs and felling a forest for firewood.  Also, I think it would be difficult to make this a success somewhere like the UK, as we just don’t get enough (and bright enough) light in the summer to justify the acres of white.  However conversely it would be perfection somewhere like the Caribbean or a place with hot hot summers, as the white canvas would cool everything down nicely.  Anyhoo that’s my two cents, would be interested to hear your opinions!

Scandinavian design seems to fall into two categories, either the very ornate and traditional style with plenty of gilt and quite fussy furnishings, such as this bad boy…

…or a much more contemporary loft-y style with more modern fixtures and an open plan feel.  I have to say much prefer the latter so I’m going to take a closer look at this type today, apols if you’re a trad fan.

So anyway, go grab a cuppa and take a few minutes over these images, you won’t be sorry believe me!  Some of the pics are mahusive, but I’ve kept them so in order that you can appreciate zee beauty to its fullest.

(credits: Pinterest, Swedish Interior Design,, Residence,, Pia Ulin, Cia Wedin)

So what do you think folks?  Could it work in the country you’re from…?

Make sure you stop by for my how-to tomorrow!