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Monday’s Masterpiece – this man is a Design GOD

Wowsers wowsers wowsers people.  Over the weekend I came across images of Kid Rock’s Malibu home designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and nearly choked on my latte.  I actually had coffee running out of my nose in public.  It was not pretty.

I know I tend to slightly overuse the old superlatives on this blog but the interior design of this place really really is INCREDIBLE.  And very timely actually as I’m trying to create an Indonesian/Moroccan beaut myself.  I can’t really formulate proper English sentences right now, in fact I’d better put my coffee mug down while I upload the images, hey up…

kid rock martyn lawrence-bullard1 kid rock martyn lawrence-bullard2 Kid rock martyn Lawrence-Bullard3 Kid Rock Martyn Lawrence-Bullard4 Kid Rock Martyn Lawrence-Bullard6 kid rock MartynLawrenceBullard5

Kid Rock Martyn Lawrence-Bullard9 kid rock martyn lawrence-bullard10

{credits – 1 / 2 / 3 – apols re the formatting, am finding my way around a Mac for the first time, yikes)

So what do you think??  Crazy, no?!  I am totally swooning over all that goooorgeous carved wood, and the kitchen is most definitely the dog’s knickknacks.

I have a sneaky suspicion our pad may not quite live up to Kid Rock’s abode, ha.  {Side note: we moved in yesterday, yeeha!  It’s a bit of an empty shell right now but will post up an update soon}.

Living room update (2)

Ok, so I was up late last night finalising the decor for our new living/dining room and thought I’d share the results with you lovelies today!

Here’s the annotated plan:

Elly MacDonald Design - Living-Dining Room Plan

And the corresponding decor boards – not all items are noted on le plan, but are pretty self-explanatory I think.

Living Room

Elly MacDonald Design - Living Room Decor

Dining room {delish gold cutlery alert!}

Elly MacDonald Design - Dining Room Decor

I like how the whites and light colours of the mother of pearl etc. of the dining room balance out the slightly darker more masculine elements of the living room, and blend into one giant Balinese/Moroccan contemporary explosion.  Did I just refer to my design as an explosion??!  Bit OTT perhaps…  But I’m bouncing around on my desk chair I’m so psyched to move in.

Hope you likey, let me know what you think?

Morocco me – part 3

Ok ok, I think ol’ WP was just having a bit of a moment back there, things seem to be back to normal right now.  Maaan, Caribbean Living was seriously uggers for a minute or two, ha.

Ok, I digress……so back to the final Morocco instalment for this week folks (sorry Johanna, ahem), the handira wedding blanket, AKA the most blooming beautiful blanket I have ever set eyes upon – and I am quite an authority on blankets, believe me, we have an enormous (and growing) pile of ’em from all around the world, but none of these beauties, drat.

handira1See??!  Blooming.  Beautiful.

So here are the obligatory swoonworthy piccies, I think I’ll let them do the talking today.

handira2 handira3 handira4 handira5 handira6 handira7 handira8


Morocco me – part 2

So the one piece of Moroccan furnishings I have been über-coveting for a while now is the Berber rug, aka Beni Ouarain rug.

berber rugs1

Crafted by the Beni Ouarain tribespeople of the Atlas Mountains, its distinctive geometric lines and high pile shagginess are absolutely divine and provide the perfect does of ethnic goodness to a scheme while not being too ‘look at me look at me’ crazy.

Not sure what the deal is with some of the vintage pieces – kinda looks like a toddler, black marker pen and free rein have been combined all over a priceless rug…

berber rugs2

Quite cool and unusual but I think I prefer the straighties myself.

So here are some examples of these lovely ladies in action – let me know what you think por fav!

berber rugs3 berber rugs4 berber rugs5 berber rugs6 berber rugs7 berber rugs8 berber rugs9 berber rugs10 berber rugs11 berber rugs13