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Design classic (37) – the Wassily chair

So the caramel leather Wassily chair that I posted up last week made me want to take a closer look at this little Modernist gem.

Designed by (this ‘ere bloke below) Marcel Breuer in 1926, and made from tubular steel and leather, it is an iconic piece from the Bauhaus School and is still massively in demand today (Knoll flog the authentic puppies, but as ever there are also many repro versions available).

interior design wassily chair1

I haven’t been able to find too many examples that fill me with glee, but here are the few I’ve rounded up – the caramel is my fave.  Obvs.

interior design wassily chair2

Loving it here juxtaposed against the traditional mouldings:

interior design wassily chair3 interior design wassily chair4

And it provides the perfect contemporary kick to this eclectic living room:

interior design wassily chair5

More yummy caramel!

interior design wassily chair6


So what do you think of this slinky number?  Is it your cup of tea…?

Have a happy weekend!

Design classic (36) – the Serge Mouille lamp

A.K.A. range of rather frightening alien-like lights:

serge mouille interior design0

Sourcing here.

I must admit though that I am a fan.  A room is not a room without some kind of extra-terrestrial accent.

Here are my fave piccies showcasing these beauts, although a few are not so good repros I think, not the real deal.  Ahem, note ikat armchair below left, yum:

Serge Mouille interior design1

This entire feature in Lonny was bananas, but I am especially swooning over the Serge Mouille + Beni Ourain + brass brass brass:

serge mouille interior design2

LOVING this pair of whiteys:

Serge Mouille interior design3 Serge Mouille interior design4 serge mouille interior design5

serge mouille interior design6 serge mouille interior design7

This last one is from the House of Windsor showhouse from a few years back – see here for more goodies.

serge mouille interior design8


So what do you lovelies think, do tell…?  Have a happy weekend.

Design classic (35) – the Womb chair

So I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these bad boys.  Most of the time I’m just freaked out by the name (is that weird?!) and then not won over by the generally waaay too masculine styling of the scheme, but sometimes very occasionally I see an image that makes me all ‘yah I can see a brown leather version of this in my home one day…’.

Kinda like the Egg chair, most things are just better in brown leather:

interior design womb chair1

The chair was designed by my main man Eero Saarinan (he of Tulip table fame) in 1948, at the request of Florence Knoll, who apparently also called it the ‘Curl chair’.

So here are my fave inspo piccies of the piece, make sure you let me know what you think of it!

interior design womb chair2

Loving this fuchsia beaut!

interior design womb chair3 interior design womb chair4 interior design womb chair5 interior design womb chair6 interior design womb chair7


Have a happy weekend lovelies!

Design classic (34) – the Wishbone (again…)

So I thought after featuring that gorgeous canary yellow Wishbone Chair earlier in the week, I’d have a little looksee for some more fun brights today.

The classic Wishbone Chair was the subject of my first post in this series (see here for a recap!) – I still just can’t get enough of their sleek lines and transitional style.

Anyhoo so here’s my rainbow round up, let me know what you think!

interior design colourful wishbone chair1 interior design colourful wishbone chair2 interior design colourful wishbone chair3 interior design colourful wishbone chair4 interior design colourful wishbone chair5 interior design colourful wishbone chair6 interior design colourful wishbone chair7


Have a happy weekend!

Design classic (33) – Terzani Atlantis light

Ugh, I am fed up of feeling like I’m living right next to a monster island-size bonfire!!  The smog has infiltrated our flat, even with the a/c on full whack, so all our clothes etc now smell of autumn.  Yuck.

To improve my grumpy mood this morning I thought I’d have a gawp at the insane lighting beauties created by Terzani, a Florence-based design studio that’s been turning out geniusness (is that a word?) since 1972.  Out of an entire portfolio of breathtakingly gorgeous light fixtures, in my mind the Atlantis and Soscik take joint first prize.

terzani light interior design1 terzani light interior design1.5

Sch.wing.  They’re hand-crafted from 3 miles (no joke) of draped nickel chains, and that’s just the Atlantis above on the LHS.  Insane.

Pretty full on bling yep I agree, but if done right these fittings are truly one of a kind bananas good.  Puzzingly though, I have had a lot of trouble sourcing images of schemes that I don’t think are revolting.  I really try to not slate design that I dislike as I appreciate that it’s so subjective (I’m sure plenty of peeps hate my ikats, natural textures and ethnic touches), but considering that the average punter would have to remortgage their home in order to acquire one of these pieces of amazingness, I really truly am gobsmacked that there are so many heinous schemes out there that include them.  They should have hired me… Ha, kidding.  No, not really kidding.

Errr anyhoo, so here are the few I’ve found that I do love – it’s often used in luxe commercial settings, like this divine restaurant in Moscow.

terzani light interior design2 terzani light interior design3 terzani light interior design4

I’m sure you’ll be extremely surprised to hear that my faves are those paired with rough natural goodness, like these wooden tables below, or the exposed brick wall up top.

terzani light interior design5

I really dislike this scheme below (ok, breaking my rule here…) but I wanted to include this pic as it shows the longy version in full glory.  Ooh and I quite like that white wall treatment.

terzani light interior design6 terzani light interior design7 terzani light interior design8


Make sure you let me know what you think of this fixture – is it too much for you or just your cuppa?

Have a happy and smog-free weekend loves!

Design classic (32) – le clawfoot tub

So after 31 DC’s I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of classics that I love (I was going to post about the Womb Chair today but it kinda freaks me out a smidge and also I think it’s uggers), midcentury modern or otherwise.

But today I thought I’d post about one luscious lady that has truly stood the test of time: the claw foot bathtub.  First created in the 1800’s from cast iron and lined in porcelain they were luxury items that only veeery few could afford.  Happily for us that is no longer the case!

As you can see here, the piece fits really well into seriously trad styling but can also hold its own in a crazy contemporary scheme:

clawfoot tub interior design1

I have a serious soft spot for metallic clawfoots but today I thought I’d just stick to the painted jobbies.

First up, how about some dark moody beauts…?

clawfoot tub interior design10 clawfoot tub interior design9

Yummy brass fixtures on the RHS here, and those floorboards!!

clawfoot tub interior design8

Or are you more of an all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow kinda gal…?

[Side note, can we all please give this FLAMINGO WALLPAPER some lovin’?!]

clawfoot tub interior design2

Floaty drapes and shower curtains get the thumbs up from moi:

clawfoot tub interior design3 clawfoot tub interior design4

And I’m seriously enamoured with these cooler shades of green and blue:

clawfoot tub interior design5 clawfoot tub interior design6

More brass fixtures!!  Stop it, it’s too much!

clawfoot tub interior design7


So which would you pick…?

It’s my 30th birthday next week (crumbs, not entirely sure how that happened) and we’re using it as an excuse to travel in south Vietnam for a week to celebrate – will try to keep the posts rolling as normal but please humour any hiccups…

Have a happy weekend y’all, what are you up to??

Design classic (31) – the Platner table

Morning loves, Happy Friday to you!

Today let’s take a gander at the semi-retro, semi-futuristic Platner coffee/dining/side table:

interior design platner tableDesigned by American architect/designer Warren Platner in the 60s, this minimalist piece is fashioned from steel wire rods with a tempered glass top.

Knoll sell the real deal puppies, but as ever there are some pretty decent fake-ies around if that’s what you’re after.

So here are a few of my fave interiors pics incorporating this slick beauty – my preference (surprise surprise…) is FOR SURE the schemes where it’s paired with wooden chairs or more traditional furnishings, to get that eclectic look.  There’s also a matching dining chair but that can go take a running jump in my humbles opinion, just like the Tulip chair.  Too harsh?!  Nope, I don’t think so.

interior design platner table1 interior design platner table2

Ok so I included the Platner chairs on the LHS here – the zebra rug and chevron wall art got me!!!

interior design platner table3

And it looks just incredible in this very masculine space – paired with a brown leather Chesterfield (oh my!) and a vintage rug I am swooning all over the shop…

interior design platner table3.6 interior design platner table4

Love love love!

interior design platner table4.6

This scheme feels a smidge bland to me overall, but I’m dying over those natural poufs and that rattan/sheepskin action – come to mama!

interior design platner table5

And lastly it is simply delish here paired with the hydrangeas and leopard…yum!

interior design platner table6


Happy a happy weekend folks, what are you up to…?

Design classic (30) – Acapulco chair

Morning folks and Happy Friday!   I thought for today’s design classic I’d have a little peek at the fun and quirky Acapulco chair.



The chair was first produced in the 1950s and was designed by, they say, some French tourist on hols in Mexico with an overheating bot.  Made of vinyl cords strung onto a metal frame, this iconic design now comes in a whole bunch of colours and is a gorgeous bright tropical addition to any space.

So here are my fave inspo piccies, make sure you leave me a comment to let me know which is your fave!








Have a happy weekend loves!

Design classic (29) – the Eames Rocker

So I know I covered this lil’ gem a while back as part of my monsoonal shower of love for all things Eiffel chairs and the genius of the Eames duo in general, but I received a one liner email yesterday from my (ordinarily highly supportive…) mother containing an awful accusation: ‘Elly, that rocking chair is hideous!!’.

Au contraire Mumsy, au contraire.  Check out these fun spaces livened up by a dose of their bright colour and whimsical retro shapes.

r1 r2 r3


Happy weekend peeps, toodles!