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Colour inspo: teal blue

It’s been a while since my last colour inspo post, and this morning I’m in the mood for a jolt.  Whether you call it peacock, teal or plain ol’ turquoise, this vibrant highly saturated shade of blue/green never fails to leave me with a smile on my face.

First the obligatory inspo pics:

teal interior design www.caribbeanlivingblog.com1

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Marvellous malachite – part 1

So…let’s talk malachite.

I’ve been loving agate looooong time now (see here), but malachite may just have usurped it in my affections:

interior design malachite1

Pipped it to the post.  I mean look at it.  Seriously.

interior design malachite2

There’s something about the natural swirls and bright emeralds that gets me every time, and it looks particularly smasheroo with brass.

interior design malachite3 interior design malachite4 interior design malachite5

Look how pleased this bird is with her fancypants ceiling:

interior design malachite6

Don’t blame her though, it’s awesome.  Bravo Ms Designer.

Also gorgeous as upholstery – this goldy bamboo style chair is making me a little weak at the knees:

interior design malachite7


Make sure you stop by tomorrow for some shopping!

Colour inspo: indigo and gold

Indigo and gold is one of my all time FAVE colour combos.  Naturally I am attracted to le bling, but I am also totally head over heels for the contrast it achieves with a deep rich luxury navy.  It can be a really traditional look but me no likey so I’ve found some fun contemporary styling for you lovelies today.  Let me know what you think of this combo!

Clearly I had to include an old door.  When will this obsession stop?!  Will Alistair come home one day to an apartment full of old rusty, carved and colourful doors?  We shall see.

navy and gold interior design1 navy and gold interior design2

Pretty amazeballs chinoiserie situation going on here:

navy and gold interior design3 navy and gold interior design4 navy and gold interior design5

And I am going slightly gaga for these brass/gold frames set against an opulent indigo wall – yum!

navy and gold interior design6 navy and gold interior design7 navy and gold interior design8 navy and gold interior design9


Delish, no?

Colour inspo: peach and mint

Apols for being tardy today loves, I’ve been caught in the grips of a new colour combo fixation and have been hunting down the perfect peachy/coral-y fabric to use to add a little zing to our living room.

Said new colour combo fixation is this pinky-coral colour paired with a cool minty/duck egg grey-blue.  I suddenly cannot get enough of it:

peach and mint interior design1

Here are some of my fave moodboard piccies right now – such a luscious combo!!

peach and mint interior design2 peach and mint interior design3 peach and mint interior design4 peach and mint interior design5 peach and mint interior design6

It looks pretty fabulous in event design:

peach and mint interior design7

And also in interiors (in small doses) – I know I know, I’ve blogged this first pic about one bazillion times.

peach and mint interior design8

Errr and this one, ahem.  Best nursery of ALL TIME still though:

peach and mint interior design9


What do you guys think of this pastel-y goodness?

Cute ‘n’ colourful family home

I think I’m officially the last to the party that is Adore Home Magazine.  I just stumbled across it yesterday and ohhhh my is it good.  Full of fun bright colour and quirkiness, it really is the cat’s pyjamas.

My pick of the current edition is this gorgeously fun family home in Sydney – it caught my eye with the Louis Ghost chair/solid wood dining table combo as that’s what I’ve gone for in our home (albeit with a few more wood-boring tropical insects – long story)…

adore mag honey and fizz1

…and then reeled me in hook, line and sinker with these quirky vignettes and colourful accents:

adore mag honey and fizz2 adore mag honey and fizz3

I’m normally a fan of the more natural colours for Wishbone chairs, but this canary yellow puppy is changing my opinion…

adore mag honey and fizz4 adore mag honey and fizz5


What do you think loves?

Friday [fuchsia] fun

It’s not been a particularly great week over here at Caribbean Living HQ.  I’m having trouble with a supplier (Small Claims Court here I come…) and have been struggling to keep up to date with polishing off my current project as there’s too much on my plate right now!

But we’re heading to the big smoke (aka HK) this weekend to catch up with some friends from Blighty which will be super duper, and I’m actually feeling a lot more perky after splatting these fuchsia beauts all over le blog (apart from that Arco floor lamp, ick).

fuchsia1 fuchsia2 fuchsia3 fuchsia4


Have a happy weekend loves!

Design classic (32) – le clawfoot tub

So after 31 DC’s I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of classics that I love (I was going to post about the Womb Chair today but it kinda freaks me out a smidge and also I think it’s uggers), midcentury modern or otherwise.

But today I thought I’d post about one luscious lady that has truly stood the test of time: the claw foot bathtub.  First created in the 1800’s from cast iron and lined in porcelain they were luxury items that only veeery few could afford.  Happily for us that is no longer the case!

As you can see here, the piece fits really well into seriously trad styling but can also hold its own in a crazy contemporary scheme:

clawfoot tub interior design1

I have a serious soft spot for metallic clawfoots but today I thought I’d just stick to the painted jobbies.

First up, how about some dark moody beauts…?

clawfoot tub interior design10 clawfoot tub interior design9

Yummy brass fixtures on the RHS here, and those floorboards!!

clawfoot tub interior design8

Or are you more of an all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow kinda gal…?

[Side note, can we all please give this FLAMINGO WALLPAPER some lovin’?!]

clawfoot tub interior design2

Floaty drapes and shower curtains get the thumbs up from moi:

clawfoot tub interior design3 clawfoot tub interior design4

And I’m seriously enamoured with these cooler shades of green and blue:

clawfoot tub interior design5 clawfoot tub interior design6

More brass fixtures!!  Stop it, it’s too much!

clawfoot tub interior design7


So which would you pick…?

It’s my 30th birthday next week (crumbs, not entirely sure how that happened) and we’re using it as an excuse to travel in south Vietnam for a week to celebrate – will try to keep the posts rolling as normal but please humour any hiccups…

Have a happy weekend y’all, what are you up to??

All that glitters…

So oogling those pics of The Savoy yesterday brought to mind the incredible gold leaf wall treatments in their Beaufort Bar.  Smashing, no?

gold leaf wall interior design1

I seem to be trending towards using more neutrals and soft colour in my old age, but my passion for brass and gold and general bling is still going strong.  Here are a few of my all time faves – what do you think…?

gold leaf wall interior design2 gold leaf wall interior design3 interior design gold leaf wall4 interior design gold leaf wall5


And in case you’re feeling inspired to add a little zingy bling to your space, here are some of your options…

interior design shopping guide gold leaf wall treatment

{clockwise from top left: white gold chevron, regular gold, vermilion gold leaf squared, gold leaf screen, textured gold, gold tiling, gold leaf grid}

So is this your cuppa tea, or is it too showy and LOOK AT MEEEE for you…?