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Happy Chinese New Year

Or…Gong Xi Fa Cai if you want to get all Mandarin-y on me.



It’s the year of the horse in 2014 and you should see the incredible lanterns in China Town here in Singers, these pics don’t really do them justice:

singapore chinese new year1 singapore chinese new year2


I thought in honour of this weekend’s celebrations I would have a look at my fave Chinese/Asian-inspired interiors.  I’m still loving all the medicine cabinets I can get my greedy peepers on, as well as the foo-foos and Chinese wedding cabinets.

chinese furniture interior design1chinese furniture interior design2 chinese furniture interior design3

chinese furniture interior design4chinese furniture interior design5 chinese furniture interior design6 chinese furniture interior design7


And see here and here for sourcing…

We’re off to Myanmar for the long weekend, full travel report to follow!

Have a happy weekend folks.

Chinese screens – oooooh la la…

So for my second post on my ever-increasing obsession with Chinese furniture, I thought I’d have a little squizz at the beauties that are Chinese screens.

There are two main types you could opt for – firstly, a carved wooden frame, which is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n used as a room divider:

Or as a privacy guard / headboard:

Or simply as gorgeous detailing:

Do NOT like the colour of the daybed but the rest of this scheme is spot on:

Or how about  a beeeeautiful painted chinoiserie screen:

Ok ok, this one’s Japanese, you caught me…

Loving this idea, what an elegant solution to the lack of privacy – I’d be a smidge nervous about steam damaging the screen though.

Two more INSANE headboard shots!

And check out these bonkers black/gold lacquered jobbies.  I’ve only included this first one for the screen itself, please ignore the rest of the scheme, ick. 

(all credits)

They have completely and utterly stolen my heart – think I may need to find an excuse to go shopping…

Caribbean Living goes shopping

So we are in the very lucky position to be looking around for some gorgeous Chinese furniture as one of our wedding gifts, and I thought today I’d do a post on our progress as there are just so many goodies out there to choose from and we are having significant difficulties making a decision!

We headed over to Ap Lei Chau last week, ‘Duck’s Tongue Island’ off the south coast of Hong Kong, to Horizon Plaza which is the main area for furniture shopping here.  We wandered around for about 3 hours – me with my jaw on the floor, Alistair with his jaw complaining (ha, no that’s not fair actually, he was pretty tolerant).

So these are some of the pieces we saw – have no idea how we’re going to decide between them.  So first up we started in a largely reproduction furniture store called Old Shanghai.  You may be able to tell I was drawn towards the aqua options…

This second shop is called The Birdcage and is full of gorgeous genuine antiques and a very helpful owner, Clarence.  He was telling us all about his buying trips in China and about the antiques trade etc., really fascinating. 

All the Chinese cabinets were traditionally a deep red, black or natural wood colour (apols for the dreadful pic…).

We fell slightly in love with the antique medicine cabinet (centre back) but it’s just not very functional – what can you keep in there other than your undies?!  Apparently the supply of antique ones are running out quickly so Clarence is buying up every single one he can get his hands on – best move quickly if you want to get your mittos on one of these…

So what do you guys think?  We’d like to get a pair of whatever we choose as I think that looks faaabulous, but should we go for a neutral option, in black, white or natural wood:

Should we amp up the colour with a reproduction?

Or should we go for one with an intricate Chinoiserie design on the front?



And see here for a few more gorgeous designs!

Chic, Colourful and Chinese – part 1

So I guess it’s a kinda obvious link, but I’ve found myself pondering Chinese lacquered cabinets today.  Sleek and black or crazy and colourful, a pair of these are guaranteed to give a boost to any room.

Add some to a chinoiseire or exposed brick backdrop for a look that’s respectively chic and classy, or rough and edgy:

Go for monochrome glamour with white painted floorboards or a knock-your-socks-off colour punch!

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE them paired here with the ceiling beams and canopy bed:

And my jaw may or may not have just hit the floor upon seeing this tangerine beaut.  The ‘shabby Chinese chic’ washstand is pretty bananas too.

And I’m not 100% convinced about the white leather sofa/stools, but these mile high kitchen cabinets are pretty much le bee’s knees:

(credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 )

So what do you reckon folks?

Make sure you stop by for my shopping guide tomorrow!