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Cayman inspiration: tropical glamour

Morning lovelies, how are we all today?  Sorry again about yesterday, think I was on a dodgy island internet connection.

So we went to the most fantastic wedding on Friday, held at the gorgeous Tiki Beach Club here in Cayman.  While we were there it struck me that it was about time I dedicated a little blog love to all things wood/thatch cabana-y and white floaty drape-y…

tiki beach1


I thought I would have a little lookie for some fun tropical cabana inspiration this morning – take a peek at these beauts.  Maybe not entirely appropriate for the silly season in most of the world, but it works for Cayman!

tropical cabana1tropical cabana2tropical cabana3


Urban living – Cayman style…

So it is T minus 3 days until we leave this beautiful island for good (HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED??!) and I’ve realised that the post I’ve been meaning to write for ages about Camana Bay really has to get written now or never.

Camana Bay is Cayman’s answer to anyone who tries to claim that this island is behind the times or even an eensy weensy bit backward: a little gem of a development full of shops, restaurants, condos and lots of strings of little mini lanterns (more on them later…) that makes you feel as if you could be in a modern design-focused city rather than a laid back Caribbean island.  It has been designed so absolutely 100% amazingly well that I couldn’t find a bad word to say about it if my life depended on it.


The modern island-style architecture with its white wooden panelling, bright fun shutters, shadesails and fountains perfectly mixes the functional with the pretty.


The development has been going from strength to strength for the last two years I’ve lived here, with ever more cool spots for Friday happy hour or a chilled out lunch.


The Observation Tower overlooks the entire island, with its higgledy-piggledy features:



And at night time the whole place is lit up by gorgeous little lanterns and intricately carved light fixtures.


(credits: 1 / 2)

I know not why there aren’t more spots like this in Cayman – if somebody created a well-designed beach bar similar to this they would make an absolute FORTUNE.  Any potential investors out there looking for a designer?  I’m your girl.

We’re coming back for the wedding of some great friends of ours here in December this year, and I’m excited to see what Camana Bay will have evolved into by then!

Bring me sunshine

So the reason for post lackage yesterday is, for once, not down to my disorganisation: our delightful internet provider decided to shut down our connection while we were away and, this being Cayman, we’ve only just got it up and running again.  

But we’re back in paradise now after a wonderful trip back home – it feels good to have the sun on my skin and the blaring of cruise ship Cuban karaoke songs in my ears again.  I thought I’d share with you lovely lot today an incredible beach house here in Cayman, as featured in Inside Out Magazine recently.  It was designed by the geniuses at Design Studio – let’s just say that if we were staying here I would be begging them for a job on a daily basis – it literally took my breath away.

(Apols for the dodgy photos…)

(all credits: Inside Out Magazine)


Sneak peek: Caribbean Living in the press (strike 3)

So I just noticed via my blog stats page that my piece for Living Abroad Magazine has just been published!  Please please excuse the dreadful hair (we were travelling for 10 days and all the luggage I was allowed was an eeny weeny rucksack – no space for hair-taming implements).  Lack of hair dryer aside, I’m quite pleased with how the piece turned out, even though they changed a bit of the copy…

Hope you like it!

Oh and ps. I just also noticed my holey top…oh dear, see here for the full (embarrassing) story.  Ahem.

Grotesque grey stingrays – the how to…

Ok so I thought I’d continue the grey theme today, in case anyone was inspired yesterday to:

a) come visit me here in Cayman and go swim with stingrays; or

b) redecorate your home in grey.

Can’t massively help with the first option (but would recommend it) but here’s my picks for the second!

Headboard and blankets – The White Company
Chandelier – West Elm
Coasters – Zara Home
Rug – Zara Home
Ottoman – West Elm
Sofa – West Elm
Bamboo frames – Zara Home
Lamp – West Elm

[Yes Photoshop, I’ve finally conquered you!]

Ahem, well sorry for the shorty today but we were up at 5.45am to go lobstering (it was the first day of the season today and Ali was a little over-excited about lobster for brekky) – my brain’s running a little slower than usual right now.

Have a fab day all, what are you up to today?

Cayman-inspired jewel toned décor

Crumbs, that was a bit of a mouthful.  Right, so first of all this morning I would like you to please check out this awesome video (shot by yours truly, I know I know I should be a videographer, it’s very professionally done…ha) of my friend Kim throwing herself off a 40 foot cliff into the Caribbean Sea.  Also please note Alistair’s blatant fib: ‘it’s not that high’, my foot.  Click on the FB link to view – I really hope it works, as you’ll be able to see from the video, technology is not exactly a forte of mine…
Nope, it is not some kind of weird suicidal ritual and neither did she just spot a family of turtles hanging out down there, but was in fact a day of Deep Water Soloing out at Pedro’s last Sunday.  For those of you not totally insane and who therefore have no idea what I’m talking about, DWS is rock climbing over the sea with no ropes, so when you cannot cling your scrawny arms (in my case they’re scrawny anyway, not ‘Those Guys’!) to the rock any longer you plop off down into the sea.  It’s pretty fun actually, I love it, but the first jump from the top of the cliffs is a smidgey petrifying. 
Aaaanyway, ‘what does this have to do with interior design?’ I hear you asking, well check out the colour of the sea in the video.  There are just so many different blues, greys and greens in the sea around this little island, depending on where you are, what the currents are doing and whether a hurricane is approaching or not, but Sunday was the first time I’d noticed this particular one.  The really light cerulean blue in the areas with no rocks where there’s only sand underneath the surface just took my breath away (actually that may have been the terrifying plunge into the sea…) and it got me thinking about jewel toned schemes in general, whether they be this shade of blue or a bright emerald, citrine, amethyst, ruby or fuchsia.  So I thought I’d go on the hunt for some examples.
Whether you envelop an entire room in one of these gorgeous shades, or simply use it as an accent colour, it can seriously pack a punch.
How about a cheeky sapphire or blue tourm??

I’m just such a sucker for distressed vintage wooden furnishings upholstered in a bold block colour or print – what a fab place to curl up with a good book! 

Oh hello gorgeous screen, will you move to my house please?

Leopard print + turquoise walls + Moroccan lanterns = one luxurious yet edgy living room:
These emerald green drapes are le bee’s knees.

These citrine hues are so fresh and bright – perfect for springtime.  The zebra print in the first pic is inspired.

This tablescape is stunning, love all the pops of crystal against the raw tree branches and bright bold colour.

And I’m slightly obsessing over this lacquered tangerine ceiling, how fun!!

Or how about a sexy shade of amethyst?

Such a fantastic contrast with the neutral marble here:

Next up are the lovely ruby ladies:

And last but certainly not least, the pink sapphire!

I can’t stop checking back to this one particular scheme – the brightly upholstered curvy French-style armchair is a bit of a cliché, but I do love the eclectic look they’ve achieved here:

Always love me a bit of a pink/orange colour combo, can’t go wrong in my book!

This chaise actually leaves me speechless…

And every single thing about this room is BONKERS!!!  Love it!

Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the week – I thought I’d share with you the schemes that didn’t quite make the ‘jewel tone’ cut but that would possibly be slightly easier and more restful to live with!

Flowers Friday – Cayman appreciation

I went for my first run in our new neighbourhood last night.  Apart from nearly keeling over in the heat and only narrowly avoiding being eaten by a crazy dog, it was actually quite a pleasant jog (in stark contrast to the insane and traumatic training last year), and it got me thinking that South Sound is, well, just seriously pretty.  I was running along the coastal road towards East End and kept catching glimpses of the sunset in the gaps between the houses and over the stretches of beach, and the light was really soft and gorgeous and there were cute little gingerbread houses and bougainvillea bushes everywhere and basically it was just pretty nice.  Until a crazy dog tried to eat me.  But we’ll skim over that unfortunate episode for the purposes of this post…
Aaaaanyway, I was thinking for this week’s FF I should post some piccies of our new ‘hood so you can see what I am going on about…  Have a happy weekend and see you Monday!

Moody blues

I’ve been hearing non-stop about the crazy weather back home over the last couple of weeks (which, incidentally, had better not thwart my family from getting over here tomorrow or there will be Big Trouble) and am, I have to admit, pretty gutted to be missing the first 100% sure-to-be White Christmas in about the last 3000 years, but I have to say we’ve also been having our own mini freeze-wave here in Cayman.  It has been a pain having to consider wearing another layer over the sundress when going out (ha, sorry!) but one really awesome side effect is the fantastic surf that’s been loitering around on Seven Mile Beach thanks to a few nor’westers blowing in.
So we went out surfing last week on Tuesday evening in some pretty massive waves (I’m still learning and was a smidge out of my depth – pun not intended) and my upper-body-strength-of-a-mouse meant that I was getting a bit pooped and starting to vaguely worry about getting back into the beach, so I turned to face the shore and suddenly got this crazy snapshot of an incredible range of moody blue-greys in the sky and sea, topped off by the bright white and really light aqua colour of the waves breaking, and with the dark taupe sandy colour of the beach in the background – it was pretty awesome actually.  So anyway, this got me pondering a scheme for a master bedroom.  I’m thinking a luxurious dark wood four poster bed with textiles and cushions galore in a range of grey-blues/aqua and a separate fireside seating area with a chandy and gorgeous artwork.  Let me know what you think!

Zara Home – Cushions
3.50 GBP –

Rustic three drawer bedside table from Lombok
1,195 GBP –

Zara Home – Cushions
3,95 EUR –

Zara Home – Lamps & Lanterns
70 GBP –

Zara Home – Cushions
3.50 GBP –

Zara Home – Cushions – Haidyn Cushion
3,95 EUR –

39 GBP –

Farrow & Ball, Claydon Blue

ps. I literally am never going to get any more study done EVER, now I’ve discovered this Polyvore shopping tool thingie. This is a bit of a catastrophe…

Real estate reverie

We are house hunting right now here in Cayman and I thought I would post some pics of one of the properties we’ve been looking at (ha).  Castillo Caribe is on the market for a cheeky $60 mill – this is what I looked like while perusing the photos on Sotheby’s:

Really?!  ‘For every lifestyle’?!  I’m not sure my ‘lifestyle’ stretches to this.
The ‘Great Room’ – there are literally no words…

 The dining room’s kinda gross actually – incredible chandies though.

Can you even imagine waking up in one of these bedrooms every morning?!

By this point I was actually nearly sobbing.

Wow, what I would do with this terrace if I had the chance:

This room puzzles me: they’ve got a lot of the elements bang on, but have managed (in my opinion) to just totally misjudge the overall effect and turn it into a big dog’s dinner.  I think it’s the floortiles and the coloured ceiling panels.  Actually, even if you just replaced the tiles with dark wood floorboards it would help I think, or maybe keep the terracotta tiles but lose the crazy purple on the ceiling.  However, I (predictably) LOVE the Persian rugs/ikat and velvet upholstery/lanterns/Asian carved side tables…

Not a bad spot for a fiesta or two:

And the floorplan is just killing me:

I wonder if I could find 119 other people to chip in and buy it, there’s probably space for everyone haha…  Ok, back to the real world (*sigh*).

Flowers Friday – herby update

Ugh, I am not feeling too good again…woke up this morning with one monster hangover.  We went to an after hours event at a bunch of jewellery stores last night and I think I may have gone a teensy bit overboard with the booze – free bar:1; Elly:0.  So please forgive me for doing a little bit of a lame and unimaginative post today..? 
For this week’s FF I thought I’d post a few piccies of my attempts at growing things here in Cayman.  We have emerged out of the summer season here and the plants are now no longer just concentrating on not expiring in the heat, and can think about actually starting to grow again!  I’ve just planted a bunch of chilli/herb/flower seeds so hopefully it’ll look more interesting soon! 

The little sticky things on the table are my sprouting avocado stones – my new money-making venture: sell avocado trees to people for a miiillion dollars, reckon I’m onto a winner…
And our windowsill herb garden is perfoming well!  The chillis are finally sprouting chillis too!

And stay tuned for our Caribbean Crimbles Tree next week, have a fab weekend!