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Home redesign – bedroom – the plan

Morning loves!  So today I’ve put together the final plan and furniture boards for the master bedroom redesign.  As it’s just a rental I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to but am pretty pleased with the result.  As is my ‘client’, ha.  I’ll go through each aspect in turn, or just skip to the bottom for the good stuff.

Flooring – we already had ok floorboards [laminate but pretty good quality], so I just kept these and added a rug.  It took me a looong time to decide on this, I have real Rug Indecision Issues clearly, but eventually settled on using a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket.  It gets zero foot traffic so I don’t need to worry about the rug being too delicate, it just sits there lookin’ pretty.

I’ve been swooning over handiras for a long time now, see here for more of these goodies!



Walls – I got the painters in to give the room a new lease of life with some crisp white paint, which completely transformed the space.  I wanted to keep it all quite calm and minimalist so I’ve just added a few simple pieces of art and a carved wood mirror.  Will share piccies in a little while…

Window treatment – this was potentially a problem area as the bedroom gets a lot of bright sunshine every morning at 7 o’clock on the dot.  Singapore sits pretty much slap bang on the Equator so the sun rises and sets at the same time year round, but we’re  both early risers so I decided to go for a white linen full height curtain with a thin cotton lining – when the sun comes up it shines right through the linen and shows off all the gorgeous natural slubs and nubs and creates this amazing diffused light.  A very nice way to wake up!

white puddled curtains


See more puddled beauties here!

Furniture – we didn’t have to squeeze in a wardrobe or chest of drawers, as we luckily have a slick walk-in wardrobe.  So I was really only looking at the basics:

1. Bed

So I desperately wanted to do a DIY canopy-bed-style-thang, with fabric hanging from battens attached to the ceiling but {sob sob} it’s a false ceiling housing the recessed downlighters, which might feasibly take the weight of some very very thin and floaty fabric, but I didn’t really want to risk the whole thing crashing on our heads in the middle of the night.

canopy hanging from ceiling


One day, one day…

So in the end I bought a simple but good quality headboard-less kingsize bed, and added a gorgeous carved wooden screen from Indonesia.  See here for a few different options for this kind of look, from shutters to artwork!  Kinda like these…

screen as headboard


2. Bedside tables

I have a huge and long-standing grudge against bedside tables.  I’m not sure exactly where this came from, I’ve never been particularly offended by one, but the matchy-matchy aspect really irritates me.  So I was open to pretty much all ideas.

Alistair has expressed very few demands in terms of what he wants in the place {I’ve married a wise man, ha}, but a ‘cool Asian froggy rain drum’ was one of them.  Very happy to oblige as I’m rather partial to these bronze beauts myself:

rain drum


They make a dramatic plop noise [technical term] when rain (or um…house keys?) drop onto the surface – it’s all fun and games until it nearly induces a heart-attack every time Ali’s mobile phone alarm goes off directly on top of it.  No need for the snooze function in our house, oh no.

Ermm and I decided to go for a gorgeous little mother of pearl inlay table for my side, creating a his ‘n’ hers bedside table situation – there’s no reason why you can’t have mismatched sides really, as long as they play together nicely and are approx. the same height.

inlay table


3. Armchair and side table

There was a little corner just begging for an armchair vignette.  I intended this technically as a little reading spot but in reality it is really just somewhere for me to throw my crap at the end of the day.  Pretty though!

Lighting – there was very little to do for lighting really, as the recessed downlighters were already in place.  I just incorporated a simple and chic table lamp and Bob was your proverbial Uncle.

Accessories – again, I haven’t added many as I wanted to keep the whole space very calm and simple, but a Balinese capiz shell sculpture (to be transformed into a light one day…maybe), a couple of cute photo frames and some beautiful washed linen cushions do the business.

washed linen



Soooo that’s all the deets and here it is in ‘fun format’:

singapore ethnic bedroom_edited-1

{credit – Elly MacDonald Design}

Let me know what you think!

Home redesign – bedroom – the inspo

I’ve posted {a tad err haphazardly} about the redesign of our place before, but I’m thinking I’ll go through the process in a slightly less crazy-lady manner, from inspo and ‘before’ pics all the way through to the ‘afters’.  Let’s start off today with the master bedroom.

So we (my client is very understanding, he agrees with everything I say…ha) wanted to keep the space very airy and relaxing and calm – lots of whites and neutrals but amped up with tons of gorgeous natural textures: washed linens, carved and organic woods, mother of pearl, woven cottons, bamboo, leather yada yada yada…

Before I got started it had loads of potential – high ceiling, lovely-ish floorboards, oodles of light – but was unfortunately painted a particularly offensive grey/brown shade of sludge:


bedroom before

I immediately got the painters in and turned it bright white.  The shade would be too stark and cold in a more northern country (eg. Blighty), but here it really cools down the light and opens the room up, and generally does the bizness.

Anyhoo I’m getting ahead of myself already.  Here are the inspo piccies I was drawn to from the beginning – beautiful natural finishes galore!

bedroom inspiration1 bedroom inspiration2 bedroom inspiration3 bedroom inspiration4 bedroom inspiration5 bedroom inspiration6

bedroom inspiration7


What do you think…?  Do you likey or do you prefer a little more colour?

Monday’s Masterpiece – Parisienne chic

Morning morning darls, how are we today…?  Hope the weekend treated everyone well!  We’re back from Vietnam and thrown back into the thick of things here in Singers, but I’ve taken a longer time than normal over my Monday morning coffee + design oogling sesh as today I have a corker for you.

sarah lavoine1French interior designer Sarah Lavoine, has the kind of style that normally doesn’t ring my bell but for some reason this morning these images pretty much leapt out of my computer screen and grabbed me by the eyeballs.

The perfect mix of understated minimalist chic, interesting quirky lighting and accessories, and dark moody monochrome colours, these spaces are simply fabulous.

sarah lavoine2

Phewee it is a looong post today folks, I just kept finding more and more images to drool over.

In love with these lanterns.  In love!

sarah lavoine3 sarah lavoine4 sarah lavoine5

The best contemporary pendants of all time?  Why I do think so yes:

sarah lavoine6 sarah lavoine7sarah lavoine9

The details and vignettes are so well curated – pretty much a masterclass right here…

sarah lavoine10 sarah lavoine11

Sarah also has a bit of a knack for scrummy kitchens – this Moroccan pendant / copper (?) splash back and countertop action has me all in a tizzy:

sarah lavoine kitchen1

As does this more rustic look – love!

sarah lavoine kitchen5sarah lavoine kitchen3 sarah lavoine kitchen2

Her bedrooms are simple and elegant affairs, with dark soothing palettes and luxurious long drapes:

sarah lavoine bedroom1 sarah lavoine bedroom4 sarah lavoine bedroom3 sarah lavoine bedroom2

And the bathrooms?!  Oh my gawd they’re good:

sarah lavoine bathroom1

Not such a massive fan of this tub design but am loving the built in shelving and accessories:

sarah lavoine bathroom4

I’ve literally never seen a more glam dressing table:

sarah lavoine bathroom3 sarah lavoine bathroom2

And lastly (see, told you it was a killer) a villa in Marrakech which is pretty much the cat’s pyjamas.  Do you see all this carved wood??!

sarah lavoine marrakech1

And the outdoors spaces are just divine:

sarah lavoine marrakech4 sarah lavoine marrakech3 sarah lavoine marrakech2


Swoony swoony swoon swoon.

Here are my picks from Sarah’s delectable collection, I’m loving the mix of quirky organic shapes and unusual materials:

sarah lavoine collection


Thoughts…?  Have you managed to make it to the end of the post??!

The sweetest dreams – part 3

Happy Friday people!  What plans are lined up for le weekend?  I have a pretty chilled one for once which is very welcome indeed – am heading back to Blighty next week for some dear friends’ weddings, and have a LOT to get done before I leave – I shall be drafting my butt off over the next couple of days methinks…

So thanks for stopping by for part three, the canopy bed shopping guide.  These puppies range in price from cheap as chips to pretty luxe, but there are no $17k jobbies as frankly that is mildly ridonculous.  Click on the links at the bottom and make sure you let me know which is your pick!

canopy bed shopping guide

{credits from top row: wooden ‘forest’ bed, white Chinese-style bed, white four poster, wood four poster, mirrored four poster, white metal campaign bed, black metal ‘forest’ bed, louvre wooden four poster}

Have a happy weekend!

The sweetest dreams – part 2

Morning loves, and welcome back to part two.  I had mucho funno putting together this little collection of colourful canopy beds – and discovered in the process that I absolutely head-over-heels LOVE the designs that include a light fixture, mirror or piece of artwork within the actual canopy (e.g.. below right).  Absolutely divine, no?

colourful canopy bed1

So take a little gander, and let me know if anything tickles your fancy!

This monochrome lovely doesn’t reeeally belong in this collection I guess…but it is freaking fantastic:

colourful canopy bed2Ditto these two taupe beauts, but I thought Anouska Hempel’s stripy design would feel left out after its two exotic cuz’s were included yesterday.  Windsor Smith’s four poster (LHS) has been blogged about until the cows come home, but you can see why right?!

colourful canopy bed3

More light fixture yumminess in this space designed by Elizabeth Dinkel (see here for more!):

colourful canopy bed4

And these two by Jan Showers are also making my knees wibble a smidge (see here for more!) – the double-sided fabric work is delectable, no?

colourful canopy bed5 colourful canopy bed6

I wouldn’t opt for pink personally (I would be yelled at considerably by the other half I suspect…), but the two fabric patterns used are pretty insane.  And this indigo / ivory / gilt combo is also absolutely incredible:

colourful canopy bed7

And last but certainly not least, who doesn’t love a little close up of fabric trimmings…?  Oh, you’re not too excited by that?!  Must just be me, ahem.

colourful canopy bed8


The sweetest dreams – part 1

It is no secret around these parts that I’m a bit of a sucker for canopy beds.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t desperate to have one of these to call my own, a desire that was totally and utterly magnified by a two year stint in the Caribbean and a road trip around Bali, let me tell ya.

interior design canopy beds1

Our current (rental) master bedroom isn’t big enough to host one of these puppies sadly, but I think one of these days (err…years) I’m going to have to give in to the floaty white drapes and romantic vibe.

interior design canopy beds2

So here are some of my faves right now – today I’ll cover the more exotic beauts, any of these would be perfection in Singapore.

interior design canopy beds3

These two show that you don’t need to spend mega bucks on a new bed – hanging curtains from rods attached to the ceiling is a genius way to get this look on a budget:

interior design canopy beds9 interior design canopy beds8

Or simply stringing up a canopy from hooks in the ceiling works wonders too – do you SEE these??!!

interior design canopy beds7

Bali…giant swoon:

interior design canopy beds6 interior design canopy beds5

And lastly one of Anouska Hempel’s gems at Blake’s Hotel (see here for more of this divine property) – YUM:

interior design canopy beds4


Make sure you stop by tomorrow for some colour!

Monday’s Masterpiece – can you say ‘design crush’?!

Wow, it has been a while since I had a design crush this bad…  Chicago-based interior designer Kara Mann blends the perfect dose of edgy with a large smattering of all natural finishes and the occasional blast of colour, to create a portfolio of absolutely exquisite interiors.

So I came across a couple of images from this Oceanfront Villa project recently and was instantly on the hunt for more.  Seriously, it is bonkers good, take a squiz for yourselves.

So starting off with a bananas bathroom chanelling a serious dose of Moroccan style – this carved wooden window screen, brass (??) mirrors and Moorish tiling are perfection itself:

As is this unusual mirror and simple console – love!

A simple yet chic bedroom – the lines of those lamps are beautiful, and I can never say no to a tree stump or two…


Some insaaaanely good outdoors spaces – in love with those upholstered armchairs in particular:

And here’s the main living area, full of quirkily-shaped armchairs, gorgeous suzani throw pillows and one helluva fantastic reclaimed wood coffee table:

Ahem, did I mention the suzani throw pillows??!!  Also totally enamoured with the fireplace surround here:

And here are a few (ahem, a few too many…) of my other faves from Kara’s portfolio.  This fireside set up is the perfect glam side of cosy – check out those gorgeous exotic chairs:

And this black lacquer bar ticks all the boxes, as does the fur covered Butterfly chair (see here for more Butterfly goodies!)

Possibly the most perfect canopy bed of all time…

And this intricately carved table alone would have me drooling, let alone its styling – loving that [Berber??] rug too!

Couple of extremely glam bedrooms:

And a slightly more industrial chic garden room – that blingy sideboard is TO DIE FOR!!!

Errr, the best splashback you have ever seen?!  Yep, I thought so.

Another cosy fireside scene – I don’t usually go for brown upholstery but am really digging this lot:

And lastly, an uber-glam Carrara marble-clad bathroom – I would not turn my nose up, that’s for sure…

{all credits: Kara Mann}

What do you lovelies think?  Are you hankering after any of these spaces?

Have a fabulous week everyone, toodles!

Shopping guide: fun headboards

So yesterday’s musings seem to have gone done pretty well but I thought today I’d put together a little collection of fun actual headboards, for anyone not blown away by yesterday’s post.

Totally head over heels for the exotic John Robshaw offerings!

{from top left: coral upholstered, indigo nailhead trim, white carved, zebra nailhead trim, pink upholstered, blue upholstered, white carved, grey tufted}

So which is your fave…?

Headboard quirks

So ever since posting about oversize and in your face art the other week, I’ve been pondering the use of art as headboards, as I came across a couple of pretty smashing examples at the time.

It’s such an easy way to add a dramatic focal point to a bedroom, whether you opt for a classic oil painting, large scale photo, map or other type of wall art:

LOVING this map!!

And this one is kinda freaky but I likey…

Cool, huh?

So what was supposed to be a short snappy post became a smidge gigantic when I became slightly overexcited about unusual types of headboards and started pinning like my life depended upon it…

Exhibit A: ethnic screens – I DIE!!!

Exhibit B: rustic doors and mantelpieces – I DOUBLE DIE!!

Exhibit C: mirrorwork, swoon:

Exhibit D: suzanis, kilims and other textles, j’adore!

And lastly, Exhibit E: old shutters – also pretty awesome:

{all credits}

Thoughts…?  So would you prefer to stick to traditional headboards or are you tempted to go over to the quirky side?!