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Excuses and beach houses

Crikey people, what a Bad Bad Blogger I have been.  I’m sorry for the long absence from this little corner of t’internet, I have been sprinting around Singapore for the last three weeks setting up the biz.  I know I know, everyone in the entire world is super busy, but I’ve literally been feeling like my brain is on the verge of popping – visas and entity structures and insurance and office leases and logos and branding and stationery and websites and trademarks and bank accounts all need to be considered in detail.  And I’ve let the bloggy slide as a result.

So there’s my excuse, now here’s my way of making it up to you.

Msambweni Beach House is a boutique hotel on the coast of Kenya, and it is also one of the most gorgeously designed places I have ever seen.  Some (very lucky) people I know have a trip booked to this delectable hotel, and I am oh so very envious!

Check out these pics and tell me your jaw is not on the floor – it’s chocca jam-packed with carved and white-washed wood, floaty canopy beds and romantic candlelight.  YUM.

msambweni beach house1 msambweni beach house2 msambweni beach house3 msambweni beach house4

msambweni beach house5

msambweni beach house6 msambweni beach house7 msambweni beach house8 msambweni beach house9 msambweni beach house10 msambweni beach house11 msambweni beach house12.5 msambweni beach house12 msambweni beach house13 msambweni beach house14 msambweni beach house15 msambweni beach house16


So what say you loves…?  Do you forgive me?!

Droolworthy finds for the (only exists in my dreams) beach house

So Serena and Lilly has been on my radar for a long time now – maybe twice a month I have a good oogle at their wares and curse the fact they do not ship internationally (why oh whyyyyyy?).

Here are my current picks – they have the all natural beachy vibe down like nobody’s business, need me some duck egg tufting and sisal/rattan/wicker/bamboo goodness, yum!

serena and lilly1 serena and lilly2 serena and lilly3 serena and lilly4 serena and lilly5 serena and lilly6 serena and lilly7 serena and lilly8Delish, non?  What’s your pick…?


Nautical swooning

So my new General Life Hero Gwynnie wrote last week about an incredible trip she took on the Indonesian Silolona sailboat.  The images literally took my breath away, not only of the insaaaaanely well designed boat, but also the gorgeous coastlines and sunsets it cruises around.

Feast your peepers:



silolona3 silolona4 silolona5 silolona6 silolona7 silolona8 silolona9


Tell me your jaw is not on the floor?!  Sadly not within our grasp anytime soon I suspect, but a trip to Indo is certainly on the cards!

And in case you want to get your boat on, here are a few delectable nautical goodies handpicked by yours truly.  You are welcome.

nautical interior design

{clockwise from top left: ocean photo / rope and wood lantern / rope lamp / espadrilles / rope doorstopper / nautical placemats / rope rug}

Beware though, there is alotta lotta heinous beach-themed ‘decor’ out there, a lot of it residing in our former stomping grounds in Cayman, including this monstrosity:


And this (sequinned) one:


And this one:


Aaargh, somebody make me stop, my eyes are hurting…

Ravishingly reclaimed – part 2

Morning morning and welcome back to part 2 of my reclaimed wood round up!  Today I thought I’d sift through all the offerings out there and come up with my fave reclaimed pieces but firstly, just check out all the different shades and patinas out there, it’s incredible (I’m pretty much drooling writing this…):


So first up are the pieces of furniture and case goods I found – particularly hankering after the lucite-legged desk and bottom left dining table.  Any of these would look equally at home in a beach house or urban loft, not something you can say about most furnishing styles.

{from top left: wheeled coffee table, lucite-legged desk, asymmetrical end table, lightwood dining table, bed, dining table + bench, metal-legged desk

And secondly, some cute accessories – how adorable is that crochet-topped stool??!

{from top left: wall sconce, clockface, wool-topped stool, tripod lamp, trunk stool, bath caddy, wall mirror, kitchen shelving, mounted letters}

Anything take your fancy…?

Bring me sunshine

So the reason for post lackage yesterday is, for once, not down to my disorganisation: our delightful internet provider decided to shut down our connection while we were away and, this being Cayman, we’ve only just got it up and running again.  

But we’re back in paradise now after a wonderful trip back home – it feels good to have the sun on my skin and the blaring of cruise ship Cuban karaoke songs in my ears again.  I thought I’d share with you lovely lot today an incredible beach house here in Cayman, as featured in Inside Out Magazine recently.  It was designed by the geniuses at Design Studio – let’s just say that if we were staying here I would be begging them for a job on a daily basis – it literally took my breath away.

(Apols for the dodgy photos…)

(all credits: Inside Out Magazine)


Surfer-chic beach house

Morning morning!

Here’s a fun beach house that was featured in House Beautiful recently, that caught my eye.  All the colour and quirky prints make my knees go ever so slightly wobbly every time I see them, so I thought I would share the design love with you folks this morning!

Have a fab day!

Monday’s Masterpiece – Eclectic Southern Charm

So as you read this I think I’ll most likely be falling off a rock face but I didn’t want to miss blogging today as I’m so excited about this week’s design genius post!  It’s the Discovery Day holiday today in Cayman and we’re making the most of the chance to get off the rock and go to an even smaller rock, Cayman Brac, for my birthday!  Anyhoo, so here’s one I made earlier – today’s masterpiece is by Charleston-based Angie Hranowsky and I LOVE HER WORK!

It’s a very inspiring story actually: after working for 15 years as a graphic designer, she was encouraged by friends to send pictures of her new home she’d just redesigned to the national design magazines.  Only a few years later she was named one of the 20 up and coming designers to watch by Traditional Home and has now established a hugely successful design studio.  Bravo Angie.

So here are those fateful pics, feast your peepers!  Loving the mix of quirky fabrics with a range of vintage and contemporary furniture.

Helllllo lucite bar stools!

Hellllo awesome metallic four poster + dreamy suzani throw!

It was only when I started researching her work that I realised that she was the genius behind Coastal Living’s 2009 idea house in L’On,  South Carolina.  Now I remember very vividly first seeing images of this property when I was still stuck in my old accountancy job here in Cayman.  It was mid-afternoon, I’d had yet another awful day of putting up with total cretins and sh*tty work (I didn’t do the whole crying-in-the-loos thing, but I’m pretty sure I came close…), and I logged on to one of the interior design blogs I follow in an effort to cheer myself up – when I saw the soothing colours and gorgeous details in these pictures they literally stopped me from blowing my top (well ok, not literally) and resigning then and there.

I love how it has the feel of a beach house yet is still very sophisticated and chic.  And those floor to ceiling lustrous tiles in the kitchen are KILLING me!  Oh, and the pendant lights in the living area.  And the feature wallpaper over the stairs. And the teal table lamps.  And the boho-chic canopy bed in the master bedroom.  I could go on…

This is a daybed set up on the porch – what a cosy little nook to greet you when you get home from work, love it!!

BIG FAN of this bedroom:

And these simple classy bathrooms:

I think I would like to visit!

And check out the latest issue of Lonny for a gorgeous quirky design.

My fave images from her portfolio:

I think Angie is the first designer I’ve talked about that doesn’t have her own furnishings line that I can drool over, so I thought instead I’d have a ponder about what items I reckon she’d be coveting, check these out (click for link)!

A couple of swoon-worthy area rugs from CB2 and Stark:

A fun but more neutral Moroccan pouf by Serena and Lily:

One or two or ten Seema Krish throw pillows:

Janney’s Collection vintage faux bamboo mirror:

A fun drum lamp made by artisans in Haiti, via Serena and Lily: 

Some fun ikat bed linens from dwellstudio:

A GORGEOUS bone inlay bedside cabinet by Graham & Green:

And lastly, one of good old Anthro’s ikat armchairs:

Monday’s Masterpiece – Brazilian charm

Happy Monday peeps, hope you’re ready for a serious fully-saturated colour sesh today – I thought we’d look at the work of the fantaaastic Brazilian designer Sig Bergamin (careful at work, there’s a Brazilian music soundtrack on his website!).
Elle Décor have just featured his beach house in Bahia, Brazil but I first stumbled across him when they covered the crazy colourful décor of his Manhattan apartment last autumn.  Let’s take a look at his NYC pied-à-terre first…
I love the huge mix of florals, ikats, dhurries and velvets, all underscored by the geometric blue and white rug.  Somehow he manages to mix all these together with Indian, Syrian and Chinese furnishings, and makes the space feel collected and chic, rather than a totally manic dog’s dinner.  And the nod to his Brazilian heritage in the pieces of artwork displayed is pretty cool too.

His beach house in Brazil seems to follow the same idea, but on a much larger scale!  He’s kept the ‘canvas’ very neutral with white floors and walls, but has incorporated the most extensive range of styles, colours, patterns, international sources and periods I have ever seen.  White leather Barcelona stools paired with African chairs and a suzani-upholstered sofa?!  Seriously?!  I think the term ‘eclectic’ does not suffice.
Feast your eyes on this masterpiece:

I’m really loving the outdoors spaces – clean nautical stripes but the exotic details add depth.  The striped fabric is one of his.

These bathrooms are pretty friggin’ gorgeous too – the antique mirror, wicker accents and Brazilian hardwood washstand are making me giddy.

And these guest bedrooms are just BANANAS!

African quilts, Balinese sarongs and ikat fabrics adorn this incredible antique opium bed from Bali – now where do you think I can get my hands on one of them…?

Wowsers, I’m feeling a little emotionally drained after all that intensity.  Blimey!
Ok, and here are a few images from his portfolio that are equally show-stopping:

Woah!!!  I actually think this is too much – get rid of all those vases and subsitute some neutral curtains though and you’ve got one fab room:

Caribbean hideaway

I thought it was about time we had another Caribbean sunshine fix on le blog, so may I present to you another of Sir Richard Branson’s INCREDIBLE homes, this one on Necker Island in the US Virgin Islands.  As is the case with The Lodge, the prices actually make your eyes water, but just check out this eye candy.  Perfect Caribbean style?!  I do think so, yes.  Tis divine.  And it’s not exactly helping my hankering after a four poster beauty either…