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Monday’s Masterpiece – Parisienne chic

Morning morning darls, how are we today…?  Hope the weekend treated everyone well!  We’re back from Vietnam and thrown back into the thick of things here in Singers, but I’ve taken a longer time than normal over my Monday morning coffee + design oogling sesh as today I have a corker for you.

sarah lavoine1French interior designer Sarah Lavoine, has the kind of style that normally doesn’t ring my bell but for some reason this morning these images pretty much leapt out of my computer screen and grabbed me by the eyeballs.

The perfect mix of understated minimalist chic, interesting quirky lighting and accessories, and dark moody monochrome colours, these spaces are simply fabulous.

sarah lavoine2

Phewee it is a looong post today folks, I just kept finding more and more images to drool over.

In love with these lanterns.  In love!

sarah lavoine3 sarah lavoine4 sarah lavoine5

The best contemporary pendants of all time?  Why I do think so yes:

sarah lavoine6 sarah lavoine7sarah lavoine9

The details and vignettes are so well curated – pretty much a masterclass right here…

sarah lavoine10 sarah lavoine11

Sarah also has a bit of a knack for scrummy kitchens – this Moroccan pendant / copper (?) splash back and countertop action has me all in a tizzy:

sarah lavoine kitchen1

As does this more rustic look – love!

sarah lavoine kitchen5sarah lavoine kitchen3 sarah lavoine kitchen2

Her bedrooms are simple and elegant affairs, with dark soothing palettes and luxurious long drapes:

sarah lavoine bedroom1 sarah lavoine bedroom4 sarah lavoine bedroom3 sarah lavoine bedroom2

And the bathrooms?!  Oh my gawd they’re good:

sarah lavoine bathroom1

Not such a massive fan of this tub design but am loving the built in shelving and accessories:

sarah lavoine bathroom4

I’ve literally never seen a more glam dressing table:

sarah lavoine bathroom3 sarah lavoine bathroom2

And lastly (see, told you it was a killer) a villa in Marrakech which is pretty much the cat’s pyjamas.  Do you see all this carved wood??!

sarah lavoine marrakech1

And the outdoors spaces are just divine:

sarah lavoine marrakech4 sarah lavoine marrakech3 sarah lavoine marrakech2


Swoony swoony swoon swoon.

Here are my picks from Sarah’s delectable collection, I’m loving the mix of quirky organic shapes and unusual materials:

sarah lavoine collection


Thoughts…?  Have you managed to make it to the end of the post??!

Design classic (32) – le clawfoot tub

So after 31 DC’s I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of classics that I love (I was going to post about the Womb Chair today but it kinda freaks me out a smidge and also I think it’s uggers), midcentury modern or otherwise.

But today I thought I’d post about one luscious lady that has truly stood the test of time: the claw foot bathtub.  First created in the 1800’s from cast iron and lined in porcelain they were luxury items that only veeery few could afford.  Happily for us that is no longer the case!

As you can see here, the piece fits really well into seriously trad styling but can also hold its own in a crazy contemporary scheme:

clawfoot tub interior design1

I have a serious soft spot for metallic clawfoots but today I thought I’d just stick to the painted jobbies.

First up, how about some dark moody beauts…?

clawfoot tub interior design10 clawfoot tub interior design9

Yummy brass fixtures on the RHS here, and those floorboards!!

clawfoot tub interior design8

Or are you more of an all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow kinda gal…?

[Side note, can we all please give this FLAMINGO WALLPAPER some lovin’?!]

clawfoot tub interior design2

Floaty drapes and shower curtains get the thumbs up from moi:

clawfoot tub interior design3 clawfoot tub interior design4

And I’m seriously enamoured with these cooler shades of green and blue:

clawfoot tub interior design5 clawfoot tub interior design6

More brass fixtures!!  Stop it, it’s too much!

clawfoot tub interior design7


So which would you pick…?

It’s my 30th birthday next week (crumbs, not entirely sure how that happened) and we’re using it as an excuse to travel in south Vietnam for a week to celebrate – will try to keep the posts rolling as normal but please humour any hiccups…

Have a happy weekend y’all, what are you up to??

All that glitters…

So oogling those pics of The Savoy yesterday brought to mind the incredible gold leaf wall treatments in their Beaufort Bar.  Smashing, no?

gold leaf wall interior design1

I seem to be trending towards using more neutrals and soft colour in my old age, but my passion for brass and gold and general bling is still going strong.  Here are a few of my all time faves – what do you think…?

gold leaf wall interior design2 gold leaf wall interior design3 interior design gold leaf wall4 interior design gold leaf wall5


And in case you’re feeling inspired to add a little zingy bling to your space, here are some of your options…

interior design shopping guide gold leaf wall treatment

{clockwise from top left: white gold chevron, regular gold, vermilion gold leaf squared, gold leaf screen, textured gold, gold tiling, gold leaf grid}

So is this your cuppa tea, or is it too showy and LOOK AT MEEEE for you…?

Jammin Japan – al fresco bathing

So probably the only upside of Japan sitting slap bang on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire is that there are natural hot springs absoruddylutely everywhere, and the Japanese have turned bathing into a bit of an art form.

Outdoors onsen baths are all over the country, both on the coast…

…and in the mountains…

…but wherever you are, you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up looking a little like this:

Ha.  We saw a whole bunch of these little fellas on a big hike in the snow actually, was pretty awesome.

There are pretty strict rules of etiquette, and we saw this quite comical ‘informative guide’ everywhere we went:

Bit weird to be all nakeybums with a bunch of strangers…but, as they say, when in Rome.

So anyway, I posted a while ago about the beauties that are Japanese soaking tubs, but I thought today I’d take a little look at the al fresco soaking/hot tub options.  Stones, woods, pebbles, metals and brick are the order of the day – I have no time for plastic or acrylic people!  Here are a few of my fave inspo pics.

And this last one’s just for you Ali:

A Japanese Katsu Curry Onsen…I bet you would too, hee.

{all credits}

Monday’s Masterpiece – can you say ‘design crush’?!

Wow, it has been a while since I had a design crush this bad…  Chicago-based interior designer Kara Mann blends the perfect dose of edgy with a large smattering of all natural finishes and the occasional blast of colour, to create a portfolio of absolutely exquisite interiors.

So I came across a couple of images from this Oceanfront Villa project recently and was instantly on the hunt for more.  Seriously, it is bonkers good, take a squiz for yourselves.

So starting off with a bananas bathroom chanelling a serious dose of Moroccan style – this carved wooden window screen, brass (??) mirrors and Moorish tiling are perfection itself:

As is this unusual mirror and simple console – love!

A simple yet chic bedroom – the lines of those lamps are beautiful, and I can never say no to a tree stump or two…


Some insaaaanely good outdoors spaces – in love with those upholstered armchairs in particular:

And here’s the main living area, full of quirkily-shaped armchairs, gorgeous suzani throw pillows and one helluva fantastic reclaimed wood coffee table:

Ahem, did I mention the suzani throw pillows??!!  Also totally enamoured with the fireplace surround here:

And here are a few (ahem, a few too many…) of my other faves from Kara’s portfolio.  This fireside set up is the perfect glam side of cosy – check out those gorgeous exotic chairs:

And this black lacquer bar ticks all the boxes, as does the fur covered Butterfly chair (see here for more Butterfly goodies!)

Possibly the most perfect canopy bed of all time…

And this intricately carved table alone would have me drooling, let alone its styling – loving that [Berber??] rug too!

Couple of extremely glam bedrooms:

And a slightly more industrial chic garden room – that blingy sideboard is TO DIE FOR!!!

Errr, the best splashback you have ever seen?!  Yep, I thought so.

Another cosy fireside scene – I don’t usually go for brown upholstery but am really digging this lot:

And lastly, an uber-glam Carrara marble-clad bathroom – I would not turn my nose up, that’s for sure…

{all credits: Kara Mann}

What do you lovelies think?  Are you hankering after any of these spaces?

Have a fabulous week everyone, toodles!

Design classic (13) – Japanese soaking tub

Ok ok, so I guess they’re not exactly a ‘design classic’ in the same sense as an Egg chair or Arco floor lamp, but if I had to name one iconic Japanese interiors design it would without a doubt be le soaking tub.


I’m a bit of a bath fiend – seriously, would live in the bath if that were possible, a little like these chaps:


Ha, just wanted an excuse to include that pic… 

Ahem, anyway for the last few years since we left the UK I’ve been deprived of bath time in a serious way, and given the size of the average Hong Kong apartment that is not going to improve any time soon.  However, look how eeny weeny these ones are, just perfect for Hong Kong!  I think I’m going to go on a bit of a PR rampage on their behalf, watch this space.

Helllllo to the metal + stone + wood combo, please move to my house immediately:

And I am loving these teak/marble options also:

More of a rustic vibe here:

And these next two look divine!!!!

Or how about going all out on an outdoor bathroom – the perfect addition to my life I think!


So have I convinced you yet…?  Have a fabulous weekend all!

Partial to patina – part 1

Is it just me, or is patinated copper the absolutely most beautiful finish on the entire planet??!


Seriously, there’s something about this material that makes my knees go weak every single time I see it.  And when I found out that the legend that is John Saladino is also a fan, well there was just no going back!

Here are a few of my fave inspiration piccies right now.  Starting off with Tom Dixon’s iconic Globe Light (and its slightly trimmer oval neighbour), I am totally and utterly suckaroo’d by this LH image with the bright copper set against dark walls.


And think it also looks rather dashing paired with wood, leather and exposed brickwork:

Love me a good copper farmhouse sink I do!

And here are a couple of slightly more trad schemes, for those of you so inclined:

Possibly the best wall cladding I have ever set my peepers on, may even beat the old reclaimed wood beaut’s I wrote about a while back…

And is a TO DIE FOR countertop also:

Ruddy hell, these tubs are seriously le bee’s knees – umm, I may or may not have posted up that RH image one hundred times before…

And copper even makes a gorgeous table or two!

Not 100% convinced this one’s copper but it’s going in anyway, my heart just skipped multiple beats:


(all credits)

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my All Things Copper shopping guide!

Shower curtain chic

Bit of a random one today folks but I am on the hunt for a classy yet interesting shower curtain and thought I’d share some of my findings with you lovely lot.

I always much prefer the look of glass panels over shower curtains, but for instances where this is not an option, there are a few quirky chappies to be had – check ’em out!

(1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8)

One rather large dose of eye candy – part 1

Ok, so I appreciate that I may have been overdoing it a smidge hammering on about Bali-style design over the last couple of weeks.  BUT I shall hold steadfast in my quest to find the perfect collage of images to show you folks, in fact I may or may not have spent the greater part of yesterday morning ambling around t’internet looking up these corkers.

So go make yourselves a cuppa and take a little while over these beauts please – hope you enjoy!

YEEEES to the outdoors bathroom – yes. every. single. time…

Perfection – that rustic teak bench is killing me:

Seagrass + teak root + white drapes + elaborate chandies = my jaw on the floor:

Another incredible al fresco shower:

The perfect example of carved wooden work on a large scale – come to mama!

Yep, I can pretty much see myself hanging out here…

…errr, and here…

…and here also!  Loving these pendants and the rustic style of the canopy beds especially:

Schwiiiiiiiiing!  Not sure how functional those double doors are, but they sure do look good:

And this is possibly my fave of the bathroom shots – b.a.n.a.n.a.s:

Or how about we amp it up even more by adding in some spectacular scenery:

Totally enamoured with this cool and quirky tap / tub combo:

And check out the legs on these loveseats, gaaaah I can’t take it anymore!!!!

A few gorgeous details:

Ok ok, this isn’t strictly in Bali…but it’s the right style and pretty freaking beautiful:

My brain just almost short-circuited these are so amazing:

(credits – 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23)

So did I make you start crying yet?!  Are your eyeballs halfway out of their sockets…? 

I think it is pretty safe to say that I am OBSESSED with this type of design – if things do not work out for us here in HK for any reason, I’m seriously thinking about trying to convince Ali to move to Bali…eek!

Drop me a comment and let me know which is your fave – I’d love to hear from more of you guys, especially the peeps in Brunei, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Algeria!

Travel inspiration: spa-style bathrooms

Ugh, I am feeling pretty distracted this morning…  I’m sat at our desk/dining table/one and only general work space in our eeny-weeny-but-lovely apartment in Hong Kong gazing out at the sea of skyscrapers around us.  Am finding it difficult to concentrate with this view!  Pics to follow soon I promise.

But ahem, anyway, as promised here are a few of my fave spa-style bathrooms.  They’re always a bit of a splurge budget-wise, but if I had to pick one space to go all out on it would most definitely have to include a blingy gold tub, à la Fired Earth:

– woah, sorry, Tangent-Alert – and there are also lots of options for keeping the costs from skyrocketing.

So here are a few clean and crisp ideas.  I’m normally more of a colours girl, but it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with a neutral palette in bathrooms in my opinion – calming and serene are the orders of the day:

Incorporate woods and stone for a gorgeous au natural vibe (that teak bathtub in pic #3 is making my eyes goggle…):

Ok ok, I know these next two are kinda more like regular bathrooms but please indulge me – hello glamourama:

(credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 )


And here’s my shopping guide for a little bathroom luxe – I am in loooove with everything by Plum Pretty Sugar.

{ robe, bath salts, bottles + soap dish, bath towels, candle, natural sponges, bath brush, laundry hamper }