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Botanical beauties

So I’m designing a guest bedroom for a client back in Blighty right now, in a traditional-with-a-bit-of-a-giant-twist style.  For artwork we’re incorporating a bunch of antique botanical prints that have been in their family for years, and we’ll pull out the room’s palette from the accent colours in the prints.

40. client inspiration artwork uk interior design traditional with a twist

It’s not exactly a new trend I am aware, but I’ve been loving these pieces for a while now.  Here are a few inspo shots to whet your appetite – I am LOVING this first one on the RHS with the bling frames, divine:

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com1

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com2

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com3

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com4

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com5

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com6

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com7



I ain’t no Picasso…

So I’m at the stage of my current project where I need to render all of my technical drawings/sketches/bed treatment boards etc etc etc.

Up to this part of the project lifecycle I am, if I do say so myself, the shizzle, but here is where it all goes a smidge haywire.  I’m great at the plans and elevations on le computador but when it comes to showing any form of hand drawing/rendering capability I am pretty much the equivalent of a 6 year old.  There has been a lot of swearing going on over the last few days in Casa Mac, I can tell you that for free.

So in a bid to make myself feel even more dejected ha, I just found these absolutely gorgeous abstract paintings by Etsy seller Maria Kitano, and might stall for another half hour or so trying to decide which my fave is.  I love them all:

maria kitano1 maria kitano2 maria kitano3 maria kitano4 maria kitano5 maria kitano6


She sells sea [turtle] shells – part 1

I’ve been meaning to post up some delectable goodies with turtle/tortoise shells for a while.  I just love the all natural vibe and gorgeous textural interest they give to a scheme.

Now it’s a bad thing I suppose but I have to admit I am no cuddly animal lover.  I come from a long line of farmers in the north of England (since the Vikings according to my Mama, but I’m not sure she has any actual evidence of this…) and, while I can’t abide any form of actual cruelty, I definitely have a very practical attitude towards animals.  It’s in my genes, can’t help it!

So anyway having said this I have to admit that turtles are one (and potentially the only?) type where I have to INSIST on faux /very-extremely-entirely-ethically-sourced (VEEES in the lingo) shells as when we lived in the Caribbean I spent a significant amount of time dancing around underwater with these happy chappies:



There’s nothing like one of these coming at you and almost boinking you on the nose.

So anyhoo, here’s the design that started off this slight obsession back in 2011.  The Tides on South Beach by Kelly Wearstler is seriously seriously gorgeous:

turtle shell interior design1

As are their Bloody Marys:

turtle shell interior design2

See here for more pics of this hotel and our Miamiiiii trip.

And here are ummm a few more pics of shelly goodness:

turtle shell interior design3 turtle shell interior design4 turtle shell interior design5

LOVE the whiteys, think these are my faves actually, and they’re very easy to get faux-style…

turtle shell interior design6 turtle shell interior design7

Gorgeous with a bit of bling too, no?

turtle shell interior design8 turtle shell interior design9

And this coloured lacquered puppy is a fun take on the piece:

interior design turtle shell10 interior design turtle shell11



Need some inspiration…?

So our little flat in Singapore is coming along nicely now.  The decor’s almost done save for a few minor hiccups such as a shedload of tropical termites living in our dining table (do NOT get me started on this, such a nightmare!) – not something you generally have to deal with in Blighty, ha.

Anyhoo my attention has now turned to our home office.  It’s the only room with built in furniture, which unfortunately happens to be ugly and brown, so I’ve been scheming over ideas to cover the desk and bookshelves in something un-brown.

One of the best ways I can think of though to brighten up the space is to create one giant mutha of an inspiration pinboard, à la:

inspiration board interior design1

Pretty delicioso, no?

Here are some of my current faves out there on t’interweb – let me know what you think!

inspiration board interior design2 inspiration board interior design3 inspiration board interior design4 inspiration board interior design5 inspiration board interior design6 inspiration board interior design7


Monkeying around…

So after moving to Asia we’ve been spending a lot more time in the company of monkeys, from the little bugger that nicked my toothbrush in Bali (true story…) to the troupe of red-faced little chaps that shivered their way past us on a hike in snowy Japan.

I thought this morning I would take a little look to see how I could incorporate some of their cheeky chops  into home decor – let me know which one you’re hankering after please!

monkeys in interior design

{clockwise from top left: Chinoiserie wallpaper, brass finial, white statue, stationery, duck egg fabric, salt and pepper shakers, navy/fuchsia print, necklace, canvas tote bag print, cartoon print}

The Schumacher fabric and Jonathan Adler figurine can make their way over to our place pronto, please and thank you.  And I am totally swooooning over the gorgeous chinoiserie top left!

A little piece of the Caribbean…

…in your living room:

interior design ocean photo1

What do you think?!  Oversize ocean photos can create such drama in a space, and we have been pining after our old view of the Caribbean Sea, so I’ve been thinking about getting a couple of our piccies printed onto BIG MAMA canvases for our dining room.

interior design ocean photo2 interior design ocean photo4

Not sure what this bird is doing…

interior design ocean photo3

…but she has a nice living room. 


The tricksy thing is though that if I do manage to get my hands on the capiz shell chandie I’ve been drooling over, it might look like I’m actually trying to recreate Seven Mile Beach in our dining room – would just need to add a few plastic blow-up palm trees and a colony or two of hermit crabs.  Thoughts?!

A {wildly unrealistic} Christmas wish

So we’re nearing the end of our trip now and my mind is turning towards our life in Singapore that needs to be set up pronto next week…  Unsurprisingly, first and foremost I’m starting to get insanely excited about designing our new pad, as it’s the first time I’ve really had the opportunity to – our place in Cayman was always fully furnished, clad in classic 1980s palm tree motifs and papier mâché fish.  I kid you not.

Anyhoo, so out of everything I’ve blogged about for pretty much the last two and a half years, the item that I am most coveting is a gorgeous bronze peacock mirror.  Unfortunately they seem to cost more than our monthly rent payment, so I think it may be a while before I get my mittos on one of these beauts.

peacock mirror1

I wrote about these bad boys quite a long time ago now, but the obsession continues to this day and I thought I’d put together a little update post.  So let me know what you think por fav!

peacock mirror2 peacock mirror5 peacock mirror4 peacock mirror3


Pretty increds, no?!

Ode to the cityscape

I lived in Madrid for a while way back in my early twenties (a scarily long time ago now, ha), which was what first made me fall in love with foreign cities and crave time travelling the world. While I was there I became an eeensy weeensy bit obsessed with the El Rastro fleamarket, and bought as a leaving souvenir from there this gorgeous oil painting of a cityscape, which I still totally love to this day.

And I have to say since moving to Asia, my cityscape-appreciation has risen a notch or three even further – some of the views here are just insane.  Err, for example:

So anyhoo, reminiscent of those Madrid paintings are the cute handdrawn illustrations of Etsy-dweller Laura Amiss, who I came across yesterday.  These colourful jobbies would look fab in a nursery or as part of a gallery wall – guess the city…


Or how about these slightly edgier Europe-focused puppies, courtesy of


MAN I miss Europe!

So what do you think?  Is it just me that’s obsessed with cityscapes?!

Headboard quirks

So ever since posting about oversize and in your face art the other week, I’ve been pondering the use of art as headboards, as I came across a couple of pretty smashing examples at the time.

It’s such an easy way to add a dramatic focal point to a bedroom, whether you opt for a classic oil painting, large scale photo, map or other type of wall art:

LOVING this map!!

And this one is kinda freaky but I likey…

Cool, huh?

So what was supposed to be a short snappy post became a smidge gigantic when I became slightly overexcited about unusual types of headboards and started pinning like my life depended upon it…

Exhibit A: ethnic screens – I DIE!!!

Exhibit B: rustic doors and mantelpieces – I DOUBLE DIE!!

Exhibit C: mirrorwork, swoon:

Exhibit D: suzanis, kilims and other textles, j’adore!

And lastly, Exhibit E: old shutters – also pretty awesome:

{all credits}

Thoughts…?  So would you prefer to stick to traditional headboards or are you tempted to go over to the quirky side?!