Botanical beauties

So I’m designing a guest bedroom for a client back in Blighty right now, in a traditional-with-a-bit-of-a-giant-twist style.  For artwork we’re incorporating a bunch of antique botanical prints that have been in their family for years, and we’ll pull out the room’s palette from the accent colours in the prints.

40. client inspiration artwork uk interior design traditional with a twist

It’s not exactly a new trend I am aware, but I’ve been loving these pieces for a while now.  Here are a few inspo shots to whet your appetite – I am LOVING this first one on the RHS with the bling frames, divine:

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com1

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com2

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com3

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com4

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com5

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com6

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com7




  1. Suzzy says:

    I’m not massively keen on flowers myself, but they really add a touch of class to a space, don’t they? In fact, there’s a printing exhibition round the corner from my day job and I can’t say I haven’t fallen in love with a fair few of them..! 😉

    How long are you back in Blighty for? Hope the designing is all going great! xxx

    • Elly says:

      Hey Suzzy, thanks for stopping by! I’m not back home actually, I’m experimenting with some online designing – I figure if we could do the KLC course online then why not real projects too? Am hoping to get it all installed in Spring 2015, when I’m back home for a little while, we shall see… Hope all is well with you!x

  2. Those framed blooms are one of my most favourite deco details ever. I only wish we lived in a period property – I would definitely include some (especially magnolias). Glad to hear you are getting projects and job – such a fantastic feeling! x

  3. Alistair says:

    It’s amazing how something that at first appears so dated can be transformed into such great design! I prefer our gallery wall though…

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