Monday’s Masterpiece – colour pop

Hello loves!

For today’s masterpiece I wanted to have a little looksee at Anna Spiro of Black & Spiro.  This firm is over on my side of the world, based in Brisbane, and is producing some seriously fun and colourful spaces full of gorgeous fabrics, quirky wall treatments and cute gallery walls.  Big fan right here.

Let me know what you reck!

Black and Spiro interior design0 Black and Spiro interior design1 Black and Spiro interior design3 Black and Spiro interior design4 Black and Spiro interior design5 Black and Spiro interior design6 Black and Spiro interior design7 Black and Spiro interior design8 Black and Spiro interior design9 Black and Spiro interior design10 Black and Spiro interior design11 Black and Spiro interior design12 Black and Spiro interior design13 Black and Spiro interior design14



  1. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! Hope you had a nice weekend!:) This firm sounds really interesting, Im astonished by the vibrant and strong colors of the space, made me in a happy mood!:) Totally love it! Wish you a wonderful week ahead dear, baci!:*

  2. Love all the colour and the pattern mixing they do over in Australia! I wish the UK would be a bit more daring with colour… you can’t help but be happy in spaces like this 🙂 x

  3. It’s beautiful, but I also think it’s a bit like choosing a style depending on location, same as in fashion (the place one lives would often reflect the clothes one wears, I think). In a warm and sunny country like Australia or some warm states in the US, this place would be just perfect. Love the creativity and attention to details! x

  4. Sam says:

    So many pieces to obsess over, I want that striped chair and is that a neon pink quilted table? Omy gosh, how fabulous! Love the bold and uninhibited use of prints and bright colours, simply inspiring! Thanks for sharing your fashion views with me…Have a great start to March!

  5. Bo says:

    every post of you give me this feeling of wanting to endlessly buy new houses hahaha i reeeally love all the decorations and feelings of relaxation it gives xx

  6. Denise says:

    I loved the pictures, but… I guess you either stopped blogging (that would be sad!) or took a long break! Either way, I hope you’re fine!

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