Monday’s Masterpiece – quirky and fun with a knack for accessorising…

Hi loves!

Here’s one I made earlier – we’re on hols until tomorrow, but thought I would keep up the dose of Monday goodness with some of Kishani Perera’s gorgeous and colourful designs.

I first came across her work when she was featured in Lonny a while back, with the home of actress Rachel Bilson.  It’s a lighthearted and fun home full of fab accents and more than a few ikats.

kishani perera lonny1 kishani perera lonny2 kishani perera lonny3 kishani perera lonny4 kishani perera lonny5 kishani perera lonny6


Cute, non?

And here are few more of my faves from her portfolio.  She really runs the gamut from moody and sophisticated, through to bright and whimsical.  LOVE.

kishani perera1 kishani perera2 kishani perera3 kishani perera4 kishani perera5 kishani perera6 kishani perera7 kishani perera8




  1. Suzzy Smith says:

    Wow. Just, wow!

    What amazes me is her sense of style – the bedroom setup is lovely, calm and serene (like a bedroom should be!) while the living areas are all lively and really encourage conversation. What an absolute gem, and what design skill!! xxx

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