Happy Chinese New Year

Or…Gong Xi Fa Cai if you want to get all Mandarin-y on me.



It’s the year of the horse in 2014 and you should see the incredible lanterns in China Town here in Singers, these pics don’t really do them justice:

singapore chinese new year1 singapore chinese new year2


I thought in honour of this weekend’s celebrations I would have a look at my fave Chinese/Asian-inspired interiors.  I’m still loving all the medicine cabinets I can get my greedy peepers on, as well as the foo-foos and Chinese wedding cabinets.

chinese furniture interior design1chinese furniture interior design2 chinese furniture interior design3

chinese furniture interior design4chinese furniture interior design5 chinese furniture interior design6 chinese furniture interior design7


And see here and here for sourcing…

We’re off to Myanmar for the long weekend, full travel report to follow!

Have a happy weekend folks.


  1. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! I wish I was there, the celebrations are amazing! And the Asian inspired interiors are just awesome! Id like to add something like that and mix with other styles, the result could be so cool. Enjoy your long weekend off and have fun my dear, hugs! xo

  2. Sam says:

    Wow, the lanterns and lights are so magical. It must be a wonderful CNY atmosphere in Singapore. Love the arrangement of the shelves and monochrome wallpaper design in the third image and that hot pink desk with blue walls was a visual treat. I really appreciate your feedback on my last post Elly..Happy Friday!

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