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Morning loves!  So today I’ve put together the final plan and furniture boards for the master bedroom redesign.  As it’s just a rental I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to but am pretty pleased with the result.  As is my ‘client’, ha.  I’ll go through each aspect in turn, or just skip to the bottom for the good stuff.

Flooring – we already had ok floorboards [laminate but pretty good quality], so I just kept these and added a rug.  It took me a looong time to decide on this, I have real Rug Indecision Issues clearly, but eventually settled on using a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket.  It gets zero foot traffic so I don’t need to worry about the rug being too delicate, it just sits there lookin’ pretty.

I’ve been swooning over handiras for a long time now, see here for more of these goodies!



Walls – I got the painters in to give the room a new lease of life with some crisp white paint, which completely transformed the space.  I wanted to keep it all quite calm and minimalist so I’ve just added a few simple pieces of art and a carved wood mirror.  Will share piccies in a little while…

Window treatment – this was potentially a problem area as the bedroom gets a lot of bright sunshine every morning at 7 o’clock on the dot.  Singapore sits pretty much slap bang on the Equator so the sun rises and sets at the same time year round, but we’re  both early risers so I decided to go for a white linen full height curtain with a thin cotton lining – when the sun comes up it shines right through the linen and shows off all the gorgeous natural slubs and nubs and creates this amazing diffused light.  A very nice way to wake up!

white puddled curtains


See more puddled beauties here!

Furniture – we didn’t have to squeeze in a wardrobe or chest of drawers, as we luckily have a slick walk-in wardrobe.  So I was really only looking at the basics:

1. Bed

So I desperately wanted to do a DIY canopy-bed-style-thang, with fabric hanging from battens attached to the ceiling but {sob sob} it’s a false ceiling housing the recessed downlighters, which might feasibly take the weight of some very very thin and floaty fabric, but I didn’t really want to risk the whole thing crashing on our heads in the middle of the night.

canopy hanging from ceiling


One day, one day…

So in the end I bought a simple but good quality headboard-less kingsize bed, and added a gorgeous carved wooden screen from Indonesia.  See here for a few different options for this kind of look, from shutters to artwork!  Kinda like these…

screen as headboard


2. Bedside tables

I have a huge and long-standing grudge against bedside tables.  I’m not sure exactly where this came from, I’ve never been particularly offended by one, but the matchy-matchy aspect really irritates me.  So I was open to pretty much all ideas.

Alistair has expressed very few demands in terms of what he wants in the place {I’ve married a wise man, ha}, but a ‘cool Asian froggy rain drum’ was one of them.  Very happy to oblige as I’m rather partial to these bronze beauts myself:

rain drum


They make a dramatic plop noise [technical term] when rain (or um…house keys?) drop onto the surface – it’s all fun and games until it nearly induces a heart-attack every time Ali’s mobile phone alarm goes off directly on top of it.  No need for the snooze function in our house, oh no.

Ermm and I decided to go for a gorgeous little mother of pearl inlay table for my side, creating a his ‘n’ hers bedside table situation – there’s no reason why you can’t have mismatched sides really, as long as they play together nicely and are approx. the same height.

inlay table


3. Armchair and side table

There was a little corner just begging for an armchair vignette.  I intended this technically as a little reading spot but in reality it is really just somewhere for me to throw my crap at the end of the day.  Pretty though!

Lighting – there was very little to do for lighting really, as the recessed downlighters were already in place.  I just incorporated a simple and chic table lamp and Bob was your proverbial Uncle.

Accessories – again, I haven’t added many as I wanted to keep the whole space very calm and simple, but a Balinese capiz shell sculpture (to be transformed into a light one day…maybe), a couple of cute photo frames and some beautiful washed linen cushions do the business.

washed linen



Soooo that’s all the deets and here it is in ‘fun format’:

singapore ethnic bedroom_edited-1

{credit – Elly MacDonald Design}

Let me know what you think!


  1. Alistair says:

    Magnificent post! I want to be in the bedroom right now! Though I think we also need to negotiate your design rates, this project is taking a lot of hours!

  2. Lilli says:

    Hi Elly! Im sure you did an amazing job, the plan looks fantastic! Having a canopy bed is also my dream that one is dreamy! Hope your week is going well my dear, kisses! xo

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, I have no doubt whatsoever that this room is going to be a masterpiece when you’re in charge of the design. Love the subtle colours scheme, warm and earthy. I love the idea of a canopy bed, hopefully soon. The headboard is beautiful too. Please do show us the final results.

  4. Awww it sounds absolutely tranquil and beautiful! Although I am slightly bummed out we didn’t get to see the big reveal at the end *sob* – I’m from a generation of ‘instant gratification’ so I blame my parents. Are you planning on sharing some pics?? 🙂 xxx

  5. suzzysmith says:

    Oh I’m so excited to see the finished result – what an eclectic mix of all the travelling you’ve done, I’m so jealous!

    I love the floor plan – is that Vectorworks or another CAD? I’m going to get going on that, soon.. At some point… maybe… 😉 xxx

    • Elly says:

      Hey Suzzy – it’s Sketchup Pro, would really recommend it. You can use it for your KLC work too if you get permission from them, soooo much better than doing it all by hand.x

  6. Denise says:

    What I think? You asked – well, I feel like moving to the bedroom you just described oe to hire you to do the same in my bedroom! Actually it’s pretty much similar, cause I have the mother of pearl marquetry table, the Moroccan blanket and some other things – I like this kind of items. What I never thought was to use the drums as tables, so, thanks for the idea!!!! I now need to buy at least one! denisesplanet com

  7. That look awesomely cool, Elly! Would you do my bedroom one day, pretty please?! Long distance interior designing sounds so bad? I like the fact that you did not match your bed tables, the Moroccan wedding rug and the lighting so much. Actually I love everything about it and can’t wait to see it! Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS: I am curious how your day looks in the Singapore (or how you call it?) so that you have to use the poor armchair for throwing your things there?! 😀 But, hey, there has to be somebody in the house who carries all our problems, right? 😀

  8. Laura Terry says:

    Wow, I’ve just seen this – it looks so beautiful! The ‘bedside tables’ and screen look particularly gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it x

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